Are you looking for harmful effects of masturbation? Why?

Because you heard famous masturbation facts and rumours too that masturbation causes blindness, mental issue and sexual issue in India, Etc?

You are not the one who heard this and confuse about it.

Masturbation is one of normal and healthy sexual activity enjoyed by a large proportion of people. But it is surrounded by false information and some masturbation fact in India. So Indian men get confused about it and think twice to pleasure themselves. Let's solve is masturbation harmful to health or not?

Is masturbation harmful or normal?

No, masturbation is not harmful to do neither for physically, mentally or emotionally.

Men masturbate for sexual arouse and satisfy their sexual needs, but it is good to do with fairly. Unfair and frequent masturbation can start affecting the body part. The level of frequency will surely increase the level of pleasure but it affects the genitals and even causes injury. The frequent masturbation does not prove the masturbation facts. Read Below.

It is one of the common behaviour of a human

Masturbation is one of the common and necessary needs of the human. It is extremely common in men and women. People of all ages involved in the masturbation, no matter they accept it or not in publicly.

Masturbation myth in the world

Masturbation myths those are famous in the world.

Most myths about masturbation are not sponsored by science. There is no scientific proof that masturbation causes any negative impact on men or female. It is just rumour that spread all over the country.

Well, some Indian people believe it or some of just ignore it.

I am one who ignores it. If science proves it then I will start believing on them till then I just want to enjoy my solo time without any worry. Here I am sharing some of my view on masturbation facts that I heard or know.


Yes, it is a myth. Masturbation does not cause any side effect on the eyes or even on the brain.

From the world population, there are large numbers of male and female admit to doing masturbation. Yes, it is true, and then it would seem that most of the people on the earth are blind. Masturbation is just sexual activity. It does not harmful on eyes in any way.

Mental health issues

As I said. Masturbation does not cause any side effect even on the brain too. It is a world myth that masturbation can make people crazy and depressed. But, the truth is. It helps to cure depression and make male relaxed.

Masturbation cure depression. How?

If I say that people feel guilty after masturbation. We can consider it as a mental health issue. But is depend on the person. It is not a side effects of daily masturabation, it depends on men’s thinking. Some people admitted that they feel guilty after masturbation. Such Indian people are truly devoted to the religion or culture act or maybe they have fear to be called as a pervert. But it is a normal activity. India takes time to accept this.

Sexual perversion

Sexual perversion or sexual organ perversion that men believe that they happen due to masturbation. But the truth is different. Let’s find the truth.

Penis shrinkage

Penis shrinkage is decreasing in the size of the penis. In masturbation, penis shrinks after ejaculation to their previous size. There is no chance that it shrinks more or decreases your size. If you are observing so, it is not true. Maybe it has some other reason. With the increase in age, the penis can experience the penis shrinkage or when you gain weight.

Even frequent masturbation does not affect your penis size. I am not the only one who is saying same, check he agreed with it too.

Penis curvature

Penis curvature, when men’s penis curved slightly. It is happening because of penis injury. If you masturbate carefully without hurting or injury your penis, you will never face Penis curvature.

Penis injury can cause during intercourse or masturbation. It happens due to men’s mistake. There is no truth in that masturbation causes penis curvature. Penis curvature can cause pain to the men and affect sexual function.

Reduced sexual function.

There are rumours out there that it reduces the sexual function, makes male impotence, so many. Yes, masturbation is related to sexual practice but it enhances the sexual stimulation and pleasure without effecting any sexual organ or function.

Low sperm count

Can you run out of sperm?

Creating sperm in the male body is constantly process. With a lot of masturbation, men never run out the sperm. It is just a myth that masturbation reduces the sperm count in the body because they ejaculate the sperm a lot. Sperm count does not link to the number of ejaculation.

Yeah, but it affects the quality of sperm for some time. Maybe that’s the reason men feel that they are running out of sperm. It is not true, even frequent masturbation also does not affect your sperm count.


Male infertility means men unable to fertile female eggs. It can happen due to low sperm production, non-moving sperm, and abnormal sperm. Masturbation does not affect the sperm in any way means masturbation does not cause infertility in men.

Male infertility is happened due to infection and injury to a reproductive organ, chronic health problem, hormone disorder, or excessive use of any drug.

Physical weakness

People believe and feel that masturbation make them physically weak like they feel fatigue, tired after masturbation. But, it is temporary.

Masturbation burns a lot of calories and required energy for thrust. So for the aim of orgasm, men can do it fast and face fatigue. It happens in some men only. All men do not feel physical weakness. If you think, that masturbation makes your body thin. It is also a common myth. Masturbation does not affect you physically. It just gives a temporary weakness to the men.