What are penis pumps?

A penis pump is a device that is attached to the penis and work to increase the size of penis. It is based on sucking and stretching. It helps men to collect the blood in the penis by creating a vacuum around the penis.

A penis pump is non-medical treatment and cheapest treatment too to get the longer and thicker penis.

How do penis pumps work?

Using a penis pump or vacuum force over the penis encourages the blood flow in the penis. Due to tight and extreme pressure, penis cavernous muscles start creates space and later this pace is filled by new penis tissues.

Penis pumps exercise if affective and natural because it naturally increases the penis tissues that show reflection outside the total length and girth.

How to use penis pumps?

Before start using the penis pump from the first day, measure your penis size so that you can check it later how much effective it is.

  • Know your penis pump. Before using it, first read all the instruction mention n the box. Know everything about it how to work and how to connect all the parts of penis pump.
  • It is good to warm up the penis. Soak the penis in a warm towel for 10 minutes. It will help you for a positive result.
  • Place the tube of pump over the penis. You can apply lubricant over the penis to avoid the friction. Likewise, it gets easy to install it over.
  • Now start removing the air from the tube with the pump. If it manual penis pump, do to slowly. If it is automatic, then it will start accordingly. Air pressure change in the penis increasing blood flow and encourage for enlargement.
  • The process can make you erect. You can choice what you want now. For enlargement, you need to perform it for 10-minute at least per day.

Just want to make glans pinpoint or bigger?

If your aim is just to enhance the glans, then there is a way to use same penis pumps for the glans enhancement.

As glans is top of the penis. For glans enlargement, you have to hide the main shaft of penis so that all effect will be focused only on the glans part.

You can hide your penis shaft in the masturbator.

If you already have it, then it good or buy a cheap masturbator. Cut the masturbator from its length that exposes the glans.

Well, for that you can also choose penetrative masturbator if you are going to buy it.

By using this cut masturbator, only the glans part is exposed and increase. It will give you a potash high penis.

How much time you should use for result appearance?

It is not a practice of one day or one week. It continues practise that you need to do atleast 2 months. It is an effective interval when you start seeing the change in the penis.

The length of penis or girth of penis will increase millimetre by millimetre. Expecting inches long is not good for you. You have to keep patience and keep using it for effective increment.

If not used correctly, what happens?

It is a good thing to use penis enlargement device for the bigger size. But if you don’t practice in correct way, then it causes negative result for you and your penis. It might make you more disappointed with your penis. So you definitely need to know it.

Choose correct tube size

If you don’t choose a tube that does not fit your penis, only the skin will be sucked by the vacuum. It does not take any action over the penis muscles. Instead of getting bigger penis muscles, it loosens the penis skin.

In a particular situation, the glans may become congested or make your glans swell or cause internal haemorrhage.

Don’t overdo

Overdo pumping can result for quicker and effective. If you are thinking so, then you are not wrong.

Don’t overdo it at first, gradually increase the time. At first, if you use the penis for 10 minutes, most people feel pain in the penis. After all, it is physically pulling over the penis.

But using 10 minutes is not much. Estimated time of using penis pump is 10-20 minutes per day. Try to take a break in between. Keep it short, gradually increase the suction time and then get comes to an estimated time when you get used to it.

Use it everyday

During use, blood flow increase, cavernous muscles stretch and penis will surely become larger. But penis tissue will not increase immediately. They need time so you need to continue it every day. If the penis stops growing up, the penis tissue comes back to its original position and you completely hard work get wasted.

To use penis pump continuously for some longer time. Definitely you needed a good quality penis pump. There is a possibility that cheap pumps will break quickly and affect for practice

Below is my suggested penis pumps that are a good choice if you are thinking to brought one.