Are you ready with your masturbator? No matter it is from best masturbator in India or homemade masturbator.

Male masturbators are good male sex toys for self-masturbation to choose over the hand masturbation.

Let's do not test your patience and immediately start the guide on how to use masturbator correctly. A correct way and masturbation technique can help you to better your fun.

 What are necessary things required for better masturbator play?

The topmost necessary things that men want for pleasure in the masturbation session are- Masturbator and Lubricant. They are the first things that user need to things about it. Let’s know about them deeply.

 A good masturbator

A good masturbator is essential to begin the masturbator play. Find a suitable masturbator that gone be perfect for your penis. A good masturbator means a high-grade material, a suitable size and a soft texture that does not hurt a man’s penis. A good masturbator builds up a more satisfying climax and leads to a more satisfying sexual life.

Beginner first check how to choose the best masturbator. You can also go with Fleshlight and fleshlight sleeves.

 Masturbator Lubricant

Lotion or lubricant is the second essential things that you required for the best ever masturbation play. Without lubricant, men can experience a problem when penetrating into the masturbator. Lubricant reduces friction and makes things easy and smooth. Lubricant adds sensation in the play and level up the enjoyable moment. Moisture and slippery play gives an ultimate climax to the man.

 How to use male masturbator: A preparation

Well, just put your dick and fuck it is not the correct way. Men should start with the preparation if you really want a true pleasure of pseudo-sex.

Let’s know about how to use masturbator/how to use a fleshlite from the preparation.

 Find the correct and suited one for you

A correct masturbator has the power to fulfil your sexual desires. First, you need to find a suitable one that matches your desire without hurting you.


Every penis size is different in terms of length and width. For those reasons, masturbator is made in different length sizes and different width sizes. The average size of sleeves is used for average penis size. So you have to find your penis size first then a perfectly fitted masturbator. Remember the stretchy material will allow the masturbator to stretch more for insertion.


Masturbator sleeves are available in different material. Most of the masturbator is made of soft and stretchy material. But the level of pleasure varies with kind of soft material. All material has its own advantage and disadvantage. You should compare all the material and stick to one or you can try all the material and find your comfortable one.

 Check the product carefully before use.

Be sure to check the masturbator before using it. If there is any dirt, breakage, scratches, it is not good to use for sexual play. Let’s wrap it and return it.

If your masturbator is wrapped into the transparent bag, then it is better to carefully check it before tearing the bag package. I recently started doing this. I checked product before opening. The masturbator shop will accept the returned product with the package.

Using of a defective product will affect the penis and damage the penis. Remember, do not use it. It will not be possible to return it if you use once.

 Always wash masturbator before use.

Always wash the masturbator before use with bath soap or hand soap. Remember you can wash it if it is reusable. You cannot wash a disposable type of masturbator. Washing is required because masturbators are final checked by the hands of peoples. There is a possibility that some kind of oil or manufacturing matter will be stuck in it. The dirt and manufacturing matter can affect your penis.

A penis is very delicate and sensitive. The small manufacturing matter can lead to scratch, swollen or bleeding. So keep in mind to wash it always and carefully.

 Set up the environment

After clean the masturbator with water and soap. Let’s raise awareness about the surrounding. A comfortable and shameless environment help you to masturbate without any worry and make it exciting.

 Look the door

Look the door to get the privacy. It is a little embarrassing for me and surely for you to seen by people while masturbating with the masturbator.

If you are living alone in the home, lock the house door properly. If you are living with mates, then lock the room door firmly. If your room doesn’t have a lock to lock it, then check whether your mates are at home or not.

Masturbator masturbation required to concentrate for a better result, so try to keep it private.

 Create relax mood

After locking, you surely feel a little relaxed. To set up the mood for intense level, make surrounding comfortable with some dim light, romantic music, some pornographic video, etc. The comfortable position also helps you to feel relaxed.

Keep your Smartphone aside and on silent mode. Continue ringing of Smartphone can distract you from your path. Concentrating will make you unconscious of the surroundings.

Arrange Lubricant

To use masturbator, you probably want to incorporate some lube in the act. There are two types of lubricant- Water-based lubricant and Silicone based lubricant. Both can work with the masturbator. But remember do not use silicone based lubricant for silicone made masturbator. If you are not sure about the material, stick to the water-based lubricant then.

Arrange a high-quality lubricant is good. If you thinking to buy a lubricant, then pay for the small bottle for first. Some of the male masturbators have free lubricant sample by the company. Check whether your masturbator box has it or not.

 How to use use a male masterbater: For insertion

Let’s know about how to use a male masterbator for the insertion.

 Apply lubricant

Masturbator hole is not the vagina hole, it does not have a self-lubricanton and does not get wet, so need to apply the lubricant. Lubricant makes the masturbation comfortable and not put a strain on the penis. The lubricant is necessarily good for the masturbation environment.

 Over and Inside Masturbator

Using lubricant over and inside the masturbator can decrease and neglect the danger of hurting the penis. If men try to put the penis in the masturbator without lubricant, it is not possible or male vessel may get injured.

A lubricated masturbator makes it smooth and makes insertion like female genitalia insertion. The amount of lubricant to pour in the masturbator is depending on you. The small amount cannot be used and even a large amount.

A large amount of lubricant creates a barrier to the inside structure and decrease the degree of pleasure. So, do not overflow it. Use an appropriate amount of lotion.

The appropriate amount is depending on the kind of masturbator you have. It is important to try the masturbator and find the quantity of lubricant to use.

 Over penis.

To use lubricant over the penis is also good. A little amount of lubricant is enough. Before insertion, men can do a little message to the penis with lubricant. Lubricate the glans part is important because it penetrates the masturbator first. If starting of insertion is smooth, the whole insertion will automatically get smooth.

If men feel dryness between the acts, you can put some drop of lubricant again over the penis.

 Warm the masturbator

In order to get the most realistic feeling with the masturbator, it is recommended to warm the masturbator first. A warm inside hole of masturbator makes it more like a real vagina. Female vagina is slightly higher in temperature than the body temperature. By using warming, you can bring the same feel of a vagina.

Some people use hot water running through the hole to make it warmer. But I am recommended to use masturbator warmer stick. There are various warmer sticks available in the market to warm the masturbator sleeves.

 Let out the air and put on the condom

It would be nice to have contraceptive. Using a condom is not restricted to women sex. It is good to use a condom in masturbator sex. It has an important role to prevent the penis from the venereal disease caused by bacteria.

After putting on a condom over the penis, you are ready to have fun. After inserting the penis in the masturbator, pleasure can be achieved by the up and down movement. But to obtain stronger pleasure, it is better to try vacuum in the masturbator.

Vacuum means to let the inside air go outside. With vacuuming with a masturbator, men can feel like the inside is in close contact with the penis, and it is squeezed in the vaginal folds.

Men can vacuum with the clenching of the masturbator from the tip and middle. Remember vacuuming is possible only in the non-penetrative masturbator only.

It is good to try different ways to take advantage of the masturbator, so you get to know which kind of masturbator and which way of use good for you for a more pleasant feeling.

What to do after self masturbation with masturbator?

After a successful self masturbation session, keep the masturbator for the next time. To use it in the future, you need to place it with care. Read these two tips for storing and maintaining it for long.


Let’s wash out the masturbator after use. The penis liquid spread inside the masturbator, so need to drain out. Men can easily wash it with running water, some soap or etc. Wash the masturbator and inside of masturbator clean. It is made by soft material, little nail scratch tear the masturbator wall and disturb the stimulus. So be careful.

After cleaning, drain water is necessary. You can use a towel or tissue to wipe out. Do not forcefully rub the masturbator for drained out. Finally, facing down masturbator to shade the water from the inside. After completely dry, wrap it and store it at the dry place and away from the sunlight.

 Attention point

There are some attention points that you need to be aware of while using masturbator. First of all, you touch your penis while masturbating, so you must care and clean the penis properly. The bacteria will grow up if you leave it. Dirt on the penis can lead to a heavy problem. If it is difficult for you to wash the masturbator, you can go with the masturbator cup. There is no need to wash masturbator cup. Just use it and throw it. It is convenient to use. Getting used to masturbator can prevent premature ejaculation in men.

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