Congrats, you made a big investment for the self-pleasure. Sex doll or love doll will add some unique fun to your sexual life and sexual satisfaction.

After you got your sex doll. Maybe this is your first time to buy sex doll, and you don’t know about how to unboxing a sex doll and hoe to use sex doll. Don’t worry.

I will help you to make things easy on your big investment. Here you will cover everything you need to know about sex doll use, how to open it, how to manage it and how to get more pleasure and enjoy sex with sex doll.

Unboxing the sex doll

Control on your excitement and focus on unboxing the sex doll packages.

Shift it into the bedroom

One of the things that surprise many men when they receive the sex doll package is its weight. If it is a realistic silicone sex doll, then it is more than 40kg. It is difficult to shift the sex doll alone to the bedroom. You need to be prepared and how to move the sex doll to the room. You can take help of your friend or delivery body.

Carefully open the sex doll package

To open the sex doll package and take out your doll. Toy required a 2 times larger space than your box. Make sure to open it on the floor only. Cut the tape along the top of the box carefully. Remember do not go too deep with your knife, it may tear your sex doll skin. Do not take a risk with your new favourite sex partner.

Do not throw the packaging box, it may be required for replacement or repair in the future or to store it.

Unpack the sex doll from wrapping

Take out your sex doll and remove all the wrapping from it. Carefully check the whole parts of the sex doll that there is any damage or not. You did not cut any of part during handing this love doll.

Remove accessories if any

Most of the realistic sex doll and air sex doll came with sex doll accessories like its clothes, wig and cleaning tools. Remove all the accessories from the box or from the sex doll body. Put it aside.

Make it ready to use

Many of men are curious about to know it. Let begin with make sex doll ready to use.

Clean the sex doll oil.

Bring sex doll to the bathroom to remove the oil from it. It is common to have oil particles on the sex doll.

If you are a user of the masturbator, then you are aware of it that masturbator came with oil coat and oil bleeding too. The presence of oil bleed makes it's material softer.

In order to make the sex doll body softer, oil is injected on the silicone body. Which also allow sex doll to emit a sweet fragrance. So, you need to wash it first and every time while using. The excess presence of oil is not good for the body and leads to bacteria growth.

Powered it if necessary.

Powdering the sex doll is maintenance part of it. After a shower, it is compulsory to powder it if you want to take advantage of it for a longer time. You can use baby powder. I used Johnson & Johnson baby powder, so you can that. It can be available easily.

Powder the sex doll after the sex doll gets dried. Pour some powder, it keeps your body dry and clean. It also helps to soak the oil bleed.

Attach the all accessories to transform into a realistic view

Time to attach the all sex doll accessories on her body. Likewise, it transforms into a realistic view. It helps you to feel the presence of real women. If you are the type of person who wants to treat a sex doll like a girl, you can get some more interesting clothes for her. It is not necessary.  But if you have a wild fantasy, then you can perform it with your sex doll. You can select a different type of outfit, it totally depends on your fantasy and your feeling. Maybe your fantasy of a sexy nurse, sexy teacher or etc.

Realistic sex doll is ready to use.

Your realistic sex doll is ready to use after done the entire physical look. I am sure it will look like your fantasy sex doll or can say, fantasy girlfriend.

Make himself ready

Time to prepare yourself and get ready for the sexual act. How do you get ready for sex with sex dolls? Follow this easy step to make himself ready.

Put on condom

Yes, put on a condom. The use of condom is necessary for you with masturbator in the same way it is good to use a condom with a sex doll. Of course, it is a sex doll, not a real woman that you have to use it. You can skip if you are willing to clean it properly. But I am recommending to you it because there is no point in leaving semen in the sex doll hole. If you think about it, it is gross to leaving semen somewhere. It is on you, what much time you want to clean. Without a condom, you have to do deep cleaning.

Bring Lubricant

Immediately get your favourite lubricant to lubricant the sex doll. Sex doll does not have the power of self-lubrication like women, So you need to apply to separately.

Well, if you are using of sex doll for sexual pleasure then you already know, how lubricant affects the pleasure and manage complete sexual act.

Let's use and pleasure penis

Sex doll is ready to act. You do not have to wait for foreplay or some romantic action. Sex doll doesn’t have to be romantic, so they don’t have to pay on. Just select you’re where you want to put your penis. Most of the realistic sex doll has three penetration hole, vagina, anus and month. Decide your place and begin the pleasure.

Vaginal sex with a sex doll

This is one of the common ways to enjoy the sex doll. Every realistic love doll has a fully functional vagina. If your sex doll has a removable vagina, then choose a masturbator that fits well in its size.

The sex doll usage process just works, as you imagine. Place the love doll as you like, then you pierce the love doll and continue as you normalize. The combination of friction and pressure makes it absolutely amazing

Anal sex with a sex doll

Many men are crazy about anal sex. It is normal and healthy to do. Anal sex with a sex doll is realistic, ultra tight and gives intense experience to men. The pleasure guaranteed to hit your heart.

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