Now that you've purchased Fleshlights, but don't know how to use them properly... Indian men can learn how to use Fleshlights properly in this article with video! You can also learn from sodipodi's experience how you can feel more pleasure when using Fleshlights.

By the way, do you know the difference between Fleshlights and Masturbators, Fleshlights are the masturbators with a flashlight-like case and Masturbators are the ones without a case.

To be more precise, Fleshlights is a product sold by Fleshlights, a company headquartered in Australia, but there are many generic products with lower prices. However, there are many generic products that are less expensive, and I'm calling them Fleshlights.

Vaginal Male Masturbator
↑This is the generic version of Fleshlights.

↑And this is the original Fleshlights. They are very similar, aren't they?If you are interested in the difference in feel, please check it out later.

How to use fleshlight

If you want to buy and use Fleshlights for the first time, please check out this video first. If you want to buy and use Fleshlights for the first time, check out this video first, and I'll explain it in detail later in the text.

If you are satisfied with the video alone, we recommend you to check out the techniques to use Fleshlights more comfortably.

Remove plastic rod before first use

First of all, let's remove the body and case of the Fleshlights.

1.Remove the lid

2.Remove the unit from the case

3.Take out the stick that is inside when you buy it.

When you buy Fleshlights, you need to clean them before you use them, and you can do this more evenly if the case and body are separated.

The biggest difference between Fleshlights and Masturbators is the sleeve, which prevents the product from sticking to other products, dust, and debris from manufacturing to use. However, some dust and debris will inevitably stick to the product during the manufacturing process, so the product is cleaned once.

Clean and heat your Fleshlight

Once you are able to remove the Fleshlights from the sleeve, it is time to clean them. All you need to prepare is soap, and you can also use Masturbators detergent if you have it.

Once you have cleaned the Fleshlights, it's time to heat them up. Of course, you don't need to heat it up to use the Fleshlights, but we recommend it because it will enhance the texture of the Fleshlights.

Make sure the Fleshlights are submerged in water.

Make sure the Fleshlights are submerged in the water well, but be careful not to soak the Fleshlights in too hot water or it may melt. It is important to measure the temperature accurately.

If this process is too much for you, you can use a warming lotion. This way, you can feel the warm texture without the hassle of heating up the Fleshlights.

Warming Lubricting gel 100g

Use of the Fleshlight

Once the Fleshlights are ready, it's time to use them. Please prepare a special side dish for the challenge. By the way, there are some Fleshlights that are tied up with famous porn stars. By the way, Fleshlights has some products that are tied up with famous porn stars, so if you choose such a type and masturbate while watching porn videos of the actress, you will be able to experience a more realistic feeling.

FLESHLIGHT Girls Riley Reid

Check out the Fleshlights of other porn stars↓(Scroll through to see all the content)

FLESHLIGHT Girls Angela White FLESHLIGHT Girls Jessica Drake Flesh light Lisa Ann FLESHLIGHT Girls Alexis Texas
Rs4600 Rs4600 Rs6500 Rs4600

By Hand

The orthodox way to use Fleshlights is to hold it by hand and stroke it. It is quite heavy compared to other small masturbators, so it may be tiring to stroke by hand for a long time, but please try this style at first.

Normally, when you use masturbators, you can feel the pressure of your hand. However, since Fleshlights are in a case, the pressure of your hand does not interfere with the pressure, so you can experience a very realistic feeling.

Without Hand

In addition to using the hand strokes, we also recommend using the Fleshlights in a fixed position for hands-free use. This method is possible because Fleshlights have a certain weight and stability.

Check out the link below for hands-free Fleshlights masturbation.

Hands-free Fleshlights masturbation will give you a deeper pleasure.

Techniques to enhance the pleasure of Fleshlights

Next, let's check out some techniques to further enhance the appeal of the Fleshlights you have purchased. Fleshlights are made to resemble a woman's vagina in both material and structure, but you can make it feel more like the real thing (or even better!) by trying the following methods. However, it is possible to get a more realistic feel (or better!) by trying the following methods.

You can try the following methods to get a more realistic feeling (or even better!). Please pursue your own special Fleshlights masturbation.

Adjust the amount of lubricant with texture

Lubricant is essential for masturbating with Masturbators, but you need to be careful about the amount you use. If you use too much lubricant, it may become too slippery and reduce the pleasure by half.

Fleshlights are characterized by a soft and smooth feeling with little unevenness inside the hole, so it is best to use as little lubricant as possible. On the other hand, when using Masturbators, which are tight and uneven, it is recommended to use more lubricant.

Adjust suction effect

Fleshlights are equipped with a suction function. This feature is made possible by the sleeve. Simply open and tighten the lid at the bottom of the Fleshlights.

By using this suction function, you can enjoy the unique feeling of Fleshlights' softness as well as the sucking sensation. That's what I mean when I say it's twice the fun!


If you are a man who is interested in the latest technology, you must have heard of LaunchPAD, which is a masturbation method that uses Fleshlights and iPad in conjunction with each other.

Fleshlight LaunchPad strap

Fleshlight LaunchPAD Review: What Else?

If you have an iPad along with a smartphone, you should definitely try this method. There is no need to stroke the Fleshlights while watching a video on your smartphone.

The Fleshlight LaunchPAD looks like a very innovative invention, but the only drawback is that there are not many sites that currently carry the Fleshlight LaunchPAD.

Fleshlight Accesories Launchpad Fleshlight Accesories Launchpad
Sold out ※2021.2.24
It was once sold on Amazon, but they don't seem to have it in stock at the moment. sodipodi has never used the LaunchPAD either, so I'm looking forward to trying it out as soon as it comes in.

Attention point during masturbation with fleshlight

Next, let's check out the points to keep in mind when using Fleshlights. 2 points to keep in mind while using Fleshlights are as follows

  • Use a water-based lubricant.
  • When using a vibrator, start with weak stimulation.

I'll explain each of them in turn.

Use your Fleshlight always with water-based lubricant

It is highly recommended to use a lubricant with the fleshlight. It decreases the problem you face while penetration and increase the sensation like a real vagina.

Like, a real vagina is full of lubrication and slipperiness, you have to make the fleshlight sleeve slippery for better and easy penetration.
There are various types of lubricant are available in the market.

But I recommended using only water-based lubricant. Fleshlight sleeves are made by super skin material and other soft materials to deliver the true replica of the vagina. Sometime these soft materials would be destroyed by the mineral oil containing lubricat gel or essential oils. The use of silicone-based lubricant is also not good.

Water-based lubricant is safer to use with any type of material. You can use as much lubricant you want if you choose correct lubricant. Fill the hole of sleeves with lubricant and apply on the penis to make them wet and slippery. You can reapply the lubricant if necessary. There is no side effect to use lubricant with fleshlight.

Start with weak stimulation when using a vibrator in combination

A feature unique to Fleshlights is the ability to attach a small vibrator.

Bullet vibe silver

↑Just like this, a small vibrator is highly compatible.

It is possible to enhance the pleasure by attaching a vibrator, but the penis is more vulnerable to stimulation than you think. Therefore, if you masturbate with a vibrator that is highly stimulating from the beginning, you may get injured or get into unexpected trouble.

It is very understandable that you are excited and want to give a strong stimulation, but please hold back and start with a weak stimulation and gradually adjust to a strong stimulation.

Attention point after masturbation with fleshlight

It is essential to take care of your Fleshlights after use to ensure that they last as long as possible. After using Fleshlights, be sure to clean and dry them completely, without removing them from the sleeves of course.

If you do not dry them completely, bacteria may grow and the Fleshlights may deteriorate.

For detailed instructions on how to wash Fleshlights after use, please see here.

How to buy Fleshlights cheaply

Fleshlights has been gaining popularity especially in the pursuit of male pleasure, but the price may be an obstacle for many men. In fact, it costs around Rs13,000 to buy Fleshlights at regular price.

I, sodipodi, have purchased Fleshlights for Rs3480. To be precise, it's not a genuine Fleshlights product, but a generic one, but I was curious so I bought the original one as well and compared them (which ended up costing me quite a bit of money), and there wasn't much difference between the two.

Vaginal Male Masturbator

If I had to say, I'd say the color is a little different. I don't really care about the scent or feel of the product, and I don't think there's anything wrong with it as long as you can get a product of the same quality for this kind of price difference.

If you are interested in making your own Fleshlights, please see the following article.


Once you have purchased your Fleshlights, first remove them from their sleeves and clean them nicely. Then, after removing all the water, fill them with lubricating fluid before using them. At this time, you can masturbate more comfortably if you warm up the Fleshlights to about human skin temperature.

If you find it troublesome to warm up the Fleshlights, you can use a warm lotion.

Warming Lubricting gel 100g

There are two ways to use Fleshlights: with hand strokes or hands-free. Among them, the method of fixing and masturbating with LaunchPAD is very innovative. Indian men who like gadgetry should definitely give this a try (although it doesn't seem to be in stock for a while...).

After using Fleshlights, you should clean them well before storing them. Check out the link below for more information on how to wash them.

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