• I cannot stop masturbation, although I want to stop.
  • I always think about erotic things.
  • How to control masturbation habit.
  • I can’t sleep until I masturbate

If you found yourself in any of these situations, then you might be addicted to the masturbation. Well, check are you addicted or not? There are a lot of men and women who masturbation every day and face such obscene thing trouble.

Are you addicted to masturbation?

First of all, what is masturbation addiction?

Repeatedly do masturbation for several time in a day or in an hour while knowing that it is not good to do. Frequent masturbation has side effect. You forced yourself to do masturbation and loss self-control.

There is no limit to masturbation in a day, but if you masturbate at the point where you hurt yourself or get injured can be a symptom of masturbation addition and of course you need to check how to get rid of masturbation.

Except that you are avoiding the intimacy time with the partner, just to spend hours with your masturbator or sex toy, then it is not good for your romantic life.

Several benefits of masturbation you should consider. It might be pleasurable too. But to get masturbation habit never be good for either men or women.

How to stop masturbation

I am suggesting your effective method to overcome masturbation addiction. All of sudden to quit masturbation is little difficult to do right now. It may take time, but you have to practise it for months, for years. It depends only on you. But it definitely possible to overcome masturbation addiction.

1. Find a hobby. Utilise your spare time on hobby.

It is a feature of masturbation addiction that when you have spare time you start thinking for masturbation. Therefore, to avoid it, find a hobby and concentrate on it.

It is good to find a hobby that enhances your creativity like playing music, or something else. I recommended to the choice that is new for you. So that you can find pleasure in it and more distract from the masturbation.

2. Stop watching Pornography.

Today‘s young generation is too involved in pornography. In the case of masturbation addiction, it has a huge contribution.

Always try to watch erotic movies and images. It is good if you try to avoid touching PC and Computer. It is the medium where you can watch porn and erotic movies. Let’s try not to increase the sexual urge. It will hurt your life, but it is important to move away from your addictions.

If you have a collection of erotic books, it is important to dispose them all too.

3. Enjoy sex. Encounter with women.

If you are one of them, who prefer masturbation over sex, then it is the worst case for you. It is good to masturbate but to avoid women is not good.

Sex id pleasure of all sense of body, but masturbation is the pleasure of penis only. You should think about the full sense of pleasure. When you understand the fun of sex, it gets easy for you to control the masturbation.

4. Go to the Therapist

When you are ready to control the masturbation, talk with your doctor. Professional judgement is the best way to overcome a difficult situation.

Some of may end up masturbation just with the idea of escape, some end up with different ways. But if get difficult for you, consult the therapist and be honest to them.

While consulting with the therapist, it is important to consult with them in details with your emotions. You can take your time to make a decision, but be honest to them.

5. Spend time with friends

If you find a good time with friends, you will be satisfied at the end of the day. Emotion like happy, relax, laugh, fun can clam your mind and help you to prevent the stress-free masturbation.

6. Limit your solo time

Reducing your alone time is an important point to overcome masturbation. You should try to cut the activities that you normally do in your solo time.

Most of men prefer to do masturbation whenever they are alone at the home. Keep himself away from the silent environment and makes yourself busy. Call your friend, go out, etc are the options.

7. Read motivational Books.

There is only one way to keep your mind away from erotic and dirty thought is, to put good thought in mind. Try just opposite thing. Read the motivational book and watch motivational or religion videos.

We become like what we think. So good thought help you to overcome masturbation.

8. Do not give up

Fix a little goal to get rid of masturbation habit. Most important do not give up on your goal. Start with a little goal. Example, first start with does not masturbate for 1 week. Follow this goal until you do not feel much harder.

If you do not masturbate for some time and accidentally masturbate within few, it days do not panic you.