Masturbation is a problem when you are staying with your family and shared your room. Masturbation is one of common necessity for a human, but it is taboo in India.

Every man wants to keep it secret. However, depending on the environment, you may not able to masturbate well. Staying with someone and have a doubt to be caught can completely spoil your masturbation and mood too.

Tips to masturbate in a shared room

Privacy is the first concern of most of the people in any type kind of sexual satisfaction whether they are staying with parents, housemates or partners.

You should not compromise with your sexual needs that by I am suggesting you a possible situation and place where you can perform masturbation easily.

When you are home alone

Perfect timing for you to masturbate when no one is there in home or room. Actually, this is the time for which most of Indian single are eagerly waiting for.

When no one at home, no one at home to disturb you. You do not have to worry about to keep things slow or quick. You can relax and use your favourite masturbator.

During this situation, the first thing you have to do is, lock the door and focus on your quality time.

Use your shower time wisely

Shower time is a great place to masturbate. No one going to disturb you. You can perform masturbation as much as you want and till then when you feel orgasm.

For the masturbation session in the bathroom, it is good to fap with hand or brings non-electric masturbator. Rather than electric masturbator, all masturbators are waterproof. You can enjoy it under the shower, in the bathtub or any ways that you prefer.

Of course, do not do choice to masturbate in bath time in the morning. It is good to choice at a free time that you can enjoy it well.

Use other's shower time wisely

That means when your room partner is in the shower. It is also free time for you to take advantage of it.  But you have to keep eye on him/her if you want to keep it private.

You should start by observing him like how much time he takes? When masturbating, just fapping and ejaculating is not only the task. You have to wash masturbator if you are using, clean the surround, clean the spread sperm, etc tasks are part of masturbating.

If you want a good time of masturbation, then you should observe it and wait for the correct time.

When your room partner is asleep

It is best to wait until your room partner is sleeping. You can find he is sleeping or not by his breathing. If you are partner stay up for later, it can be a problem for you to stay up just for masturbation. If you have to stay up late and want to fulfil your sexual needs, you should be sleep yourself from getting enough sleep, so you can easily stay up for later and can enjoy masturbation too. If you feeling asleep at the time of masturbation, your performance can effect and your complete hard work gets waste as unsuccessful masturbation.

Invite them to jerk off with you

If you want to keep your masturbation session as private as possible, then this is not for you. It just the thing that you feel embarrassed to be caught doing masturbate in front of family, friend or room partner, then you can try it out.

If you are comfortable you can do so and ask about it. This is like mutual masturbation.

Many of people show interest in it and you can try it. You can suggest your sex toys to him or your technique to him.

Use masturbator instead of Hand

Doing strokes with naked hand create more sound rather than use of sex toys. There are many masturbator are available for men for masturbation. You have to select the correct masturbator.

Like choosing electric masturbator or vibrating masturbator is not good for the masturbation. It creates a sound that definitely bothers you and your partner. Normal masturbator can be good to use.

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