Healthy sperm is the guideline for measuring male fertility. Well, the count of sperm or how many time of masturbation does not link to the sperm to become healthy or not. Below are some tips that help you to get healthy sperm for better sexual life.

Avoid tight underwear

Naturally, tight underwear and pants can cause testicles to accumulate heat that leads to decrease the sperm production in the body. As testicle is the warehouse where sperm produce and store. So hanging out, the scrotum keeps the sperm cooler and away from the body heat.

The breathable shorts and recommended to wear.  A tight boxer makes a closer contact with the body and body heat will affect sperm production.

Avoid Tobacco

We all know that smoking and consumption of sperm is not good for the body. It is also not good for sperm quality. Now how smoking affects sperm in men?

Men who smoke have less sperm concentration, the movement and mobility of sperm decrease and increase sperm DNA damage.

It is proved by studies that 23% percent of men has less sperm concentration who smoke. The damage and loss of sperm is reversible if you quit it.

Consume enough Zinc

A low zinc quantity in the body or deficiency of zinc is associated with the low testosterone level and poor sperm count and infertility in the body. Zinc deficiency is also associated with the number of masturbation and release of sperm. Sperm hold the zinc material and too much sperm release decrease its level and affect the sperm count automatically.

Try to maintain the zinc mineral in the body with a supplement or naturally. Animal food like meat, egg, fish etc has a high amount of zinc mineral. You should add such food supply in your daily intake.

Eat Healthy

Eating a lot of junk food that is high in sugar, fat and preservative is not good for the sperm. Try to add fresh fruit and vegetable in the diet. A high antioxidant and vitamin-like C and E are positivity good for healthy sperm. Noted that sperm concentration tends to be higher in men who take food with antioxidant effect.

Oxidative stress in the body affects the state of sperm. Oxidative stress is caused by excessive reactivity of so-called free radicals and too many unstable oxygen molecules in the body. Antioxidants have a function to suppress the action of harmful substances.

Foods with excellent antioxidant effects, such as blackberries, and grapes should be taken on a daily basis.

Vitamin C and vitamin E have the effect of shaping the sperm. The amount of vitamin Required for adults is 15 milligrams per day. By taking 1 bunch of spinach and 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds as a guideline for a day, you can expect a good amount of vitamin E intake.

Avoid hot water

Soaking in the hot water and hot tub raise the temperature of the testicle. Heat in the testicle is not good for sperm production. Excess heat may decrease sperm production in men. Well, this effect is only temporary and the count will be get normal once you avoid the hot bath. Sperm is very liked to recover and immediately affect the changes. So you should limit your hot water bath and session.

Alcohol intake

Consuming too much alcohol affect sperm count. So need to be limit your alcohol intake.

Now, how much drink is an overdose for sperm?

If you are having more than 10-15 cups of alcohol in a week, it is an overdose and will affect the sperm count. Men who are aiming to increase the amount of sperm should lower this limit to the 3-5 cups per week.

Alcohol affects sperm in many ways. First, it increases the estrogens in the liver that decreases the sperm count and second it directly affect the sperm production cells in the testicles. From today limit your alcohol consumption to have healthy sperm.


To sweat outside the bedroom, is beneficial for healthy sperm. One who workout and go gym has 33 percent higher sperm count than who exercise least, It increase the testosterone in the body and increase the sperm count.

Doing at least half an hour exercise 3 days in a week will boost the sperm count and keep the sperm healthy. Every man should workout alteast 3 day in a week for the potential effect on the testosterone level and sperm count. A too much exercise is not linked to maximum sperm count rather it reduces the testosterone level in the body.