Masturbator is always fun and exciting for a man for healthy sex life, no matter whether he is married, single or dating someone. Men can spend a lot of money on masturbator to fulfil sexual needs.

But masturbator lost their level of pleasure with time, it commonly happens with every masturbator and every man. First, I am also not aware of the masturbator things like how to maintain the masturbator, so my masturbator is degraded

Taking care of all kind of masturbator is a necessity. Msturbator maintenance /Onaho maintenance can expand the duration time of masturbator. Likewise, you can enjoy your favourite masturbator play for a longer time.

 Does your male mastrubator not last for longer?

If yes, you are not the only one who faces this problem. Not even masturbator, everything needs maintenance and cleaning to work for longer period. The masturbator and fleshlight is made by a porous material, so it is good to maintain it.

Male masturbator problem?

Most of the masturbators are made by the elastomeric material, which is porous in nature. When you look at masturbator carefully, you will find a number of tiny holes in it. These tiny holes in masturbator work as a container and hold the oil. Due to its oil filled pores, elastomer masturbator is soft and stretchy in nature. You surely observe that your masturbator get greasy after sometime. This is because of this oil bleeding from the masturbator. With a duration of time, this oil bleeds and affects the elasticity of masturbator. Sometimes the dirt and sperm or lubricant particles remain in the tiny pores and leads to the bacteria growth. That is the reason your masturbator need to maintain and cleaning regularly.

Do not clean?

As I said,  when a man used lubricant during masturbator. Lubricant particles hold by masturbator's pores. Also when you shoot sperm in the masturbator, sperm also stuck on the pores.

Yes, cleaning ur masturbator is not what you want after reached orgasm. But this carelessness leads to bacteria growth and starts damage the masturbator. You need to clean the masturbator after every successful or unsuccessful sexual act.

Do not dry?

After wash, wipe off the moisture is necessary. Well, it is necessary to store it.

So, after wash dry your masturbator completely. It is on you what you choose to dry the masturbator. I used a towel to wipe out and keep it in the air for about half an hour. Remember, drying is not just for the outside the masturbator. The inside hole of masturbator also needs to be dry. You can flip it over. There is no harm to flip the masturbator from inside. The flipping of masturbator is possible in both types of masturbator. You can flip the penetrative and non-penetrative masturbator.

It was easy to dry out the penetrative masturbator because air passes from inside. But you seriously need to flip the non-penetrative masturbator.

Let's make maintenance of male musturbator easy

Various key factors are important you should know about to maintenance musturbator to keep it for longer and make it easy to do with regular life.

First check what type of masturbator you have?

Among the different type of mastrubator, first, check what types of masterbator you have. Whether it is penetrative masturbator or non-penetrative masturbator. Does your masturbator have a tiny hole at one side? If yes, then it is a non-penetrative one.

As we know, penetrative masturbator has both sides opened and non-penetrative masturbator has one side open. It is easy to maintain the penetrative masturbator.

I have a collection of non-penetrative masturbator. So I don’t think, it is too difficult to maintain them. Just need a little care and effort.

Wash your masterbator every time

Cleaning masturbator is not hard at all. You can easily wash your masturbator every time after the use of it. Regular cleaning helps you to keep your masturbator and you safe. Let’s know about how to wash masturbator to keep it for longer.

With Handsoap

It is necessary to wash the masturbator to keep it hygienic clean. Even washing under the running water can work for you. But if a person who like super clean, then you can use mild hand soap. Hand soap will do every deep pores clean and makes masturbator super clean. Sometimes the cleaning of masturbator with water is not enough with some kinds of lubricant you used.

If you use water-based lubricant, may running water can work for you. The sperm particles can also drain out from the pores with the pressure of water. But what about, if you have silicone based lubricant or some other kinds of lubricant?

I personally prefer to clean the masturbator with hand soap every time. It takes same time with soap or without soap.

With cleaner

Many of Masturbator Company provides masturbator cleaner with the masturbator. This cleaner is specially made for masturbator and contains the sterilizing ingredient. It cleans the masturbator as well as kills the bacteria. It makes your masturbator hygiene clean to use further.

The cleaner is available in pump type bottle. So it is easy to put cleaner inside the hole with just a push.

Kitchen paper

Kitchen paper mainly can be used to absorb the moisture from the masturbator after use. It is essential things you should keep aside when using masturbator. I do. The use of kitchen paper is not limited to absorb the moisture. It helps me in various situations like-

  • Wiping out the extra lotion.
  • Wipe off the dropped lotion.
  • Wipe out the pubic hair.

You will never feel annoying to use masturbator, the lotion caught up in the pubic hair is surely annoying for you too. Immediate bath after the use of masturbator can help you but it is not all people want. I like to wipe out the lubricant with some kitchen paper or tissues.

While stroking, you surely take breathe and put masturbator on the desk or chair for a couple of minutes. In this situation, masturbator lubricant spread on the table. You can wipe it out with kitchen paper.

Dry out properly

Drying a masturbator is the second most important thing that helps a user to maintain it for longer. A little moisture in the masturbator leads to oil bleeding and storing of it with moisture is also not suitable completely. There are two ways to dry out the masturbator. Let’s know about them.

Blow dryer

After wash, masturbator does not get dry quickly by itself.  You need to up it in the open air from the 10 minutes at least. If you want quicker, a Blow dryer can help. It is quick and blows air to dry the masturbator quickly.

There is nothing to dry thoroughly the inside of masturbator, so blow dryer can work for it. While drying the masturbator with dryer, it is recommended to use cold air. Strictly no to the hot air. It can damage the hole of masturbator or texture of masturbator.

Baby powder

Baby powder is effective for the stickiness of masturbator. After washing and repeating washing, the surface gets pendant and sticky again. So it needs to be dry by the baby powder. You can use other powder, but make sure it will be odourless powder. Baby powder is suitable one because it does have any chemical, so safer to use over masturbator.

After washing, as a final step, cover the hole and entire masturbator with the powder. I observed stickiness faded away quickly. Once you experience the smooth feel of powder, it is unavoidable for you to use the powder at last.

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