Anal pleasure is also one of ultimate pleasure that most of men and women enjoy. But the way of licking ass is not the same way as most comfortable nipple licking, cunnilingus or way of touching.

Anal pleasure change and depend on how you lick ass. Lots of peoples have question about how to eat partner’s ass perfectly? How to make partner happy with ass licking, and similarly many more.

How to lick ass in effective way

Immediately start licking the anal is surprising and will not feel good to the receiver. So it is not so good ideas. Every anal lover either man or women and gay or lesbian, you should start with the slow and sober.

Start licking form feet to ass

Start from the feet licking. Slowly ascend to the tongue from the ankle and move to the upper body and reach to the highest part of ass. Since in the human body most of blood nerves are concentrated in the lower body, that means it will be effective for arousing the erogenous zones of your partner.

Know how far you licked? There are many peoples who get acme when they reach to the ass. It gives a thrilling feeling to start from bottom of the body.

Lick around the anal.

Increase the excitement in your partner to focus on the genital around the anal.

  • If your partner is man, lick testicles, perineum, and penis. Blowjob is also a good option.
  • If your partner is women, lick the vagina entrance, clitoris, and perineum.
  • Lick thighs and hips while caressing with hands.

Lick whole ass to every corner

Ass is a bit difficult because it has a wide range so lick it carefully from end to end. If you start licking from above, your tongue gets tired, so lick slowly from the base of thigh and hips. Not from the waist of hips.

Lick of satisfaction is achieved by doing it on both sides on the left and right ass. Do not aim to the one point. Give a feel of love by doing it as a whole.

Come to anal surface

Slowly lick around the ass, the anal surface. While licking it is good to caressing the hips and anal areas with hands.

With the tongue tip, lick it slowly. Then sharpen the tongue and lick it.

While anilingus the entire ass surface, touch the genital. This mix pleasure of other the genitals double the fun. If your body reaches to the nipple, caressing them too.

Lick like sucking anal

Just like cunnilingus and blowjob, add same sucking technique over the anal.

There are two types of sucking technique that you can use in anal sucking.

  • Inhale air while lightly inhaling the skin.
  • Suck the wrinkles around the anus while moving the tongue over it.

If you put your lips on the anus hole or around it and inhale air from the surrounding, partner will feel the warm feeling of tongue and breath. It gives a strange pleasure.

The stronger you likely to do, the more it effective for anal development. But do not try to strong suction at first.

Licking tongue with pressure.

Tongue licking with little pressure on the anal skin will surprise you. You should try it gradually.

  • Press the tongue to the anal mucous membrane
  • Press and lick the tongue to caressing the anal hole
  • Putting tongue on the anal.

Keep licking the anal with state of excitement. This excitement of yours will change to the pleasure to the partner’s body.

Put tongue in anal

Put tongue in the anal is also part of anilingus. Anal is the centre of the hips the same like pussy in the genital area.

But note, there are many bacteria lurk in the anal that might cause infection so your partner should be sanitized properly.

If you try to tongue in the anal hole, it can be hard or soft at that time. If you find it hard and you are unable to enter in the anal, you can use some edible lubricant on the tip of tongue.

It is a pleasant act, I would like you to wash your anal carefully first to take care of each other.

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