How to increase penis size? I am explaining to you some exercise to increase the penile size naturally.

First, let discuss about it. Do you have such experiences?

  • When you went to the bathroom and shocked by the size of your friend.
  • Feeling Complex with other sizes.
  • It does not grow at all.
  • Partner is not responsive when inserted.
  • Heard some disappointment truth from your girl.
  • If you have a single yes, then you definitely need a how to increase pennis size at home.

Below methods of easy and just take 3 minutes from a whole day. It is easy for all to spend 3 minutes on their penis for a better sexual life.

Larger penis, Large confidence.

Larger penis leads to large confidence. If you and your partner are not happy with the penis size, then it affects the relationship. Men start feeling anxiety.

The way I am going to introduce to make it even bigger.

Well, to expect the increment of 10cm to 20cm is not achieved by these methods and you do not get a bigger penis in just 1 practice. You have to spend a month and months.

How to increase penis size at home: Easy penis enhancement training

Check these training methods for effective penis enhancement in terms of length and girth.


The most recommended and easy way of how to increase size of pennis naturally at home. It helps to enlarge the penis as well as stimulate the penis.

For the milking penis enhancement training, you have to do hand movement like milking a cow.

Everyman aware of milking way of cow, so first timer can easily do this.

Let’s start. Just follow these 3 steps.

  • Wash your hands first and make yourself comfortable.
  • Grab the penis with either of hand and imagine the milking of cow from little finger to index finger. Put pressure by your need.
  • Continue the hand movement for 3 minutes

Important points

While doing milking training, please do not put must pressure on penis. Be gentle and give a slight stimulation day by day.

If you do with high pressure it affects your penis immediately and can hurt your penis tissues. Even it causes damage to the penis.


The next training for the 3 minutes to enhance the dick size naturally is clamping.

Clamping is the method of stopping the blood in the penis. To restrict the blood flow in the penis active the nerve cells and enlarges the cavernous tissues of the penis. Cavernous tissues manage the length and growth of penis.

It is difficult to hold the blood flow in the penis by hand for a longer time. So I recommended using male clamps or cock rings.

Male clamps sex toy and cock rings improve the muscle and make your 3-minute training worthy.

Jelqing Exercise

Jelqing Exercise? Maybe you are aware of this.

Jelqing exercise is one of the simplest and common male enhancement training that male use for penis. It applies pressure on the penis and promotes good circulation on blood.

Let’s start

  • Wash your hand.
  • Make an OK sign using thumb and index finger.
  • Grip the base of penis, manage your tightness and pressure. Now keep moving on the penis with OK sign like masturbation.
  • Stop before reaching to the glans.

Important point.

Do not perform jelqing exercise on the full erection penis. It is recommended to you masturbation lubricant.

Penis Stretching Exercise

Penis stretching exercise is referring to stretching the penis and to create micro-tears in the tissues. After this micro-tear will be filled by new tissues. As a result, men achieve big dick.

Let’s start

  • Wash your hands.
  • Now, just stretch the penis for some seconds. Stretching can be done downwards, upwards, left or right. It is up to men.

Important point

Do not overstretch the penis. It can damage the penis tissue deeply.

If you find it difficult to do, then there are many penis stretching tools are available that are famous as penis pumps or penis extender. You can find them with your penis length and girth.

Male Edge exercise

Edging enhancement exercise is a one some sort of masturbation. But with control the ejaculation. It is an exercise to urge a certain level of orgasm and then stop it before reached to orgasm.

It seems funny. But it helps men to enlarge their penis size.

Well, there is no limit to do this exercise. It is up to you how long you hold yourself. Day by day it gets better.

Let’s start.

  • Wash your hand, lubricate penis and hand.
  • Start stroke from the base of penis to the shaft of penis like Jelqing.
  • When you feel ejaculation, back off and slow down the process.

Important points

Avoid frenulum and penis glans.

Kegels exercise for men

Kegels exercise is known for women. But it is beneficial for men too for increment by improving the blood flow and erection.

Let’s start.

  • You have to find your Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. It is located between anus and scrotum. You can find it by trying to stop the urine flow naturally.
  • After finding, you need to contract the PC muscles. Hold the position for 5 seconds.
  • Repeat again. Release and take a break of 2 seconds.
  • It is up to you how much you can do. You should go for more contractions per day to maintaining enough blood flow in the penis.