All men want to increase their penis size, RIGHT?

Whether it is for providing more pleasure for the partner, or just to feel confident as a man, penis enlargement is every men's pursuit.

There are 4 effective exercises for penis enlargement which are: Jelqing, Milking , Stretching, and Kegal exercise.

However, penis exercises you do with your hands takes a lot of time (normally more than 2 months).

If you want to see results faster than that, the most effective method is to use a Penis Stretcher.

Penis stretcher is the only medically proven method for penis enlargement.

If you really want to make your penis bigger, you should purchase a penis stretcher.


penis stretcher540 Indian Dick Stretcher


Making your penis bigger can have many benefits like:

    • Satisfy your partner more
    • Make you more confident
    • Make you last longer
    • Give you more pleasure

    Even if you are single, and have no plans of having sex in the near future, large penis will give you confidence, so every man definitely should try the exercise in my opinion.

    There are exercise you can do from 3 minutes a day, and with such little effort everyday, you can increase you penis size.

    Let's learn about penis enlargement exercise for a more fulfilling sex life!

    You can make your penis larger naturally!!

    natural increase

    The best part about penis enlargement exercise is that it can increase your size naturally, in contrast to pills and surgery.

    However, since the exercise provides natural increase, the effect takes place very slowly and in small increments.

    It requires much patience and effort in order to increase your penis size naturally.

    On the other hand, penis stretchers can provide natural increase as well, but in a much faster fashion and provides larger increase.

    Also, the effort you put in can directly translate into how large you can make your penis, so a sense of accomplishment is big as well.

    Both enlargement exercise and enlargement devices can take relatively a long time (from 2 weeks to 2 months).

    For people who don't want to wait for that long, there is an instant solution for you!

    Instant increase with Penis Sleeve and Cock Ring.

    4 Penis Exercises and +2 More Effective Methods

    Now, let's take a look at 4 different penis enlargement exercises, and 2 even more effective methods using enlargement devices.

    Here is the list of each exercise for quick reference:

    Device Image Cost Effectiveness
    Stretcher Device Rs. 3,000~ Great
    Pump Device Rs. 2,900~ Good
    Exercise Image Cost Effectiveness
    Jelqing Exercise jelqing none ~ Rs. 1,000 Moderate
    Milking Exercise milking none ~ Rs. 1,000 Moderate
    Stretching Exercise stretching none ~ Rs. 1,000 Small
    Kegal Exercise none Small

    There are exercises that you do using devices such as the penis stretcher which is the most effective, and exercises that you do just using your body which is also effective when enough time is spent.

    Each exercise has its own characteristics, and the effect and time required for results differ from each other.

    Please read on to find out how you can train your penis to become larger!

    With tools

    enhancement tools

    Using penis enlargement tools can be the most effective method when you want guaranteed results in penis enlargement.

    When you want to become stronger and more buff physically, you use work out equipment such as weights to maximize the effectiveness of your work out, RIGHT?

    The same thing can be said about penis enlargement too.

    Using penis enlargement devices can make your penis noticeably bigger in a relatively short time span.

    There are 2 different types of devices, which are the penis stretcher and the penis pump.

    1. Stretcher Device

    pro extender

    The penis stretcher is a device which you wear on your penis that pulls your penis out and retains it in position.

    Men who wore a penile extender every day for six months were able to increase the flaccid length of their penis by up to 32% and their erectile function by up to 36%, according to an independent clinical study published in the March issue of BJU International.

    Penile Extender Increased Flaccid Length By Almost A Third, Clinical Study Reports -- ScienceDaily

    As you can see, this tool is medically approved equipment for penis enlargement, so if you want to make sure your penis grows, you should go with this product.

    How to do exercise:

    1. Strap the holding belt on below your glans while you're penis is flacid
    2. Adjust the stretching up to the point that you don't feel pain
    3. Keep it on for several hours each day
    4. Continue everyday until you see results

    It takes 2 weeks minimum up to 3 months at most until you see clear results, so patience is required.

    You can expect around 30% increase in length and around 1cm increase in thickness as well.

    The longer you wear this the longer your penis becomes, so continuation is the key to success!

    Indian dick stretcher
    Rs 3,400
    Rating ★★★★★
    Focus Length


    Cost Rs. 3,000~
    Time Quick


    Effectiveness Great
    Permanent Yes

    2. Air Pump Device

    auto pump extender

    Air pump device uses air pressure and vacuum for penis enlargement.

    Creating a vacuum while your penis is inserted into the device, can pull your penis and expand it at the same time.

    The blood flowing into the penis increases at the same time, so it has an added effect of making your penis harder as well.

    How to do exercise:

    1. Insert your penis inside the device
    2. Make sure the rubber seal is correctly sealed
    3. Adjust the vacuum using controller (manually or automatically)
    4. Once you're fully erect, keep it for 10 minutes
    5. Take it off and wait until you turn flacid
    6. Repeat the process

    It can take around 2 weeks to 3 months until you see any results, so don't give up and continue working.

    This device is most effective in increasing the girth and hardness of your erection since it increases blood flow.

    auto enlargement pump
    Auto Enlargement Pump
    Rs 5,799
    Rating ★★★★☆
    Focus Girth


    Cost Rs. 2,900~
    Time Quick

    2 weeks~

    Effectiveness Good
    Permanent Yes

    Without tools

    Although the exercises using tools are the most effective in seeing results, using just your hands can be sufficient exercise in increasing your penis size as well.

    For some men, it could be too expensive to purchase enlargement tools, but don't worry!

    You can increase your penis size just with your body if you put enough effort and time.

    In order to do these exercises, it is recommended to use sex lubricant for safe and risk free exercise.

    You do not want your penis to be damaged or even worse, unable to use anymore, RIGHT?

    To avoid such risk, you must use lubricant and make your exercise smooth and slippery.

    Sex lubricants can be purchased as little as Rs.200, and when you compare this to the enlargement tools, it is only a tiny investment so you should definitely get one.

    After all, sex lubricants can be used in sex and masturbation too, so it will be well worth the purchase...

    3. Jelqing exercise

    First exercise you can do with your hands is the Jelqing method.

    How to do exercise:

    1. Put some lubricant on your penis and hand
    2. Make a ring with your thumb and index finger
    3. Wrap the ring around your penis while flacid
    4. Squeeze the base of your penis with the ring and stroke up to the tip
    5. Check if the glans part is expanded by blood flowing in
    6. Repeat the stroke as many times as you like

    The main benefit of this exercise is that it can increase the size of your glans(tip of penis).

    This is because the movement from this exercise will gather and concentrate the blood in your glans making it more swollen and packed.

    Many women particularly enjoy penis with huge heads, so this exercise can satisfy that preference for your partner.

    You must at least continue this exercise for a month in order to see results, so be patient and keep working out!

    Rating ★★★★☆
    Focus Glans(size)
    Cost none~ Rs. 1,000
    Time Moderate

    1 month~

    Effectiveness Moderate
    Permanent Yes

    Best recommended lubricant for penis enlargement exercise!

    Titan Gel
    Titan Gel
    Rs 989

    4. Milking exercise


    Milking exercise is the method that your stroke your penis in a motion that resembles that of milking a cow.

    How to do exercise:

    1. Put some lubricant on your penis and hand
    2. Rest your penis on your palm while flacid
    3. From the base of your penis, start squeezing with your fingers from little finger to index finger in order (just like when you milk a cow)
    4. Check if the glans part is expanded by blood flowing in
    5. Repeat the process from the beginning

    The main focus of the milking exercise is to increase the circumference of your penis by pushing the blood from the base of the penis to the shaft up to the tip.

    It is said that most of women's pleasure is affected mainly by the girth of the penis rather than the length, so increasing the thickness will certainly increase the women's satisfaction.

    Similar to the Jelqing method, you must continue to work for more than a month to see results, so persistence is the key.

    Rating ★★★☆☆
    Focus Girth
    Cost none~ Rs. 1,000
    Time Moderate

    1 month~

    Effectiveness Moderate
    Permanent Yes

    5. Stretching exercise


    Stretching exercise is the method that you pull your penis and hold it in similar fashion to the stretching device I mentioned earlier.

    How to do exercise:

    1. Put some lubricant on your penis and hand
    2. Hold the glans part of your penis with your hand
    3. Pull your penis outwards until just before you feel pain
    4. Keep it stretched for 10 seconds and release
    5. Rest for 10 seconds and repeat the process from the beginning

    The stretching method can mainly increase the length of your penis.

    Penis length can be an important factor for men in being more confident, so this method is recommended even if you don't have a partner that you have sex with.

    You must keep training for over a month for this exercise to see increase in penis length, and the more you train the more benefits you will earn, so keep up your effort!

    Rating ★★★☆☆
    Focus Length
    Cost none~ Rs. 1,000
    Time Moderate

    1 month~

    Effectiveness Small
    Permanent Yes

    6. Kegal exercise

    Kegal exercise (PC muscle training) is just like a work out to strengthen your muscles.

    In differentiation from the above 3 methods, the Kegal exercise can be done even without using your hands.

    How to do exercise:

    1. Identify your PC muscle (muscle you use to stop urination)
    2. Squeeze your muscle as hard as you can
    3. Keep it contracted for 10 seconds
    4. Release and rest for 10 seconds
    5. Repeat the process from the beginning until you get tired

    The PC muscle, also known as the pelvic floor muscle, is responsible for your erection strength.

    So, by training this muscle, you will be able to strengthen your erection and make it harder.

    Stronger erection can also result in slightly thicker penis, so it can increase your size a little as well.

    In order to see clear results in your penile performance, you must give at least 2 month of continuous training for this exercise.

    This exercise can be done anytime anywhere, so it is not difficult to make it your everyday routine.

    If you can increase your penis even a little through this method, it will be worth your time for sure.

    Rating ★★☆☆☆
    Focus Hardness
    Cost None
    Time Long

    2 months~

    Effectiveness Small
    Permanent Semi

    Instant solution for your problem

    We have been looking at several different penis enlargement exercises to increase your penis size.

    However, all of these exercises I mentioned above require some time and continuous effort until you can see obvious results.

    Some men might be put off by the time and effort you must put in to increase the penis size, and some men could not wait until they see results for one reason or another.

    For people like this, there is also an alternative solution for you, so don't worry!

    The tools you can use in order to increase your penis size instantly are Penis Sleeve and Cock Ring.

    These tools will instantly increase your length, girth, and durability by a measurable amount, so you should definitely utilize these if you want the benefits right away!

    Penis Sleeve

    Penis sleeve, as you can guess from the name, is a tool that you wear on your penis that covers up most of your penis, and increase the length, girth, and durability all at the same time.

    Rs 2,199

    Most of the time, it is made of soft silicone, and you use it just like you use a condom.

    How to use:

    1. Apply lubricant on penis
    2. Insert your penis into the hollow part of the penis sleeve
    3. If the sleeve has a ring or holder, put it around your balls
    4. Now you can have sex with partner!
    Rating ★★★☆☆
    Focus Length


    Cost Rs. 600~ 3,000
    Time Instant
    Effectiveness High
    Permanent No

    Although penis sleeve can cover up your penis almost entirely, it cannot be used as a condom, and it doesn't have any contraceptive effect, so you must use it with condom as well.

    Cock Ring

    Cock Ring can also increase your length and girth by a small amount, but the main benefit comes in improved duration and stiffness of penis.

    Smart cockring for desi pink
    Smart cockring for desi pink
    Rs 650

    Cock Rings are mainly made of soft silicone, and when worn around your penis, it retains blood inside of the erectile tissue resulting in a much harder and bigger penis than your normal erection.

    How to use:

    1. Apply lubricant on penis
    2. Wear the ring at the base of your penis while flacid
    3. If the ring has additional hoops or holder, put it around your balls
    4. Enjoy harder and long-lasting sex!

    Cock Ring can not only increase penis hardness and size, it can also make your ejaculation feel much more pleasurable.

    There are variation of products such as rings that have vibrator attached, so choose additional feature according to your liking.

    Rating ★★★☆☆
    Focus Girth/Stamina
    Cost Rs. 600~ 2,000
    Time Instant
    Effectiveness Moderate
    Permanent No

    Bottom line

    In this article, I have introduced 4 effective exercises  and 2 more effective methods that can increase your penis size in different ways.

    Using enlargement tools is the most effective and reliable solution for your penis problems, since the benefits are medically proven and the effects kick in in a relatively short time.

    You can also do exercise using only your hands, like Jelqing, milking, and stretching to increase your penis size.

    All exercise require some time until you see results, so men who can't wait can use instant solutions for your sexual problem.

    Penis Sleeve and Cock Ring can be used to increase your penis size measurably in moment's notice.

    It is important to choose which exercise method you use according to your specific problem you want to solve.

    Persistence is the key to all exercise, so keep on working and you will earn the greatest reward for your effort!

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