How to make a penis healthy is essential to know for all the men because an unhealthy penis may be dangerous for anyone. All men think about sex and sexually transmitted infections and erectile dysfunction.

There are many different reason that can affect the health of your penis in your life, including your lifestyle changes, some of hygiene practices, masturbation and any health conditions.

Everything About Penis Health? Why it is important?

Penis health is more important for men like body health. Penis is one of important organs that is sign of aim and lead to good sex life. Daily life activity giving many harmful effect, which is always bad for your physical activity with the partner.

If you have healthy penis then you can have a happy sexual life with your partner without any harmful effect on the body. If you ill then your partner may also feel worried, so it is your duty to take care of penis.

Factors that affects penis health?

Different things in different men can affect penis health. Penis health is not only bad for men, but it is bad for their partner as well. Problems such as -

  • Feel uncomfortable to Urinate
  • Your ability to maintain an erection for having sex decreased.
  • Fertility problem
  • Higher risk of penile cancer and STIs.

Below following factors can affect the health of your penis:

Hormone Changes

There are many diseases caused by hormone imbalances, ED is one of them and as well as low testosterone level. Many body factors are linked with low testosterone levels so it give harmful effects.

Age and Physical conditions

People experienced sexual dysfunctions (ED) when they growing up because their testosterone level has naturally decline over time.

High blood pressure and diabetes conditions can also cause ED infection. So don't feel any depression and anxiety, live happily for healthy penis.

 Sex life with condom

Safe sex always with a condom, which give a protected sex to both you and your partners, or give you stress free relationship with free of STIs. Thin condom is recommnaded.

Otherwise, condom is the best protective method for you to use every time you have sex. It is the only way to reduce your risk and also help to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Harder sex can also harm your penis. Some time it is finding that accidentally bending your erect penis can cause a penis fracture problem.

Hygiene activity

Take care of your genitals which give you more safety sex. Good hygiene is better for your sexual health. Always wash your penis and keep it clean.

When smegma build up, it can cause swelling the skin which is uncomfortable and banalities also cause a effect, a condition where the head of the penis becomes red and dry. So wash penis everytime.

General tips for healthy penis

Penis health is important part for your sexual life because you need a holistic approach to maintain your sexual life always pleasurable. In other words, aspects of your general health tips will give you a healthy penis. We know that different health conditions can affect your fertility and penile health so please take care of your penis.

Stay hydrated

Drink water, better for your overall health, as well as the health of your penis, because ED may be caused by dehydration. Try to get about two litres of water a day.

Take balanced die

Today we are busy so we don't take proper diet which can give better physical health to us. But medically proved, balanced diet is helping you reduce diabetes and heart disease, and which can cause ED. So, a diet is linked with a ED.

Do regular exercise or Yoga

Physical workout or any activity can reduce your chances of ED because you can burn calories.

People, who have ED infection and a recent myocardial infarction, commonly feel a heart attack. Home-based walking or exercise program can reduce ED effect.

If you cannot maintain a daily exercise, then at least do one time in a week — as well as faster walk everyday so often can improve your penis health.

Need pelvic floor exercises

Pelvic floor exercises can help for women but for men as well. It also help to improve ability to get and maintain an erection, as well as relief pain after urination.

According to research, people had completely regained normal function, and improve erectile function also.

Having basic Kegel exercises by squeezing the muscles also help to urinate pain. Fix time for exercise to use muscles and find best result for all the directions.

Avoid Bad Habits

Bad habits, always give you bad effect on your penis health, so you should avoid bad habits, at least change them.


Smoking cigarettes is a bad for us because it affect ED function. A function showed smoking disrupts your heart’s process and working in the body, which in turn leads to ED, as well as sometime it is also decrease your fertility.


Drinking alcohol can cause so many health problems, which can affect your penis health easily so don’t have too much drink.

Proper wash your penis

If you proper wash your genitals then you will not see any harmful effect on your genitals. You can wash with warm water and mild soap. Don’t use scrub or any hard soap to the area too hard, as the sensitive skin may damage.

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