Are you looking for a gay partner or friend? It feels secure to have a group of friend with the same gender. Whether you are in a small town or major cities, there are many LGBT peoples or gay peoples out there with private identity.

The harder part is to find such peoples, but many of them are socially accept their identity and also seeking for partners.

Today, I am adding such LGBT websites and apps that will help you to find our your nearby gay.

1. Grindr- Dating app

Grinder is one famous dating app among gays and bisexual men. You can find two million daily users from different countries. Yes, it is using in India too. In April, Grinder announced that its users from India are grown by 50% person.

A single gay can find their partner easily in this dating app. It is a Geolocation app, so easy to access. It can find your nearby friends with them you can chat meet and hook up. There are many features on Grindr and it is upgraded to increase the number of gay people.

You can check profile and even find the HIV status and STD sources.

2. Find through Facebook.

Facebook is the easiest ways to meet LGBT people online. Facebook is one of the most active social media in all over the world. Well, it is common for Indiana peoples to conceal their identity. It is a little harder but there are usually more red flags that might work for you.

You can search LGBT or gay community easily are facebook. Just search your location and your preference and you will see lots of pages and community to find your types of gay in your area.

3. Compatible Partner- Dating Website

Compatible Partners is not an average dating website. It is especially for the LGBT peoples. Now a gay can find their partner easily by sign in. It helps gay peoples to find their soul mate easily. It is secure and discreet account. This is similar to other dating side need login id and pass, but it is only for LGBT.

Gay people can easily find their partner in it easily in India too.

4. Twitter

Twitter can be a good place to meet LGBT people and gay partner from all ages. Many of peoples are active on twitter even you can find Indian guy celebrity too in twitter. You can follow the following of Indian guy celebrity and can check tags with your interest.

Even ion twitter, there are many gay community and LGBT community that making awareness by LGBT peoples. You can join such a community and meet up with new friends.

5. OkCupid- Social networking app

OkCupid is also a platform for all gender. But it has the world greatest feature- “I don’t want to see or be seen by straight people.

Gay who wants to keep secret their identity from the straight men pr people to judges, then OkCupid app is best to sign in. In 2017, this app embeds more gender orientation feature that allows user to get more specified to look for their preferences.

OkCupid is easy to use, user can sign up with facebook too. Recently, this app allows polyamorous couples feature that are open about multiple partners.  It must be best for you to find a suitable partner in your community.

6. Tinder

Tinder is the most famous app in India, especially for the straight men to find hook up partners. But it slowly gaining popularity in the LGBT community as well. The lesbian and gays are also active in Tinder now. Just recently, tinder has announced more gender features in its app to support diversity community.

It is not exclusively gay dating app but it helps you choose your preference and similar options.

7. – Exclusive gay dating website

Exclusive dating website for the Gay people. It just needed a mail id and good bio to attract the other gay. On this website, you can search by your region too. It keeps your profile confidently until other gay people is not sign in. You do not have to worry about your identity if you want to keep it secret.

Check location, name and age of profile, and then show your interest. It is easy to access.

8. Tumblr- social network site

Tumblr is also most active social sites that connect peoples. Tumblr can be a mess, but if you start following some Gay community or LGBT blogs. You can go through the likes, comment and profile. Obviously, you can find the people who are showing interested in the same community. You will see most of the users on tumbler are from teens and early 20s.

It can be effective to for how to find a gay partner, but you have to make sight on your profile and your interested following profiles.