Realistic sex dolls are more and more accepted by modern India. Indian understands the use of a sex doll and its pleasure. Many men became to start using it and give good growth to the sex doll manufacturer. It would be right for men to try for intense satisfaction.

It is good to research before purchasing any of the sex dolls. The investigation helps men to find perfect and most suitable toys for them.

How to choose sex doll

Before investing a big amount on the sex doll, there is a piece of information that you need to know. If you buy a sexy doll for fulfil the masturbation fun and reach to satisfaction, it is your one of the best decision ever for himself.

We know the masturbation is the key to sexual satisfaction. In real time, masturbation with a hand is a pleasure for a limited time.

The decision of purchasing sex doll will be beneficial for you and for your masturbation.

Consider the real word of mouth and opinion.

Love doll is famous sex toys for men, even more, famous then fleshlight and masturbators. Every man is a core fan of realistic sex dolls. To know what kind of pleasure you can expect from a realistic sex doll, you can check the real words from the users. Yes, you can check the review of users who are actually purchasing and using it.

Well, the taste of masturbation is different from men to men, but referring the word of real mouth can be helpful. But do not research only the number of reviews, but also check the content and material of a sex doll.

For choosing the best sex doll you should focus on what you want to buy, without being misled by biased opinions.

Kinds: Vagina or torso dolls

Sex doll gives pseudo sex fun in terms of vagina and anal.

Sex doll is available in many forms so that every man can afford it with their need. The vagina sex dolls have vagina space and give lifelike vagina feel to the men and the same with torso. Torso sex doll has anus space and give lifelike anus feel you the men. Torso sex dolls are, especially for the anal lover.

If you are looking for a sex doll that does not have a detailed face, hair, etc, then you can go with a basic vagina and torso sex doles that have penetration space only. Of course, they are cheaper than detailed sex dolls

Type & Budget

Man want types of sex dolls, so sex dolls are available in various types

One of the concerns for the first time to select the sex doll is the price. If a man has a limited budget, then do not worry. The manufacturer knows that it is a bit difficult to invest such a big amount in the first purchase, so they made types of sex dolls.

The above detailed and not detailed body art is one of them. Smaller sex dolls are cheaper to purchase and can be affordable by everyone. The price of such a small doll is just half for full body realistic sex dolls.

Blowup sex dolls (inflatable sex doll), TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls are the types of material. You can select your types with your budget and level of sexual satisfaction you want.

If you want to buy some cheaper masturbator just to fulfil the sexual desire, instead of the feel of women body, you can go with the cheaper masturbator. They are also willing to give the best every pleasure and satisfaction to men.


It is good to know that you can find a wide range of sex dolls in the market. But it makes you confuse to simply the decision-making. There are various sizes of sex dolls are available with various sizes of breast size, waist size, hip size. To selecting your desire sex doll is totally depends on the fantasies. If you are thinking of buying a sex doll, then you surely have a picture of dreamed body size and shape.

The deeply detailed features like choice of colour, choice of hair, nails, eye and other facial features, etc are possible only with the expensive realistic sex dolls.

Think about these measurements to find a perfect sex doll for you.

  • Height
  • Breast Size
  • Waist
  • Hip Size

Stick to texture

Male sex doll is an exciting product that allows men to experience simulated sex. It depends on the individual men how much real you want. The texture of the sex doll affects the touch. Some men prefer to use choose the soft material to feel the feel touch. Some men do not care about the material and texture because they are lusty and looking of penetration thing only.

If you know what type of fellowship you want, it gets easier for you to experience the feeling and to choose the sex doll.

If you want to go beyond the strokes and masturbation and want to feel the touch of women, then you should consider the material. A particular material alike silicone, etc can create more exciting time then realistic sex.

Consider compatible with masturbator

There is such a sex doll too that need masturbator. Such sex dolls are known as Blowup dolls.

Of course, you can enjoy the insertion alone and totally sex like. If sex doll is masturbator style, check your favourite masturbator will be fitted in or not or buy a recommended masturbator.

To achieve the best comfort, you should combine stimulates of penis and excitement of appearance.

Being the comfortable change the concept of masturbation life. So, at last, think about only the level of your comforts.

Pay attention to fetish style

Women body has many of different part that gives different arouse to the men. It is the sex doll that elaborates every part of women and because of its tendency, it excites the men.

The attractive point of a sex doll is that it is lifelike women, even can embrace by men. Men can enjoy the insertion in different style as compare to masturbator.

If you make it cosplay sex, it will get more feminine and more realistic. Men enjoy the penetration after a little fetish play and body of sex doll will help you.

Think, if you want to enjoy unrealistic style sex with women, it is possible with a sex doll and you have to find this property in your selected sex doll.