Do you feel dryness in the masturbation?

Today, we talk about the lubricant and lube for a male masturbator. Many of us face the problem of dryness, not enjoy the true pleasure of masturbator, did not find a suitable lubricant, etc.

First, know that the use of lubricant with masturbator is a must for a pleasure. If you ever touch a masturbator, you know that the penetration of the penis is difficult without lubricant. Masturbator’s skin sticks to the head of the penis and damages the penis due to high friction. We definitely need lubricant to reduce the friction and make thing slippery.

What about not enjoy the true pleasure of masturbator, it is because of the viscosity of the lubricant. Let’s know about the complete relation of lube with masturbator here.

What kinds of lubricant are available for masturbation?

A viscosity of the lubricant is related to the ability to reduce the friction between two objects i.e masturbator and penis. There are many kinds of lubricant available in the market with different viscosity. Different viscosity of lubricant gives a different level of pleasure with the masturbator.

Well, it is difficult to find the exact viscosity of the lubricant you are thinking to use. Here I am explaining it with high viscosity and low viscosity level. It is enough for you to find a suitable lubricant for a masturbator.

High viscosity lubricant

High viscosity lubricant is thicker in nature. These lubricants get dryer easily. Silicone-based lubricant and oil-based lubricant are included in the high viscosity lubricant. They are thicker as compare to the low viscosity lubricant. Well, such lubricants are suitable to use in the anal play especially because anal required a good lubrication. If you are using silicone based lubricant, then avoids using it with silicone masturbator.

Low viscosity lubricant

Low viscosity lubricant is thinner in nature and do not dry easily. Low viscosity lubricant is highly used in the masturbator play. Water-based lubricant is included in this type of lubricant. It is safer to use with any type of masturbator and in any type of play.

Relationship between lubricant and male masturbator

The lubricant is like jelly for massage. It is artificial lubrication for the masturbator that can be used in regular sex life for a hand job, oral sex, prostate sex, etc. It seems any sexual play is incomplete without the lubricant.

Even in the case of masturbator. The masturbator is an artificial vagina and it surely needs an artificial lubricant. Both have an inseparable relationship. If men use masturbator without the use of lubricant, there is a high possibility that men can hurt them while aiming the masturbator. Well, I think so without lubricant, insertion is just impossible.

Most of the company knew that and offer free 1-2 lubricant sample with the masturbator. But they are not a high-quality lubricant. So it is good to buy a bottle of lubricant with the purchasing of masturbator for the first time. It completes your masturbation session.

Choose of lubricant depends on the type of masturbator

Masturbator varies with the internal texture from simple to ridges. Let’s know about which lubricant is good with which type of masturbator.

For simple and straight

For simple and straight masturbator, it is okay to use low viscosity lubricant or high viscosity lubricant.  Water-based lubricant or silicone-based lubricant can work for a simple and straight texture of masturbator like Pink lady fleshlight vagina, fleshlight mouth, fleshlight anal, etc. Water based lube is best lube for fleshlite.


For ridges and rough masturbator

For ridges and rough masturbator, I recommended and it is good to use low viscosity lubricant like a water-based lubricant. When masturbators covered with the lubricant, it forms a thin layer over the ridges and bumps so men cannot able to feel the true texture of the masturbator. The thicker lubricant forms the thicker layer over the masturbator’s texture and decreases the textures feeling to the penis. It reduces and neglects the pleasure of textures.

Virgin loop, Megami, banji, etc can work with water-based lubricant.

I changed the thickness of lubricant. Do you also want to?

Yes, I changed the thickness of lubricant sometimes according to my masturbator. There is no problem to use the same masturbator lubricant that you purchase, but depending on the type of masturbator I prefer to change its thickness. It will easy for me to use and feel the true pleasure of masturbator.

No problem with dilution

According to my experience, I never felt any problem with dilution. It is easy to do. Sometimes the thicker lubricant affects the level of pleasure as well as get dry faster. But with dilution, it became more loose and thinner.

Now how to dilute lubricant. You can dilute it with water and hot water.  Transfer the small portion of lubricant in the container and add some water or hot water. The level of water is depending on you and your desire. So add water and adjust the thickness of lubricant little by little. Now you have to shake the water with lubricant.

This diluted lubricant does not last for long. It is good to use a small portion of lubricant at once. Transfer your diluted masturbator lotion to another container. I used a pump type bottle to transfer this lubricant mixture. It is easy to use and inject into the hole of masturbator. You should also use a pump type bottle for convenience.

If you want to warm the lube or still feel it is dry, you can add some more hot water to adjust the desired viscosity in the lubricant.

How to use lubricant with masturbator

Whatever type of lubricant you choose, keep in mind that it is best to use and best to apply it on the masturbator.  There is no general rule for how much lube and amount of lubricant you should use. It depends on you and your masturbator. If you are not aware of how to use lube with a masturbator, follow these easy steps.

Spread inside the hole

You are gonna penetrate penis to the inside to masturbator.  You need to lubricate the inside of the hole completely. It is difficult to lubricate the inside of the masturbator, so use a pump type bottle to inject deep in it. You can also use lubricant applicator to apply lubricant.

I used lubricant applicator, it is easy to use. There is a number of lubricant applicators available in the market. Brought your one and make lubrication easy from inside.

Spread outside the hole

Now, need to lubricate the outside of the masturbator. Lubricate the opening of the masturbator and external vaginal walls, if your masturbator has. Likewise, you feel the true presence of the vagina.

Spread over the penis

While masturbation with a masturbator, men stroke repeatedly up and down movement with a penis to achieve orgasm. The penis is one of the sensitive parts of men. Due to continuing stoking in each direction, the possibility that the penis gets hurt due to dryness. For this apply enough lubricant over the complete penis from testicles to glans. With lubrication, men’s penis can feel comfort and can stroke for a longer time without any harm and chafed.

Take some drop of lubricant in the palm and gently apply it on the penis in the circular motion. This is the ideal way to apply lubricant over the penis.

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