Sex works for a many benefit, it give good feeling or it give good health, not only for men, women can also feel both the effects.

It is old says, different type of sexual moves always give you different stimulation on the bed, you has been to seen it.

Surprising Healthy benefits by sex

When you get to know all the benefits of sex then you will get surprise because there is a lots of benefits.

Most of the time , we have sexual activity and find best sexual stimulation but not only men, both the partner who played find super stimulation – sensation as well as physical benefits due to sex.

Sex is the most beneficial for any person Genitals touching is always pleasurable but according to time you have to see different body changes or effects.

Some benefits which is common such as –

Comfortable to use masturbator

In this modern generation, masturbator use is common. But many of men and virgin men do not feel comfortable to use it. Because they don’t know hoe to use it.

But I successful sex, gives a men technique to use a masturbator. Of course a good sex is always better. But it is not possible to have a sex with partner all the time. With a 2-3 times of sex, men get ready to enjoy a alone masturbation with masturbator when there partner is not there. Men can use it when they want masturbation session at home.

Maintain strong Immune System

People who believe in sexually active perform sex in their sick days because the body nerves start working  properly.

Sex defends your body against germs, viruses, and other intruders when you having sex in higher levels. A research find that, people who had sex one or twice in a week has greater immune as compare to those people who do sex less in their life.

Some other ways which can increase you immune system such as –

  • Sleep at least 8 hrs
  • Eat right
  •  Always feel happy and stay active

Increase libido mood

If you want to increase your libido then have sex regularly because having sex will increase your feeling and libido.

Having greater sexual activity beneficial for blood flow, mind stress, etc. Men and women both feel libido when they are intimate to each other.

Improve female’s pelvic muscles

A strong pelvic can help to take the best vaginal stimulation, so good sex is like a workout for your pelvic muscles and makes it able to have strong vaginal penetration.

During sexual intercourse when female have an orgasm is affect contractions in those muscles, which strengthens them. So it's a benefit for your sexual intercourse.

Control your Blood Pressure

It is found that, sexual intercourse is beneficial for lowered systolic blood pressure as compare to masturbation.

So men and women take benefit with the help of having sexual intercourse, most of the time, it is more adaptable for men because it is more pleasurable during penetration.

Sex is similar to Exercise

Sex and exercise mostly common for some ways because sex is part of different moves which can help to make muscles relax and flexible. And is also help to increase heart beats.

I am not saying, doing sex is as same as a treadmill exercise but it is similar because your whole body parts worked like exercise.

Mostly, sex is better for us when we perform different type of sex positions. Different position can make your exercise session, as well as it can help to burn your calories in a great amount.

  Help to avoid Heart attack Risk

When we are doing so many sexual activities that at a same time our heartbeats goes fast, same as when having sex. Better heartbeat leads to health heart.

That means, sex can help to avoid heart attack risk because your heart nerves worked properly. As well as sex helps keep your estrogens and testosterone levels in balance.

Less prostate Cancer risk

Prostate cancer is disease which can see mostly in the men so with the help of sex you can secure yourself. It seen that, men who ejaculated mostly were less likely to get prostate cancer according to one study.

For this benefit you can tale of help Sexual intercourse, night falls, and masturbation. All are good and accepted. But most of men choose sexual intercourse so it is best ways to avoid prostate cancer.

Improves Sleep and Avoid stress

Good sex always gives you better sleep because you get feel satisfied. The hormone prolactin is released after orgasm during sex which is responsible for relaxation and sleepiness.

Most of the people feel stress for their hectic life but after the sex or having regular sexual activity then get stress free, because sexual arousal releases a chemical in the brain which can help to avoid stress and given peaceful lifestyle.

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