All men can face health issues when it comes to sex too. But keep gay sex and man to man sex have some specific health issues shown in the men.

Compare to the other men, gay, bisexual men who are keeping relationship with men have a higher risk of HIV and AIDS.

  • Having anal sex is more riskier than any other intercourse. It is 18 times higher possibility to get infected by HIV.
  • Currently noted that the number of people having HIV positive among gay, men, bisexual who have sex with men is 40 times than the heterosexual men.

What risk is higher in gay when having sex with men?

Just like straight or bisexual, it is good to know for gay to know about the risk and how to protect their health while having sex.

Sexually Transmitted infections

STI is common when having sex between bisexual too, but in men to men sex it has a greater risk.


HIV is a virus that leads to AIDS. It is one of the major infections found in human if they perform unwanted sex. In a gay relationship, it is contacting to the anal, that’s why it is riskier.

It is best to know the HIV status of you and your partner before involving in the sex.

The world health organization recommend to all the men and gay to undergo the pre-exposure prophylaxis.

It is riskier for the top and bottom, both partners. If you are HIV positive and act a bottom without the use of precaution, then you have much higher risk of HIV then top. If you are HIV positive and being top without condom, then it is riskier for giving HIV infection to the bottom partner.

If any of you is positive, you should discuss about prevention and caution mutually.


Syphilis is also transmitted through intercourse if done without precaution. It is a bacterial infection that harms the heart and nervous system of the body.


HPV is a group of virus that causes genital warts and cancers in the genital parts. It is also transmitted and infected through the unprotected sex. Such infection is considered in the men who have sex with men.

This infection may play an active role to increase the rate of anal cancer in the gay men. The rate of spread of virus between partner is very high in the HPV.

Like this,  there are many STI like meningitis and Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B, etc.

How to protect STI?

To protect yourself from the STI, you can try this solution:

Use condom: Use a condom in every sex and always a new condom in every intercourse is most of the protection for STI. Condom is a highly recommended solution of STI then whether it is for heterosexual sex or homosexual sex. The anal sex is not natural, it is good to use lubricant with a condom every time.

Be monogamous: Avoid STI, you should avoid the number of sexual partners and stick to one. Long term mutually monogamous relationship is good for gay’s peoples.

Vaccinated: Many of vaccinate are available for men to protect them from many of STI. Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is one of vaccine that is easily available for every man up to 26. It can protect you from Hepatitis A and B and many more.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP): It is a daily pill treatment for the men to protect them from HIV infection. Remember it is not used to treat HIV, but it is a drug that prevents you from to get infect from the HIV virus.

Domestic Violence

In a gay relationship, domestic violence is more likely to stay silent due to fear of society, fear of lost partner, fear of discrimination or etc.

Staying in a relationship with violence make you depressed, hopeless.

How to overcome Domestic Violence?

Having a relationship is good, but it is not good to keep it if it gets abusive. You need to break the cycle of domestic violence. Spoke about it and time to take action.

Even today, with an increase in the gay people in Indian, many of LGBT community is active that protect the gay victim and support them. If it is clueless for you, then you can contact to them.

Mental issues

Men who are having a relationship with the men might be a higher risk of depression. It is common for those who are not public about their desire and needs.

There are also so many gay peoples that prefer to hide their sexuality even after acceptance by the Indian government.

How to fight mental issues?

It is good to find confidence friend with whom you can share your feeling. This is the first step towards cure your depression and frustration. As I said, many communities are active today. You can also join them and find your gender friend.

How to lower the risk of health issues?

  • Number one, you get to know of STD and how it spread.
  • Know your HIV status: Too many men and gay sex don’t know their HIV and STD status, that means they do not take care or even do not use precaution. It is the common reason that men get to infect and spread from one man to another.
  • Be honest with your partner, even for your STD status.
  • Use a new condom every time when having sex with the partner.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and drugs with sex especially, so you can able to take a good decision for intercourse like using a condom and many more.
  • Limit your number of intercourse partners. You should prefer to have sex with a person at a time.