A hard masturbator is a masturbator that is hard in material and delivers hard stimulation. Such masturbators are not for the beginner until the precaution.

It is said that people who use such masturbator can get an addict to it. As per my experience, yes hard masturbator is extremely in pleasure even good than the real women in terms of pleasure and satisfaction.

For the comfort-ness, it depends on the user. Men who are not new in the masturbator and using masturbator for a since can enjoy it comfortably. It will be comfortable for them.

Hard stimulation makes you cum in a sooner time. The practice of 20-30 minute of masturbation can decrease to the 2-5 minutes.

Make yourself comfortable with it

As we know the tightness and hardness of hard masturbator better even for the solo play. Some expert men can use it without any problem. Where some men or beginner feel pain and hurt due to hard stimulus on it.

First of all, it is important to use it in a state where the penis is erected firmly. Apply a good clot of lubricant over it. People who are feeling pain were improved the situation using lotion.

As per my experience, I use lubricant named as "Pepe Specials Exiting lotion 150ml" with my hard masturbator named as "Virgin Loop Hard Version". If you want you can buy it from here. It will be fun to use.

I used this lubricant because it is thicker. Now you are thinking, why thicker.

Lubricant that is not thicker or similar like water gave me slipperiness but it does not affect the sharpness of masturbator. My masturbation goes smooth but the level of pressure of rigid edges is the same. I want to use more comfortable.

Pepe Specials Exiting lotion 150ml Lubricant is a water-based lubricant. It perfectly blunts the sharpness of the edges and makes my play good.

I think, a thicker lubricant is good with a hard masturbator if it feels pain.

Is there a risk to use hard masturbator too much that you won’t get it in real pussy?

Well, the sex with the women has different advantages as compared to the masturbator either hard or soft. But if you get addicted to the hard stimulation with the hard material or hard texture, then there is a high possibility that you cannot get satisfied without masturbator.

The level of satisfaction and pleasure will increase for you if you use hard stimulation continuously. Women vagina is not as tighten as some of the masturbators and not as much textures. The tightening of the hard masturbator is so intense that you can feel numbness to the brain. However, it is a problem that you don’t get crazy with the real women sex.

Definitely it is risky for your personal life. It will increase your expectation from the partner that is not possible with any of women.

Hard masturbator feels great enough to make you use it again and again. But you need to be careful not to use too much.

Hard masturbator cure ejaculation problem?

Yes, many people prefer to use hard stimulation who has delayed ejaculation problem. Such masturbator works for men in just 2-3 minutes that is not possible with the stimulation of 20 minutes. It definitely cures the ejaculation problem.

But you should choose soft type masturbator for rehabilitation and cure ejaculation disorder.

Some of the hard masturbators recommended

These masturbators are strong call for the masturbation.

Virgin loop Hard Ver.
It is a hard version of Virgin Loop. It is exactly same as a soft version of Virgin Loop just the material is hard that makes it hard enough for stimulation. It has a tight opening than normal vagina. There are many people who are enjoying it even I am one of them. It is quite good from the inside and gives mind blowing dun to the men.
Doc Johnson Optimal Reversible UR3
A hard stimulus masturbator from Doc Johnson. It's interiorly textured is amazing. Its outside texture is also structured in 3D. A beautiful masturbator for the hard stimulation.
Recently, the number of masturbator user is increasing and kinds of masturbator are also increasing. SO Doc Johnson introduces this 3D masturbator for the men to forget the real fun of real pussy.
Virgin loop eight long Hard Ver.
It is one of toy from the Virgin Loop series. It is long, strong and delivers unforgettable fun. If men use it for once, they can get an addict to this masturbator. Virgin loops eight long Hard Ver’s transparent material so can see the penis movement easily. The pleasure that is given by a real pussy is just half with this masturbator.
I think dick cannot enjoy the fun as much as with it. As the feeling of use, the vacuum force also changes in it with its small hole at the base.
Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal Male Masturbator
It is a very good fleshlight for hard stimulation. It is long and too big to hold with one hand. It is good to use any type of lubricant with it.
I think all men can use it. It creates strong suction with its two caps. Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal Male Masturbator will blow you away.
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