When you want masturbation, you fapp. Right? Isn’t it boring?

Because when you want masturbation then you do it but when you want different type of enjoyment then you should use the best for you which is able to give you different stimulation. That’s why there are different types of fleshlight that give different type of feelings

Today, different fleshlights India available such as vagina fleshlight, anal fleshlight and mouth fleshlight as well as moaning sound fleshlight, which also give you a lot of enjoyment when you want more pleasure with the sex toy.

Buy the best fleshlight for you

When you buy a fleshlight for you then you should select that will give you that type of stimulation which you want. Because if you never find best for you, you do not get satisfied and then you go to another fleshlight.

So you can select according to your choice and feeling. Different fleshlight give more different enjoyment but a thing always keep in your mind always apply lot of lubricant while having masturbation otherwise you may feel pain.

Check all fleshlights.


Ways to use of fleshlight alone at home.

Use of different ways give you different enjoyment when using any fleshlight.

Today most of the people use fleshlight to masturbate himself to find complete physical satisfaction and enjoyment also. It feel like partner even without partner.

Now, we will discuss some best ways which gives more pleasure and enjoyment when you have a fleshlight and use it for different manner.

Okay let’s start ..............

Look at your penis and try to play

First you should look at our penis and try to prepare for having masturbation; you can move up and down for giving erection in your penis.

Today most of the people doing different ways for having erection and tease their penis with their hands.

First you should apply lot of lubricant

Lubricant is ways to find more and more pleasure because it is provide friction free penetration when you masturbate as well as you find the best sensitivity and enjoyment.

Today, there are so many type of lubricant easily available, so you can use. Select according to your need and fill more and more happiness in your masturbation.

Give time and read sex stories

Sex stories mostly useful during masturbate due to change your mood with the sex toy, most of the people read sex stories during masturbation to find better enjoyment and complete satisfaction.

Sex stories can help to increase blood flow in your penis and give you hard erection on time, as well as during having hard erection your penis touch more pleasurable for you.

Use condom

Condom is the best protective method when you play sexual intercourse with the partner but condom also beneficial when you masturbate with the sex toy such as fleshlight, masturbator, etc.

There are so many type of condom easily available in the online market which is given more pleasure and enjoyment with different texture and mood set.

You can select any condom according to your choice such as flavour sense, using process, or manufacturing methods also.

Watch porn during fleshlight penetration

Watching porn more important when you want to increase penis sensitivity during masturbation because porn movie increase your stimulation and give you a lot of pleasure when having masturbation.

Most of the people who believe to watch porn complete their pleasure and enjoyment with a fleshlight sex toy. Porn also help to teach different sex position and enjoyment when you feel alone or live separate to your partner.

Try new different positions with the fleshlight

Different positions have different stimulation when having masturbation with the fleshlight sex toy, because many masturbation positions only possible with the fleshlight sex toy.

Now, we are discuss some best masturbation position with the fleshlight type sex toy –

In the bedroom

If you want to have masturbation in the bedroom then you can use different type of sex position such as lie on the bed, on the chair, to touch walls from your back and masturbate yourself to find better enjoyment and pleasure.

In the bathroom

If you masturbate in the bathroom so you can use shower masturbation with the use of oil based lubricant, you can fix your fleshlight on the wall as well as can handled with the hand and masturbate when have bath.

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