Gay relationship is challenging, but somehow you found a partner. Now want to keep it last longer?

There is a myth that Gay relationship is different than common straight relationship. But when two peoples are decided to be together or serious to each other, they face same up and down in their relationship where then it's gay, lesbian, trans or straight.

It starts the day you meet each other and its good are serious and think to better it.

These gay relationship advice might help you to keep gay relationship health, satisfying, successful and longer with your partner.

If you want to experience it but does not have a partner, then found it immediately.

Respect each other differences.

For a gay relation, it is major concern seem in the couples that coming out. Coming out as gay in front of the world is totally personal process and personal choice. If you are out for everyone and if your partner isn’t, this is a time you should respect each other differences.

Maybe you enjoy or want to introduce your special one to your family or friends whether your partner feels nervous and insecure about it. Both the partners in a relationship whether it is a gay relationship or straight relationship, they are at the different points in their journey. It can be a frustration for one person.

But you should respect and solve it out by sharing each other differences and wants. It the time to support each other and bring love and respect in the relationship.

Avoid being clingy

Avoid to make himself a clingy boyfriend, even it’s your first open gay relationship or not. It might be common at the beginning stage of relationship but this is a common mistake to make. It can affect your partner’s interest and might be you’re too. A new relationship will be burn out quickly with not much involvement.

Even it comes naturally to you, but you should force yourself to not go so. Try to keep busy yourself in the same things like your sports, hang out with friends, volunteer work in LGBT group that you were doing before you were in a relationship.

Trust each other

Nothing can affect the relationship that jealousy does. If you get affected and judge your relationship with just interacting with other people, you should think about it. Interacting with other peoples like handshakes with other gay, talk with some other gay, etc are affecting you, it bad sign for you. The true sign of love or healthy love cannot judge by jealousy.

A perfect gay relationship survives if there is no jealousy and strong trust in each other.

Communication as match as possible

If something is bothering you even it is also your emotion or sexual things, it is good to let him know about it instead of getting angry. Unresolved issues are deadly for any type of relationship. You do not like his habit to leave home without a goodbye hug or you want to perform bottom, or you do not like the way of gay sex you are doing anything that bothers you a little bit.

Communication is the solution to solve the unsolved issues.

Keep things dynamic

This is common in all types of relationship that afford to make your partner happy decrease. Once you get the relationship, it gets routine and loves flames get dim. Try to keep the flames shine always from your side.

It is nice that you have a secure relationship with your boyfriend but to make it boring definitely does not work for longer. If you ever had a past relationship, then you can understand this situation. But it is your first, then you can take help of your friend who has a successful relationship, it does not matter that the gay relationship or not. Love is the same in all relationship

I can suggest you try surprise weekend trips, vacation, and movie outing or something different in the bedroom.

Educate yourself with Google

The sex education that you had from the last since years is not gone work for you if you are new to accept your sexuality and new in a gay relationship. The sexual life of a straight couple is not similar to gay sexual life. My gay relationship advice is to nourish yourself first about everything about sexual life.

It is good for both partners. The gay sex is only about anal penetration if we talk about penetration sex. There are many health tips that you required first.

You can read my views or search on Google. Explore about your darkest depth of sexuality mutually.