-- Writer from mail

While coming to Jharsuguda from Rourkela at night. I found in the 2nd SAC compartment a Gorkha boy going to his employer's place ,The employer was a Marwari .

I found the 18 year old boy was fair , plump type and his buttocks quite fleshy . There being no other passangers my sex instinct was aroused .

I told him ; if he doesn't mind , we can put off the light and can have a good sleep.

He said OK smilingly.

I got very encouraged and excited so as to have my Cock stand in ninety degree ,

I said- Can I change my trousers for Lungi?

He replay-why not!.

He again said with smile . But I found that he was looking towards my raised Cock from his eye's corner . Then I said to myself , come what may , tonight I'm going to Fuck him , meaning fuck his fleshy Ass .

As I slept on the berth my cock stood up like a Tent pole making the Lungi raised.

I told the boy I have a habit of fucking my fist before going to sleep so that I get sound sleep after ejaculation.

What's  fucking the fist? he asked me .

I said in Hindi Eesko Muthi Marna bolte hain . Jeise Ass-fucking is known in Hindi as Gand-Marna . the boy shyly smiled .

I said him straight "Tumne Kab Gand maraya hae ? Bahut majja aata hae .I sat beside him and make him hold my cock . After a while he kept swallowing my Cock and the semen came out inside his mouth . I told him , you see when again my Cock rises I shall fuck your Ass .

Then he slept on the berth with his buttocks raised , I penetrated his Ass from behind . I found he had got his ass fucked earlier so that I easily penetrated after a few push . Then my cock went in and out like the Rly piston . Finally I came profusely inside his Ass . He also felt very Satisfied. I learned from him that the Marwari employer regularly Fucked his Ass. That was the main purpose of his job .


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