Foreplay is a way to stimulate easily; it is also give pleasurable feeling to both the partner but women's feel more pleasure with the foreplay.

Most of the people tend to forget about it but it is best part of intercourse. Foreplay is the best way to warm up and get in the mood. Most of the time, it is seen that foreplay allow to reach orgasm more frequently.

If you consider, there are many foreplay ways or techniques, so you should try it in a different nights.

Foreplay takes your night to much pleasurable night

Direct sex is good for us, but when you done foreplay before sex then you find, your moves more erotic on the bed.

Besides, direct sex can’t maintain sexual feeling at long time because your partner feel bored.

Why it is Important        

Penetration and foreplay both are important when you have sexual intercourse but it is also seen, foreplay gives you complete satisfaction. Sex not always given complete pleasure without foreplay.

I think you should have foreplay with the partner, not for himself, it is also best for her.

Foreplay gives you confidence, more time in sex, as well as it is best for long sex which is always best for female partner for achieving orgasm also. It is also good for you as well.   

The best sex toy when having foreplay

Most of the people use sex toy when having foreplay because it is best for increase your sexual desire and you can also fulfil it with the help of sex toy.

So keeping this in mind, most of the sex toy companies make different type of sex toy which is most helpful when having foreplay with the partner.       

So you can add any sex toy when having foreplay with her which will give more pleasure and enjoyment in the bedroom.

Clit vibrator

Clit vibrator is the most usable sex toy when having foreplay or masturbation, because it has vibrations which are best for sensational activity on clitoris.

When you touch your partner genitals with the finger, it gives ordinary feel as you do that normally in daily life. But if you add clit vibrator for touching your partner clit then you will seen more pleasure feeling.

Finger and Tongue vibrator

Finger and Tongue  vibrator is best replacement for Cunnilingus and Fingering. You should try it over clitoris, in vagina walls, breast and etc. It is best to excite the partner for a long time.

Most Erotic part for women  

First you should find the stimulating points on your partner’s body, such as clitoris, G-spot, etc.

Clitoris stimulation

We are already discussed clit vibrator, because we know that clitoris stimulation is most powerful stimulation for achieving orgasm.

So you should spend your lot of time to stimulate your partner's clitoris, and find best results.

G - Spot stimulation

You should find the best result, when you stimulate G-spot of your partner. Most of the men focus on partner's G-spot for taking more fun and enjoyment.

It is also become the best part of your foreplay; you can add this type of stimulation in your foreplay.                              

Some best Ideas for having foreplay act

Recently, we had discussed of external or most usable part of women's body but today we have different type of ways to give best stimulation -      

Get ready for sex in the Room

Get ready for sex, clean your room and create the best environment with the help of dim lights, light a candle, turn on some light music when you want more pleasure with the foreplay.

Slowly take out your clothes

Don't go fast because slowly take off cloths give you more intensive foreplay, touch her body very carefully in sense of hard touch.

Now, you can remove her shirt slowly and kiss. After that, touch her legs or stomach. Remove her bra and push her boobs. Now, you can play sex for better sexual life.

Finally played with partner's genitals, first taste and use the whole body  

As a man, now you can start with the genitals touch so first taste and use whole body. Try to find erotic place and mindsets with the partner.

Touch your tongue on her body, on the stomach and rubbing in the revolving shape, at last go down very slowly for better enjoyment.

Outside the room, best for your play

If you want more sensitive attachment with the partner then you should try outside the room for having foreplay.

It is best way to get more pleasure because changing environment give you a lot of fun with her, some places are in the hall, in store room, etc.

Finger techniques most beneficial for her

After many techniques, you must be satisfied but If you repeat it again and again you face boring feeling because human's body always wants new techniques.

Finger techniques always beneficial in this situation because doing different type of fingering give her a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Get the Lead When She Wants To

After the foreplay she gets more excited because she wants more and more. Foreplay give you lot of physical stimulation when you fall on the bed but after that she get the lead so you should give her all the responsibility to take play.

Buy some sex toys for her

We know that today, without sex toys our sexual activity or foreplay is not completed on the bed.

There are so many different sex toys easily available in the online market. You can select for you and make your foreplay super.

Some best sex toys are -

Vaginal Vibrator

Vaginal vibrator more erotic sex toy for women because it has vibration capacity which can give lot of interest for having the best sexual activity. So you can select any vibrator sex toy for your partner and give her most sensitive foreplay activity.

Anal vibrator

Some of the females are want to stimulate their anal when having foreplay with the partner so you can select anal vibrator for your female partner.

Anal vibrator one of the best vibrator for women because after the stimulation she can ready for anal sexual activity with partner.

Boobs vibrator

Boobs vibrator also a best gift for your female partner because boobs stimulation also best way to do foreplay. Most of the women want this type of stimulation because she won’t leave any stimulation in their physical activity.


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