Fleshlight Vagina

Product name
Selling priceRs 3,482
Masturbator typeSoft masturbator with handy size

Fleshlight, a very well know sex toy for men. I really want to use it. The design of fleshlight is resembled the flashlight and completely discreet. I found an affordable price on one of the sex toys site. As compared to this site. It is quite expensive on other sites. It is affordable and good in quality too.

Fleshlight vagina, I think it is a soft masturbator option for men. It is extremely softer from inside. I found 3 kinds of fleshlight orifices, but at first, I wanted to use vagina one. This ultra-soft fleshlight gives the original pleasure of real hall.

Fleshlight is USA made product from the Fleshlight Brand. It discreet box with two caps is the most important things in it. The entrance of it after removing the first cap, it is moulded similar like a real vagina.

Its special case with special sleeves creates good masturbation fun for me. The bottom caps have an essential role to control the pressure inside. The texture is fun to use. After using months, when I was looking for a new fleshlight product, I searched for many sites. Then I have doubt that this one id original or not?

Well, I enjoyed many months without my problem, so it does not affect me at all. So, at last, I go for Fleshlight Anal with the same site for more tight pleasure.

Let start with the beginning.

A flashlight looks sex toy is amazing. The outside case is hard. But the inner case is soft and softer like a marshmallow. It is 10 inches long in length with the box. I do not notice any hard smell of the material. It is easy and comfortable for all men.

After opening the bigger cap, a real vagina is pop out. The vagina is about 2.5 inches wider. I felt erotic to see the vagina hole from the inside. First I tried to check the inside texture. Exactly what texture is there?

I show some dots from outside. Then I remove the sleeves. It is designed in a strange shape like large jellyfish but it is soft as I said about. At that time, I knew that it is going to fun to use it.

Come to insertion feeling. After using some drop of lubricant, I entered. It is easy to enter. It is not tight enough to create discomfort. I easy entered in it.

I felt soft wrapping around the penis. It is wonderful very similar like the real thing. The second cap is closed till now, the suction force is very strong. If you move quickly, the soft material will stick gently in up and down movement.

After a while, I remove the bottom cap, the air is released because sleeve's bottom part is opened and suction force is released and become dull. It is also comfortable. It is good to change pleasure according to your feeling.

The inside dots that a show from the inside is spread till the base of it.  It is gently to uplift the fun. It is not rough. I think, a new user can easily bear it. It used it with vibrators too.

Maintenance of it.

Maintenance and cleaning are very easy and straightforward. Open both the caps. Remove the sleeves from the inside. It is so easy to remove the sleeves from the hard base without any problem.

I wash the hard case and caps under the water. Then clean the sleeves under the water. I tried to turn it over but it is difficult. But it is easy to wash it throughout under the water. I kept it rinse the water for 5 minutes and keep it to dry.

After 24 hours of ventilation, I put sleeves back in the case and keep it on the refrigerator again.

Benefit point to use Virgin Loop

Number of benefits that I noticed as per my experience.

Discreet Toy

Men who are worried and want to keep this masturbator hidden from the family or friend, it is the toy for them. It looks like a flashlight. If you keep it your regular item, no one can find it that it is a toy until they can open it. I keep it in the refrigerator with my other stuff.

Perfect for a big man

It is enough long in length about 10 inches. It is perfect for men how is bigger in size as compared to the average size. It does not mean it does not work with average size. I am an average man and it worked perfectly for me too.

Beginner masturbator

Yes. Although Fleshlight Vagina allows pressure and continues stimulation. But is easy to use by a beginner man as the material is soft. It is soft masturbator and adds little strength grip and speed with the hand can take you unforgettable stimulate.

Premature ejaculation training toy

Men who have premature ejaculation problem with the partner, then you train yourself with This Fleshlight Vagina.  It is real in touch with their material. A real material and ouch will help you to better your technique for sexual life with a partner.

Vibrator Fleshlight

Its has holes inside the sleeves, where user can fix the multiple vibrators to add vibration in the fun. Vibration help men to arouse their sexual feeling fast. It is up to the user how much vibration they prefer, You can fix one or more vibrator with fast or lower speed.

Bad point to use Virgin Loop

Should check out these too

Extremely big

It is big. It is difficult to ejaculate with a one-hand like a hand masturbation. You have to use your both hand to reach to the climax.

Not seem original

I never tried fleshlight from the Official Fleshlight website. But as per my search, I found that fleshlight pinklady original has a different texture than this. I have doubt it is original or not? Well, if it is not still it is very real and good in use.

Cannot turn over

I tried to turn it over for cleaning like my other masturbator. But it is difficult to turn it over. Its jellyfish base part is narrow and I can’t feel comfortable to turn it over. I do not want to damage my fleshlight at all.

Summary: Fleshlight is a famous sex toy among men

Fleshlight Vagina is classic and first fleshlight toy from Flashlight. It is super-pleasant to use and affordable too. I love to use it. My experience is good, you should try it too.