A few weeks ago, while checking my social media accounts. I found the Fleshlight that is the highest number of selling masturbator for men. It is a quite good experience for me to use a Fleshlight. Then I thought to share my experiences with others It is not something that I should share my review on fleshlight. Then I found a number of fleshlight review on a website that they shared their experience, so felt it normal.

So I decided to share my experience and sharing below my fleshlite review that might help you to make your decision about the purchase of fleshlight.

I came to fleshlight because

I know about fleshlight first time through social media. Then I searched on a lot of websites for purchasing as well as collecting knowledge to use it like how to use it. If you are not familiar with the fleshlight, how they maintain it. How to maintain it. I follow this process to collect the knowledge then came to the object This is absolutely not weird to use fleshlight because it is basically not artificial to session the masturbation session. This is absolutely not weird to use. feel not awkward.

I enjoy masturbating time to time

As I said I love to masturbate that does not mean in a crazy amount. But whenever I feel arouse I do not feel hesitate to clam my desires. I usually do with my hands. Yeah, it is not that pleasurable like fleshlight. I have many other fleshlights sleeves to experience different-different pleasure at a different-different time.

My own place

It is easier to masturbate if you have your own place. It is embarrassing for me and surely for you too much to masturbate in front of someone or let it know someone. It is possible for me to have masturbate time to time just because I have my own place This is also the reason for me to go with the fleshlight masturbator.

I brought one fleshlight

When I decided to purchase a fleshlight, then I started to search for the reasonable fleshlight with price and quality.

Tip: Finding deals and sales

There are numbers of websites online that deals in fleshlight and offer special deals & sales on occasion. There is a fact that you can find a true deal on fleshlight too. It is quite easy to find the combo on any of the site. I subscribe with the website to know the special deals and sales on time. You can also do this. It is one easy way to find a cheap deal.

Shipping details

While placing for fleshlight or any other masturbator sex toy, it is a little nervous. You surely worried about the legitimate concern, for discreet packaging and invoice, etc. Although Fleshlight was my first purchase for sex toy. Before confirming my order, I wondered “Do I really need this?”, “Should I placed the order.” I go through the whole process and close the window not once but several times. A lot of peoples do that because they are worried about their privacy and imagine. Yeah, imagine in India. Indian people do not take it as normal.

Before placing my order, I prefer to make a phone call to customer service. I thought it was the best option to clear all the shipping doubts. I contact them and clear all queries about discreet packaging and everything. If you do not find the customer service contact info, you should consult with your experience men. I ordered from the SexToys-India and it has a customer satisfaction service.

Fleshlight review: My experience

My fleshlight is STU fleshlight. Its case looks like a flashlight so I kept it under the sink with tools and cleaning products and no one would notice. It is discreet in look. Before having penetration, I dim the light and lock my room. Then I played some amazing porn videos and apply the lubricant in the fleshlight and over penis as the instructions mention on the packages. It was fun for me because I never tried any masturbator. The material of STU fleshlight is soft and smooth. Its pink colour also helps me to image the real vagina.

I seriously feel like having sex with this fleshlight. Whenever I moved the fleshlight up and down, the feeling is unexplainable. It is much better than the hands. I do not feel as tight as I thought. Maybe that why it is pleasurable. If it gets tighter for me, it didn't work for me. I feel its interior texture strong and soft. It is good to use by beginners if they want to feel the bumps.

First I used it normally, but later I remembered that it has a suction vacuum. So I immediately open the bottom cap and create a vacuum pressure. The pleasure gets double and more real with the pressure. It was a good experience for me to try fleshlight.

When I was done, cleanup was easy for me. I just take 5 min to clean it and myself.

Detailed image of used fleshlight

My fleshlight rating

How's feeling

The feeling of STU flashlight is soft and new for me. So for me, it’s 5


The maintenance of fleshlight is what you have to follow. If you do not maintain it or clean it, it will not last for long. So I am giving 3 star.


The durability of fleshlight is good because the main part of fleshlight-fleshlight sleeves is packed in the hard case. If you clean it properly, it will durable for you. So I am giving 4 star.


As I have STU fleshlight, its tightness is neither too tight for me nor too loose. The tightness of fleshlight is depending on flashlight sleeves. For this, I am giving 4.5.


STU fleshlight sleeve has rough texture from inside. It gave me far better stimulation than the hands. Maybe it was possible just because of its texture. So I am giving 3 star


So I am giving 5 star STU fleshlight is extremely soft and smooth for me.


I do not feel any smell of rubber or material. So I am giving 5 star

Cost performance

Of course, its cost wise performance is excellent. So I am giving 5 star I found it on special deal, so it was not expensive for me.


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