Fleshlight use in India is increasing day by day. As a new in the fleshlight male toy, it is difficult to find the best fleshlight for men. Fleshlight pink lady original and STU fleshlight is one of most famous fleshlight in India. If you are confuse which one is suitable for you, or what the difference in fleshlights, then the below article might help you.

What is fleshlight pink lady original?

Fleshlight pink lady original is the first male masturbator for men from the Fleshlight. It is the most popular masturbation sleeves. This fleshlight take a modern approach to male toys. It is made of soft and pleasant material known a SuperSkin Soft Material. The pink lady original offer a wider canal for the penetration and ideal of wider girth size of the penis.

Fleshlight pink lady original is black in colour. From the inside, the pink lady original sleeves are straight. You do not find any type of bumps and rough ridges. Fleshlight pink lady original is ideal for the beginners and for the one who is sensitive. It is able to provide a limited sensation to the penis and balls. But this fleshlight masturbator is far better than the hand masturbation. It gives a soft and real touch to the penis with the real entrance. This fleshlight has a real entrance in the pink flesh colour. The entrance part has soft vagina walls with the clit that help men to imagine the women.

The cleaning of the fleshlight pink lady is quick and easy due to its untextured walls from inside. The canal is wider, so take less time to get dry.

What is STU fleshlight?

STU fleshlight stands for Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight. It is a golden structure fleshlight with a pocket pussy. It is designed to help a man and build up stamina in the man. STU fleshlight is very helpful for the man. The repeated use of fleshlight helps man to control their ejaculation.  STU not only improve sexual stamina but also offer intense orgasms to the user.

STU fleshlight is golden in colour, but the internal texture of it also different from other fleshlights and original fleshlight. The internal texture of the sleeve has a number of speedbumps. These speedbumps are started from the less a half inch of the entrance. Its opening is so realistic with the vaginal walls and clitoris structure. Men can experience the ultimate pleasure with their entrance structure and rough bumps. The dense speedbumps are spread from the top of the sleeves to the bottom, so men can feel the pleasure all over the penis.

The cleaning of the STU fleshlight is a bit time-consuming because of its dense bumps. The canal is also tighter, so need time to get dry. Men can shorten the time by wiping the excess water from the canal by tissue or towel.

Comparison of fleshlight pink lady and STU

With a brief introduction of Fleshlight pink lady and STU fleshlight, now I am gonna make it easy for you to compare both of them. I am explaining here with their properties.


The stimulation is higher in the STU fleshlight because of its dense bumps. The rough and ridges surface provide pleasure to the penis and sensitive glans. The soft bumps hit the penis surface. These bumps are not available in the pink lady original, hence lesser stimulation. The pink lady fleshlight is suitable for the one who has sensitive skin.

The scale for sensitive:

STU Fleshlight: 76
Pink Lady Original: 42


The tightness of the fleshlight affects pleasure. The more tighter the sleeves mean the more pleasure a penis can receive. Tightness means the internal diameter of the sleeves. The fleshlight pink lady has wider sleeves as compare to the STU sleeves. The entrance of the pink lady fleshlight is bigger and gives lesser pleasure. STU flashlight offer better and stronger girth to the penis while use.

The scale for tightness:

STU Fleshlight: 68
Pink Lady: 35

Suction Effect

Suction effect means to produce a vacuum inside the fleshlight. Well, both fleshlight is able to produce the suction effect by scrolling the bottom cap of the hard case. The tighter the bottom, the lesser the suction effect and it's vice-versa. If we compare both the sleeves, fleshlight pink lady has lesser suction effect as compare to the STU fleshlight.

The scale for suction effect:

STU Fleshlight: 64
Pink Lady: 50


The smoothness of the internal texture of fleshlight has more in the Pink lady original fleshlight. Its internal texture is plain and straight and able to give more smoothness to the penis. The STU fleshlight has speedbumps, that why they are lesser smooth.

The scale for Smoothness:

STU Fleshlight: 60
Fleshlight Pink Lady Original: 84

Lube use

Lube is essential for all type of sleeves whether it is STU or Pink Lady Fleshlight. You should definitely use the lubricant with them. Well, the amount of lubricant and types of lubricant can be considered in both sleeves.

The scale for Lube use:

STU Fleshlight: 64
Pink Lady Original: 62


The cleanup properties in both fleshlight are bit different. The cleaning of the fleshlight pink lady original is much easier than STU. Due to its plain textures, it is easier to wash even with the direct flow of water through the sleeves. The bumps of STU fleshlight can hold the lube and semen part and do not get clean with the water flow.

The rating for cleanup:

STU Fleshlight: 66
Fleshlight Pink Lady Original: 86

Dry Time

The dry time of fleshlight sleeves is also depended on the internal texture and opening of the entrance. Well, the dry time of masturbator is very less for the penetrative masturbators, but the fleshlight is non-penetrative types. Both need time, but due to the wide opening of the pink lady original, it gets dry quickly.

The scale for Dry Time:

STU Fleshlight: 60
Fleshlight Pink Lady Original: 82

Overall satisfaction

STU Fleshlight
Fleshlight Pink Lady Original

Which one is better for stimulation?

From the Fleshlight pink lady and STU fleshlight, I personally enjoyed the STU fleshlight and you observed that the overall rating of the STU fleshlight is better than the Pink lady original. Pink lady original is suitable for the limited sensation and for beginners. Well, the choice of fleshlight for a beginner is depending on the person to person. Fleshlight STU is able to give a better stimulation to the beginner men too.

Why STU Fleshlight better for stimulation?

It’s fun to use Fleshlight STU. If a one is using a fleshlight, they are definitely looking for the excitement and lot of stimulation. It will be beneficial if fleshlight sleeves work for their sexual problems. STU fleshlight is one of them. STU fleshlight is perfect for the stamina training and stopping the premature ejaculation from the happening in future.

When I first time used it, I use it with lubricant. I did not stop the movement until I do not reach the climax. It feels so good that my all muscles tense up when I making thrust movements. It’s soft and rough bumps are smooth for my sensitive tip. First, I started by the fewer pumps and thrust and try to control my ejaculation. I keep it this limit for one month. After one month, I added 10pumps more and gradually practice for the 5 months. Day by day, my controlling power of ejaculation gets better.

It worked for me and will work for you. This fleshlight is giving you better stamina and make your erection so much harder.