Fleshligtht Girls Riley Reid


Product name
Selling price Rs 4,600
Masturbator type Soft masturbator with handy size

One of famous and highest-selling fleshlight girl is Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid

Riley Reid pornstar fleshlight is unique and famous among the males. It is not best that you give you vagina touch, it is best to experience the touch of Riley Reid.

Introduction Riley Reid

Riley Reid, an American pornstar who start working in the adult film industry in 2010. She nominated for many of awards and even won some of them. She is awarded as Female Performer of the Year from AVN in 2016.

Riley Reid is best for all type of porn categories, solo, threesome, gang band, anal or oral. That why she comes with their both personal touch in the fleshlight.

With her popularity and experience in porn, it is not surprising that her pussy structure in a sex toy. She decided and adds their personal touch to the fleshlight. There is two design available in the market with Riley Reid masturbator, vagina and anal.

Fleshlight Girl Riley Reid Utopia texture is vagina structured that came in 2019, which give a new option for the fleshlight users.

How does Fleshlight Girl Riley Reid Utopia feels like?

I brought a Fleshlight Girl Riley Reid for the first time. First, it was difficult to found this fleshlight girl. If you are a fan of Riley Reid, then you have to struggle to found it, especially in India. This fleshlight girl is not so famous in India, but Riley Reid can bring it from this site.

Yes, you can buy it from here.

When I first used this Fleshlight Girl Riley Reid, I enjoy a wide variety of physical stimulation over the penis in all direction.

When I thrust deep inside it, the inside chamber is so ridged and bump that feel good. But while going to the thrusting movement, it makes me ready to cum.

Every thrust I make, the more pleasure i feel.

What’s best in Fleshlight Riley Reid?

I am a user of fleshlight. Fleshlight Girl Riley Reid is my fleshlight girl. It is structured in same like Fleshlight Vagina.

It is Golden in colour from the outside. The inside sleeve is harder than the ordinary fleshlight. The entrance mouth id bigger but it is narrow from the starting that why I feel little tightness while using it. I used sample Nururun lubricant that I received with it.

Inside texture of it is rough and bumpy structure. When I touch the inside rough texture with a penis, i feel soft and calm touch. It like its inside texture. I also inside the vaccum effect with it.

Benefit of using Fleshlight Girl Riley Reid

  • Fleshlight girl is introduced so men can enjoy there favourite pornstar's vagina in real. Fleshlight girl fulfils the imagination of men in term of sex toys.
  • Fleshlight Girl Riley Reid is perfect option who is a fan of Riley Reid
  • Due to the strong texture from the inside, it is beneficial for erectile dysfunction.
  • From the inside, it has multiple holes, where user can fix vibrator to enjoy the vibrating fun.

Fleshlight Girl Riley Reid rating



As the inside is not linear, it has different chambers that vary different tightness. Entrance part also starts with the tight entrance of the vagina and inside texture has multiple barriers with a narrow structure. The inside feeling in these sleeves is tight.


A heavy textured sleeve is always difficult to clean up. It is not straight and simple from inside. Its uneven surface hold the sperm and dust particle, so running under the freshwater is not enough to clean Fleshlight Girl Riley Reid completely. You need to insert the finger to clean it completely. As you have to wait too to keep it back, till then it gets dry.


It’s inside sleeve is made by patented Super Skin material, so it is extremely soft and real in touch. Except that, the inside texture feels like muscles. When using it in the thrusting movement, this constricting muscles structure move around the penis and give the real movement of vagina muscles.


Stimulation is high that is no matchable than many of masturbator. Masturbation gets multiple time better than hand stimulation and better than many masturbators. The key reason of its stimulation is its unique texture from inside.



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