Are you going to have sex for the first time?

Sex is an important part of everyone's life. Some people prefer to have sex after marriage. Where today generation, would love to have sex before marriage. Just as our body required food, in the same way, sex is also a need of human. To have sex desire is common. If you do sex in the right way, then it can becomes very fun activity. But it feels a little weird when having sex for the first time.

Whether it is male or female, it is full of hesitation while having sex. Whenever you are going to have first time sex with a partner, take care of some points like do not have sex directly. Also check the atmosphere around you and your partner. Make your room environment good, you can play romantic music instead of changing the room light. For the first time, keep condoms and lubricants with you during sex. It helps you to have better and safe sex. You can also use a small sex toy with you to create a arouse feeling and better foreplay. It can increase your and your partner's sex excitement very fast. There are many toys in the market that men can use for first time.

How should men have sex for the first time?

There is no special way to have sex, but if there is a little right way, then the pleasure of doing sex is different. The trick is that when men are going to have sex, then keep a little preparation.

Sex does not just mean to put penis in the vagina. There is absolutely no one to do sex.

Do complete preparation before sex- Many people say, you do not need any preparation for having first time sex, everything happens automatically- it is not completely right. You should prepare for you first experience. The most important thing in sex is, if a man is having sex repeatedly, then you should preparation yourself for it and get enough knowledge about sex.

Mutual consent- It is very necessary to have the consent of both partners in sex. If everything goes with the partner's consent, then the partner also participate and enjoy a happy sex. If the partner is saying no, then it should meant to be no. There should not be any force action on him/her.

First time Sex Tips

To be little nervous while going for sex for the first time is normal. Everyone get hesitant and confused at the first time. This is quality time for you both.

Start with the foreplay.

Foreplay is very important in sex. When you have sex for first time, everyone get nervous. Many men want to experience sex without provoking their feeling just to over excitement. It should not be done at all, this is not the right way, do foreplay before sex. Make your partner warm up. It may take some time for women to get excited. The vagina naturally becomes smooth, but this will happen when you enjoy the foreplay.

If you have sex without foreplay, then there will be no lubrication in the vagina, due to which both of you may experience discomfort and pain.

Fingering in foreplay also helps in making fun foreplay. Fingers are very soft so worked well for excitement. Both men and women can use their finger. You can even use Finger vibrator for more fun.

Move slowly

Do not hurry up while doing any work. That way, you should not bother yourself just to make it hurry while doing sex. Sex does not only mean sex, foreplay is also very important. So take time slowly and be comfortable with each other. Move slowly everytime on every step.

Talk to each other

Sex is not about one person. This is about two people, you are both involved in this. So, it is very important to talk and understand each other. Communication with each other, it shows your choice and not your choice. It is important to know what do you want and what not during sex. You will get to know that only after talking to each other.

Use a condom

Use condom to protects yourself from unwanted pregnancy. Also, using condoms is safe and prevent you both from sexually transmitted diseases. There are no side effects of using condoms.

Thinnest condom is highly suitable to use in sex because it does not feel in sex. It is super thin over penis, that women can enjoy the penis touch even with condom.

Use of lubricant

It is necessary to have smooth sex at first. Sex without smoothness can be painful. First sex means, you both are virgin and it is obvious to have muscle tight around genitals.

Lubricant is must thing to have for first sex. Lubricants are substances that can help reduce pain during sex. It helps in prevent infection from the vagina by providing the right environment for the necessary bacteria. Lubricant should be used to remove vaginal dryness and to make sexual activity easy.

Lubricants can also be used during anal sex. Anus does not have self lubrication, pain is inevitable due to hardening of the anal. Be sure to keep your skin smooth during sex, it will be very easy for you to do sex. You and your partner will enjoy sex.

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