I am quite familiar with all types of masturbator because I have a good collection of it.

Are you here to know electric masturbator for men in India? I will help you out to know it by best tips to use electric masturbator. To be honest, you never know the masturbator until you use it. It is dangerous to use because it gives pleasure to others. Definitely, you can try it but with preparation and complete knowledge.

Electric masturbator. A hand free male masturbator

Start with do you know what is electric masturbator India?

It is literally a masturbator that move and thrust with the help of electricity. Male masturbator evolved so much and Indian also starts evolving with this masturbator for the better male masturbation session. Electric masturbation gives hand free masturbation. It thrust with the help of electricity. There is no need to use your hands anymore for self-pleasure.

The thrust power and movement of electric masturbator for men are so strong due to electricity. The level of pleasure with it never matches with the hand masturbation.

An electric masturbator is the best sex toys for horny men. It must deliver a high level of pleasure in spare time.

Types of stimulation in an electric masturbator

Electric masturbators are also available in different types like other masturbator and sex dolls. Every man has a different taste. Every man feels arouse with different types of stimulation. Check these three of stimulation that you can found in the electric male masterbater.

Rotation electric masturbator

Rotation type that rotates with different speed and changes the direction of rotation. LoveBotz Spin Master, Piston tornado, TENGA gyro roller are of them. This Tenga gyro roller enhances the Tenga cup pleasure. It is amazing to use.

Piston electric masturbator

The thrust with the up and down movement. Piston type stimulation also gives the pleasure of blowjob to the penis. You can custom the number of strokes per minutes with such electric masturbator. Fleshlight launch, Kiiroo Onyx 2, Autoblow 2 are one of them. Peoples also considered them as weekend plans.

Vibration electric masturbator

A vibrating masturbator is common. But electric vibrating masturbators are new. Such a model gives you the power to adjust the speed of vibrating that suit you. Hot Octopus Pulse III, Kiiroo Titan is one of the best that you can try.

Consider while selecting electric masturbator

You surely think all the masturbator are relatively similar, but no. Every model is different from each other in terms of function, material and size.


Foremost, pay attention to the material types of the electric masturbator. If your budget is high, then choose something medical grade material like silicone.

TPE and plastic can also a good in electric masturbator if your budget is low. But do not go with latex and jelly type material. It does not good for the electric masturbator.

Inside count

Do not go with the recommendation or just because the product looks good and its advertising is well famous. You should go with your needs. Check the internal texture because it is first that makes and break the toy and pleasure too. It is good if you choice removable sleeves like fleshlight, intense or smooth texture.

Work it

Check the electric masturbator property. Do not go with its name or category. Some of the electric masturbators are not fully automatic. You need to change the stimulation type or speed of stimulation manual. Do consider it. Or you can go with manual setting if your budget is low.

Measuring the size

Size matters a lot with the masturbator whether it is electric or not. You definitely check the size of the electric masturbator. Although, you are spending a lot of money on it. You are going to stick your penis in it. If it is too tighten, you feel discomfort and do not achieve pleasure. That is not your goal, so find a correct measurement.

 Other features

Electric masturbators are available in a lot of features because it has power supply and aims to deliver the high stimulation of Indian men. You can find features like Bluetooth operate able, VR compatible, different speed settings, sync to music, adjustable suction and pattern, remote control, control by apps, etc

How to use electric masturbator

The common way of using masturbator can work with electric masturbator. But you have to careful with the water. As electric masturbator are operated by electricity or with batteries. It is essential to keep it away from water or an excess amount of water. Water can damage the internal motor and can disturb the settings of the masturbator.

Before using the electric masturbator men, clean it carefully. Apply water based lubricant over the penis. I think lubrication over the penis is enough for the automatic stimulation by electric masturbator. Set the masturbator with your desire and comfortable setting. It is good if you keep it in low settings and later gradually increase it.

If your electric masturbator is partially automatic, then you have to change it between the act. But it was not hectic to do. It needed just 20-30seconds to change it. If you have fully automatic masturbator, then you do not have to stop your pleasure and stimulation. It will continue and gradually step up the settings.

Where to buy electric masturbator in India

One of the easiest ways to find electric masturbator in India is through an online store. There are many E-Commerce sites that deal with all types of the masturbator and electric masturbators. All I stated above is quite famous and can easily available on their official site.

LoveBotz Spin Master
Piston tornado
TENGA gyro roller
Kiiroo Onyx 2
Fleshlight launch

Alternative masturbator that you should try.

If you are afraid to try electric masturbator but want to experience the same strong stimulation, then I can suggest you some of the non-electric masturbator as well.

I can understand your fear, for the first time. It was difficult for me to try electric masturbator. Of course, it is not for the beginner. The beginner should try and get experience with the enon0elctric masturbator first. After 1 year of use of non-electric masturbator, I can start an electric one.

These are one of the favourites and will pleasure you too.

Dungeon of girl
Rotation Lover Masturbator
Virgin loop