Without any planning you cannot able to find the best stimulation and enjoyment in the sex, it is not depending on your mindset but it depends on your Ideas of how to do sexual intercourse.

When you and your partner want to feel more pleasure than usual sex, then first decide what you want and how to take your play with the partner.

In the sense of men, you are the responsible person to start any sexual activity, when you are responsible for any physical activity then your partner believing in you and play according to your sexual play. Check easy steps and which sex toys is best to use for sex.

6 - steps of sex when you want to give better performance

The word “better performance” is applicable when you perform in the right direction. Today every person who believes to play get the peaceful enjoyment sex.

When you play you lead to achieve fast orgasm, then you never play the best sexual intercourse and according to time you get bored about same sexual activity. Try different direction.

Now, we are discussing 6 best steps for having a better performance with the partner, let’s go...........................

 Good sex give you more pleasure

Sex is an intimate experience when you feel erotic, yet the most pleasurable for any person who believes intake romantic feel in the bedroom.

If you play according to a suitable plan then it bring good sex. When you play it only as physical activity then you can say its a bad sex but always a difference between good sex and bad sex for us.

When you think about taking the best play and achieve orgasm with your partner, you may be surprised to see same-sex play for having many days.

But the truth is, you have not mastered the art of intimacy, but the truth is told, this is only the beginning of your enjoyable experience and feeling.

Conform, your partner want sex

Most of the men having sex or trying to do, without partner consent. But if you want to play more enjoyable then extremely it is important to know her interest before you initiate with the partner.

Without interest, having sex give you pain and discomfort. So always need to know what she wants. Is she want to play or not?

Search best place, where not disturbance

After setting the mood for the next step, you should search for the best place for having sex. There are so many places for having a sexual play. At home, bed or springy sofa may be comfortable or maybe you like doing it in a standing position with the partner, But make sure there is no disturbance for both person if you wants to take complete enjoyment and pleasure.        

Foreplay must in your sexual act

Everyone knows about foreplay because foreplay always gives you a lot of fun as well as make your mood for sexual active.

Kissing and caressing is the best part of your foreplay because it can help to achieve the partner's faith. Toucj her boobs, back,etc.

Without it, your sex has become unexciting and intimacy-less sex.

Foreplay is most helpful for everyone who wants sensitive sexual activity with the partner as well as it can create a mood on the bed.

Give her penetration when you feel right time

The right time gives you attractive penetrative sex which can achieve more pleasure because that time your female partner is ready to take penis.

Don’t go fast. Be slow according to the situation, most of people do it fast and do not enjoy it. It can also lead to quick ejaculate.

Foreplay is the best way to keep and make sex slow. Stimulating your partner on the bed and at correct time, you can penetrate her.

Wait for the climax, go slow

The climax is the point where you feel lovemaking and also helpful for wonderful sex, but try to make it harder for the climax, it is not the right way.

I know it make your play more sensational and stimulated, but be an honest wait for climax if you want to take complete enjoyment.

It gives you the best experience as well as it can provide explosive sexual activity, all the parts of your activity are enjoyable.

Use sex toy

Sex toys can help to delay your climax because your penetration starts after some time and you want to take more play with the sex toy.

If we are talking about a female, they want more stimulation for achieving the best sexual activity so in this case sex toy most helpful for you.

Today we have different types of sex toys in the online market, such cock rings, penis sleeves, etc. You can select anyone which is the best sex toy for both of you.

Cock Ring

Cock Ring one of the best sex toys for couples because it can help to improve your sexual activity. Most people find the best result after using cock rings because it has a different type of stimulation it depends on cock rings manufacturing.

Most men used cock ring for having long sexual intercourse because it can help to avoid premature ejaculation. Some of the cock rings have a vibration capacity which can provide the best stimulation and enjoyment for both the partner at the same time during penetrate.

Penis sleeves

Penis sleeves are a method to wear on the penis for having hard and alternative sexual activity, now many different types of penis sleeves easily available in the online market.

Different penis sleeves gave different stimulation when having sexual activity. It is also a couple of toys so your female partner also gets more pleasure and enjoyment when having a sexual play.


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