Alcohol give you fearless sexual intercourse on the bed, you can do much better and find a lot of enjoyment with the partner. If your partner also drank with you then it is most attractive activity for you.

Drunk Sex is better than normal sex.

Alcohol and sex is not a new activity and most of the people have try it, but still some of never feel this type of sex.

Now a day, every have busy schedule like office, cooking, etc, so at evening we feel lot of stress and tiredness. Most of the people drink to avoid this type of stress and headache.

But a think always beneficial for us that is, less drink better for you and lot of drink or continuously drink always give you harmful effect on your body.

When you mix alcohol and sex, what happen?

It’s a common saying alcohol make you energetic, horny, and ready for action. Many time, alcohol give you more and more pleasure on the bed, but in a limit.

But does alcohol actually worked to give arousal effect?

Yes, a beer is a right choice before having sexual activity. Drinking make your orgasms better, or just give bad effect on your sperm.

Now, here we will discuss how alcohol actually affects your sexual desire and performance.

Always use Condom

Drunken sex and people commit many mistakes, including unprotected sex. So after drinking, you should take care that there is no mistake and you should use condom in your sexual play.

In the online market, there are so many type of male condom easily available so you can select any and use during sexual activity.

Penis Sleeves

Penis sleeves are a better option for you as you get further into sex. Many men early release of sperm or can say premature ejaculation. Penis sleeves are a way for you to avoid it and do more for your female partner.

You should choose Sleeve to fulfil your physical enjoyment. Today, many types of penis sleeves are easily available in the online market.

Effects on females

As a man, you should know what effect alcohol can have on your partner -

Increase Sexual desires

Alcohol can increase excitement, but make sure to definite limit as it can sometimes cause loss too and can make your partner lost or sleepy.

Alcohol has many advantage and disadvantages such as testosterone levels in women greatly increased after drinking alcohol, which increases male sexual desire also. So women get excited and ready to have sex.

Alcohol increases your desire to have sex, giving you an expectation. Drinking alcohol reduces your fear, makes you feel sexier and more confident.

Best for sexual arousal

After drinking, some women get more interested towards sex, and by drinking alcohol, women feel that they are feeling happier.

We know that alcohol and sex are related to each other, but moderation is very important. Our body is full of excitement so the more you drink; the more attractive you feel which increases your genital response and physical stimulation.

Make it harder

Make y aroused after drinking, because it increases the flow of blood in your genitals and prepares you for sexual intercourse, leads to self-lubricating.

Too much alcohol can harm your body and cut down on vaginal wetness, resulting in friction and discomfort, so make sure to the limit.

Effects on males

The effects of alcohol on men are normal and very satisfying for women.

Get harder penis

You enjoy a unique experience and get satisfactory results. Alcohol can increase your stamina and drinking too much regularly can cause permanent damage and erectile dysfunction, so control your limits.

There are some other effects like –

  • Blood flow to the penis increases.
  • Leads to quick hormone changes.
  • It suppresses your central nervous system.

Improve delay ejaculation

It is completely true that drinking prevents obstruction of ejaculation, but drink too much cannot be accepted.

Excessive alcohol consumption greatly increases your excitement, which can delay your ejaculation and give you best ever drunk sex. Most couple love to  drink and do sex.

Make you pleasurable

To increase your vaginal desire and excitement, you can take 1-2 shots. Understand your need and have some fun to do your physical activity.

Take sexual risks

Alcohol is considered more risky in men and women, but it is not right for you to think so because you want some fun first.

The single or two drink is good and make you unique as well as increase sexual desire. But you have to learn to maintain self-control.

Drink in excess makes your sexual behavior more risky or harsh.

Myths about Drunk Sex

When you are ready to have sex with your partner, take alcohol for more pleasure. But it can also have many maths which can divert you like -

Everyone looks hotter when you are drunk

There are many ill effects but still people find alcohol more attractive. It is also includes people who have just started drinking.

It is also believed that due to alcohol, you can spend a night with someone you do not want to be with. People get antisocial and abuse by drinking alcohol.

So not sexually assaulted when you are drunk

There is also a myth that after drunk, men assault women. It is myth. It is not alcohol, it is depend on men’s thoughts.

Alcohol can cause sexual harassment but it may not be perfect, but it requires mutual consent before sexual contact. Alcohol might good and it is very important for both partners to agree when mixing alcohol and sex.


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