Masturbation should be your grief, not a habit, but in today's time, everyone has started thinking of it as habit or time pass. Masturbation always good for you when you to do masturbate in over age or half age for self love or even to avoided prostate cancer.

If you want to avoid some myths of masturbation then I think you should stay with me.

Hello friends, today we will tell you that masturbation is necessary and at what age it may or may not give you trouble. If seen, masturbation can be good or bad for you depending on your age.

Is it good to do masturbate in over age?

Yes, it is always good to do masturbation.

Sex experts and doctors say that masturbation, which is prevalent as a sexual activity. It is a self pleasure when it is adopted by young men in their twenties and thirties. Apart from this, when men reach their half age, then it can protect them from disease as it helps in removing the toxins stored in our body.

Prostate cancer that is produced by the male hormone testosterone and men with high levels of testosterone has a higher risk of cancer. Masturbation after 30s, 40s worked to improve the prostate cancer as well.

Why do you needs masturbation when you are over age?

Masturbation gives you as much physical pleasure as you have benefits for your age, growing age gives you a lot of experience, but in this growing age you can take unique measures for yourself with masturbation.

We know that due to increasing age, you can face many problems. First problem is prostate cancer.

When a man does not masturbate from a long time, there is highly chance that he can face prostate cancer problem. Number of intoxic material stay in body and leads to cancer. There are some diseases that we have, such as prostate cancer; this is a disease that can happen with increasing age.

Now it comes to why masturbation is beneficial in this, masturbation can remove harmful liquids stored in your body from the body. It is not masturbation; it is ejaculation that erect everything out.

Plus Masturbation gives you pleasure and enjoyment too when you faced a boring life style.

Till what age you can enjoy more doing masturbation

There is no trace of the fact that masturbation can or may not be beneficial with your age, but if you talk about it, you get benefit till any age. If you do masturbation in Teenagers or after 30’s, then it can be beneficial for you in both the conditions. Because masturbation can give you a great experience so that you can have the perfect experience with your partner.

Today, there are some wrong rumors about masturbation that it makes you young quickly or masturbation makes your penis size bigger. There is nothing like that, not even any age.

Effect of masturbation when suitable position

Masturbation can done with different position so you should select any one to find more enjoyable position. Masturbation always pleasurable for anyone who believe to find more and more. Masturbation is an activity to take self confidence which is work to make smart sexual activity when you are facing ones.

Don’t believes a sex position because you may feel boring so different position make you happy and erotic when you able to do with the intercourse.

Some masturbation positions are –

Over The Hump

Use a pillow or two to support your abdomen and hips and lie on your stomach. Use your hands or toys or you can do both. Between your body and pillows to modify things which are provide complete masturbation activity.


This position starts with a comfortable surface on your knees in bed or with your upper body to free style. First open your knees in a position that feels comfortable for you to moves. For doing yourself with one hand, backwards to hold onto a headboard or wall and repeat it again and again.

Opening Up

For doing Opening Up position to sit on a dining room or folding chair to moving yourself. Tuck your feet and ankles around the chair legs, leaving your legs freely and take the best masturbation.

Masturbation with sex toy more beneficial in old age

Sex toys are more beneficial when you are over age. You definitely required it. After 30s or 40s, it is difficult to find partner and sex stamina of your partner may not match you. With age, sex stamina decrease and you may not feel satisfied, and then sex toys are best option to use.

They are real and you can use as per your sex stamina. In earlier time most of the people masturbate with the finger or hand but according to time they feel bored, so avoid this boringness you should also try sex toy.

I am suggesting some of best sex toy so you can have more pleasure and enjoyment.


Flashlight is the best masturbator for men for all age group. Because it has different type of sessions and feeling. Fleshlight feel like real vagina. It is made by soft material and safe material. It also look like vagina.


Virgin Loop

It is my personal favorite masturbator. It is Japan based toy. It has new texture with 4 clove design. It feels good when penis goes in. Virgin loop is good in material and good in touch.