You must be aware of Tenga Cup. It is one of the famous male sex toys in India. This Tenga cup is disposable masturbator cup.

Disposable masturbator cup

Disposable masturbator cup is one of a category of masturbator. It is known for most comfortable insertion and best for beginner men to start the use of masturbator. Most of masturbator cup is designed in a cylindrical shape that wraps the penis and give best ever masterbation.

Masturbator cup gives moderate pressure over the penis and it is softer than the vagina. There is no need to worry about that you have to spoil your orgasm moment after washing it.

Benefit of masturbator cup

Number of benefits while choosing any of masturbator cup or Tenga cups


Disposable masturbator cup is not too expensive. Many people are worried about how much they should invest in single masturbation or single masturbator? What if it is not useful for me?

Due to this dilemma, have a cheap masturbator can solve the problem. There are cheaper enough that every second person can be brought it.

Close to pussy’s softness.

Men can enjoy the feeling of wrapping around the penis like closer to the real vagina or blowjob. They are made with a soft material like sponge and rubber. It does not make you addicted to it. It feel like pussy and gives pleasure like pussy.

Hygienically good

It is excellent in hygiene to disposable a masturbator after use. You do not need to worry about that it is cleaned or not? It is dry or not? Can I use it angina or not? Or so on.

Try different felling

Of course, with a cheap masturbator, you can use different and new texture in every single masturbation.  Not like penetrative masturbator or non-penetrative masturbator that you have to reuse same texture again and again. If you want new texture, spend lot of money.

Disposable masturbators are available different textures even with different series. If you search on Google.


Although it is small and cheap, but it creates a good vacuum effect inside. Its inside complicated structure looks like a cave when the user moves it up and down, it rubs the penis and creates a vacuum suction effect. The experience of using it feels like being stuck in the mouth or vagina.

How to use a disposable cup or Tenga cup?

As inside soft material is integrated and wrapped by a plastic case. Clean it from outside and prepare it with lubricant.

For Vaccum

You required lubricant if your selected masturbator cup is not self-lubricated. If you want to use self-lubricated masturbator then, My masturbation pet cup is good for you.

Rs 981 Rs 718

There is a small hole in the bottom of masturbator cup that makes it non-penetrative type masturbator. This hole is sealed by the manufacturer when its Tenga cup or some other. So you have to open the bottom seal first.

When the seal is peeled off, air can pass through it. You can keep this sticker to use a vacuum and non-vacuum effect.

For the easy use in practical, you can use your thumb to adjust the opening and closing of the hole and to enjoy the penetrative and non-penetrative effect.

Begin Insertion

Apply lubricant over the penis, if required and enter in it from the entrance. Create your thrusting movement with your hand. It’s inside soft material give your real soft touch to the penis.

You can thrust it as hard as you want. Of course, listen to your body need to.

Can I use it more than once?

A disposable masturbator is designed to use it once. It is also known as one time masturbator. But many of users want to use it more than once?

According to me, the masturbator cup is not meant for more than once. So it is not good to use more than once. It is hygienically not good because you can wash it.

After you can’t clean it, semen particles, dust and lubricant particles cannot remove and can lead to a serious problem.

How can I use reuse Tenga cup and other masturbator cups?

As I said it is not good for you and I don’t recommend to use it more than once. But if you still want to use it more than once, you can refer my this post.

Tenga cup is basically once time masturbator cup. For the repeated use, you should use a condom over the penis and wash the inside after use. If it works for you, you can use it for a few times only.

Although it is a disposable design, it is contradictory to evaluate the maintainability, but if it is done well, it will not be usable for a few times, so it is uniformly 5 or less.

If you want to a masturbator that you can wash it and reuse it again and again, then non-penetrative masturbators re one of the best.

How to decompose Tenga cup or masturbator cup?

For decompose, it is good if you decompose masturbator first. It is not good to throw is directly especially in India where everyone wants to hide it.

All you have to do to separate the soft material part from the outer plastic case. It is easy for some masturbator cup and not for some. It is difficult to disassemble Tenga.  You have forcibly peeled off from the sponge part from the hard part.