You are here, it definitely means that you have a sex doll and you are emotionally attached to it. Do you want to keep it for a long time? Should I throw the damage sex doll? Can someone collect it? How to repair sex doll?

Today, we will discuss all the details about sex doll repair and care.

As we know that sex dolls are popular in the world. Many of men are the owner of their own realistic sex doll. They use it in their regular life for sexual satisfaction. Continues use of love doll can lead to damage and it’s common.

Let begin!!

Sex doll damage

The cracking, decay of material, parts of sex doll get loose, etc are kinds of sex doll damage. The small and little damage can be repair by yourself easily, but heavy damage need proper manufacturer visit.

Do not throw it

It is not good ideas to throw a sex doll, whatever the reason you have.

First, you spend a lot of amount on it.

Second, realistic sex dolls are made by TPE material or silicone material. Both the material is belonging to the non-degradable materials. Directly throwing away is a very negative impact on the environment. TPE sex doll and silicone sex doll can be recycled and have a large volume of material. If you are a user of sex doll, then you know the weight of it. It is not light.

If you decided not to use the sex doll anymore due to damage or some other reason, then should keep it in trash areas. Where it can recycle?

Can Sold

Sex Doll is an expensive item and every man want to buy it at the lower cost. If you are getting bored with the present sex doll or it gets damaged, then you can sell it.

Yes, there are many websites that can pick your sex doll and can sell it. Well, it is impossible to find a website on India that can sell your sex doll. You have to find some China and Japan website.

I will help you. Lovedoll for the UK is one of them. You can put your request for your expensive sex doll to sell it. The process is easy.

Mercari is also a Japan-based company that can place on the net and sold your used sex doll. It is easy to use. They have Mercari app. Just have to download it and enter the information.

Thought both the sites, if our dolls sales successfully. Of course, they have some fee as a commission that they will deduct.

Sex Doll Repair

If your sex doll little broken, I recommended to fix it or repair your sex doll.

Well the big damage like broken limbs or arms, internal bone problem or some other quality problem. It is difficult to repair by yourself. But the damage like little distorts in the skin, etc due to continuing use or natural ageing can be fixed.

There are two easy ways to repair realistic sex doll that even can work at home with some basic things.

Method One: Adhesive Glue

The small cracks and tear of sex doll skin can be fixed by this method. All you need adhesive glue. The TPE adhesive glue work for TPE sex doll, so if you have silicone sex doll then buy silicone adhesive. It is easy to find on a convenient website or nearby store.

Before begin the repairing method of sex doll, let discuss about. Why did it happen? It may be because of an irregular way of use. You should aware of things to consider while using sex doll like sharp edges, unsuitable lubricant, etc are one of them.

When you prepared the ingredient, get started!!

  • First, clean the torn skin or crack skin with water or soap.
  • Open the sex doll crack gentle and apply an appropriate amount of adhesive. Remember coat both side of the surface. Be careful. Do not overfill the adhesive.
  • Wipe the excess amount of adhesive, so it will not affect the appearance by any unwanted stains.
  • Now need to be focus, gently push the skin closer near the opening so it cracks will fill.
  • Keep it at a dry place at least for 24 hours and wait for completely adhere.

A video that might help you to understand how to repair sex doll correctly.

Method second: Melted material with cooking pan

The bigger cracks and holes can be treated with this method. You just required a piece of TPE or silicone and a cooking pan. If you do not have a piece of TPE and silicone material, then you can cut some piece of it from other parts of sex doll like near neck or under head.

First, clean the crack part of sex doll.

  • Bring cut TPE or silicone material piece and melt it. Now for melting you required cooking pan and home gas.
  • Heat it up till it melted. Use a lid for melting if you required.
  • Use a knife or spoon to take some molten TPE or silicone and fill it in the crack. Patch it tightly on the hole. Be careful. Do not make it thicker. Keep it in sequence with the sex doll skin.

A video that might help you to understand how to repair sex doll correctly.