There are a number of simple masturbation techniques that can be performed on the bed that do not stain the bed.

You can use tissues, condoms, socks, towels, bottles, underwear, diapers, or even a way to avoid ejaculating in the first place.

You can also move out of bed a bit and do it in the shower or on a washable sheet. However, the best way to do it is to use a masturbator.

A masturbator will not only keep you clean, but it will also help you masturbate better.

The sensation of having your penis enveloped by a masturbator may be a very big surprise (in a good way) for those who are used to masturbating with their hands.

You will never forget the sensation as if you are really having sex.

Masturbation techniques in bed

As mentioned above, there are many techniques for doing masturbation in bed, such as using a masturbator, tissues, condoms, socks, towels, bottles, wearing underwear or diapers, and not ejaculating in the first place.

Let's check together at those simple methods and procedures.

Also, if you want to masturbate as quietly as possible without getting your bed dirty, this article is for you.

1. Use the masturbator

Masturbating with a masturbator is the most recommended way to masturbate, and not only because it makes you feel good.

But also because Masturbating with a masturbator is one of the easiest method to do in bed.

A masturbator that is small enough to fit in one hand can be used while lying on your back on the bed.

If you use a condom, you won't have to worry about semen leaking out, and after use, you can simply tie it off and throw it in the trash.

The first hidden pussy toy is a cheap masturbator that is recommended for beginners.

It has the advantage of being open-bottomed, so it feels free and easy to stroke through. You can use a condom with it to prevent sperm from spilling out.

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Top Quality Preppy Girl Potential is a high performance masturbator. It is made of chunky material and has a complex, highly stimulating internal structure that is as pleasurable as a real vagina.

In fact, it may even be better than that. It will make your first masturbation experience even more exciting.

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The last product I would like to recommend is called Fleshlight, which is popular all over the world.

Fleshlight is a masturbator brand created in the U.S. that looks like a flashlight, but this product is 1/3 the price. Of course, the feel of this product is not inferior to that of the American product, and you will definitely be satisfied.

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2. Wrap it in tissue


It is the most popular method that men use to ejaculate. You can use tissue in anyways to wipe off or can use as bin.

But many of men and boy use tissue to cover the penis at the time of masturbation.

But for maximum pleasure and clean ejaculation.,,cover the dick right before ejaculation.

While covering the dick, make sure to cover the tip and its surrounding area.

Make direct contact with the tissues. Take a bunch of tissue, do not it can absorb the ejaculated liquid instead od just shooting in it.

This technique of using tissue in masturbation will work in any position.

3. In the condom

Another method is to put a condom on your penis and stroke it with your hand. This is a very hygienic method because no sperm is spilled and the hand does not directly touch the penis.

Since Durex feel thin is a very thin skin, you will get the same pleasure as if you were doing it by hand without using a condom.

In fact, the sensation of the rubber rubbing against the skin is more subtle and stimulating than with the hand, and may even increase the pleasure.

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Skore Chocolate is a condom that smells like chocolate. Sperm can't smell very good, can it? You can use this condom and not think about the unpleasant smell after ejaculation.

The whole room will be filled with a sweet scent, so your family will never think that you were masturbating.

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4. Insert into clean socks

A cheap pair of socks will be good enough to masturbate freely on bed. Socks are not obvious to use in masturbation. But it can be, because it is convenient and comfortable to use over the dick.

Have a sock over dick and cum eight into the sock will give you absolutely clean masturbation over bed without leave a mark on bed or bed sheet. If you ejaculate a lot in a week, it’s okay to use a not good quality of socks.

It is good enough for your dick to masturbate with.

If you are going to be use used socks, then make sure it is washed socks or you don’t have any fungal infection in your feet.

Definitely it can transfer to your dick. The penis is a sensitive part of men and it is important for you to care for it.

5. Take up with a towel

It is classic way to use in masturbation. You can warp towel over dick or can use just before the ejaculation.

A towel can use over and over again. But clean the towel every time. Many of men use the same towel again and again without thinking about hygiene.

Ejaculated sperm start smelling after a short time. If you want to keep it private, you need to wash it after you are done. It is hygienically also good for your dick.

6. Store in a bottle

Use a bottle to store the ejaculated sperm.

You can keep you a special bottle with lid open when you masturbate, so when you are about to ejaculate, you can use it.

You can throw it away and wash it after a single use or you can fill up gradually over time. It sounds gross? Yes, but we are talking about masturbation after all.

If you have never tried, maybe you can and enjoy clean masturbation even on bed.

7. Wear diapers

If you are tired of your daily life and have the slightest desire to regress to infancy, you may want to try masturbating in diapers.

There is no chance of staining the bed, and the diaper is very clean since it can be thrown away and replaced with a new one after each ejaculation.

Even if you don't like the idea of wearing a diaper because it makes you feel like a child, it's worth a try. There is a possibility that this may be the opportunity to wake up to a new sexuality.

8. With underwear on

Ejaculating while wearing underwear is also a great feeling. We have lived our lives from a very young age being careful not to leak urine, haven't we?

The more we do something we shouldn't, the more we want to do it.

Ejaculation and excretion are different, but there are many people who get addicted to the feeling of doing something they should not.

The underwear will get dirty, but if you wash it right away, the bed will be clean. You can enjoy the feeling of immorality by trying this method.

9. Masturbate without ejaculation

Sounds strange?

Yes, there are many men who masturbate and feel a feeling of orgasm without ejaculate a single drop of sperm. It is different at first. But it is good for you to keep things clean and as well as to make your dick long and strong.

This type of practice is called edging, in which men arouse himself until just before ejaculation.

Edging Penis Exercise
Try to control after achieved to the 90% then relax. Then repeat. Men slowly get closer to ejaculation. There is no rule in performing it. It depends on person to person and their level of edging.

If you're worried about the size of your penis, try using these CRYSTAL CLEAR DOTTED PENIS SLEEVES in addition to the above methods.

It increases the area that can be inserted, and the protrusions on the surface stimulate the female side. If you are currently having sex with someone, you will be surprised at how they react.

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Furthermore, if you are struggling with the duration of your erection during sex, this item will help you even more. Since it is covered with a thick rubber, the physical pleasure will be weaker. Therefore,
you will be able to extend the time until ejaculation. Check out penis sleeves, which can solve your own problems while pleasing your partner.

10. Do it in the bathroom

If you don't want to make your bed dirty, and you strongly hope you don't, you might want to think about getting out of bed for a while. If you masturbate in the bathroom, the bed will certainly not be dirty.

You can wash it off immediately after ejaculation and it is quite hygienic. Not only can you do it in a warm place, but it also gives you a sense of freedom and freshness.

You can bring in sex toys that you would normally be worried about being caught with, and you can enjoy getting all wet without worrying about the lotion dripping. This may be a good opportunity to try out a variety of toys.

11.Place the sheet on the floor

Placing a sheet on the floor is also a very liberating and comfortable way to masturbate. It is best to choose a sheet made of a smooth material that can get dirty and be wiped off the sperm quickly.

Think of a leisure sheet that you would use during a picnic.

If you are used to masturbating on a bed, you may be confused by the spaciousness at first, but gradually you will be attracted by the freedom.


Now that you know about the various types of masturbation, you can enjoy masturbation without worrying about getting dirty.

I have tried all of the methods mentioned above, and the best one is still the one using a masturbator.

There are many ways to masturbate without getting dirty, but it would be nice to do it in a more pleasant and hygienic way.

Here are some of my favorite online sites to check out.

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