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Masturbation in bed is most of the boy like. But it is comfortable and awesome method.

Masturbation leads to ultimate orgasm without hurting nobody and just take some minutes. But successful masturbation going be mess for sure. If you like to masturbate on bed without creating mess for you, then why not prepared for it?

I am suggesting you some of ways that help you to masturbate in bed with private. No one can find that you masturbate last night especially when you are India. It is an embarrassing moment for an Indian boy who is living with a family or friends.

Begin masturbation technique for bed

Enjoy your solo time in bed with these ideas of masturbation.


For easy cleanup, a condom is good to use for masturbation. As condom work well in sex to hold the sperm, likewise it works perfectly to make things dirty.

While choosing a condom for masturbation, I suggest non-lubricated condoms is good. If you use a lubricated condom, its lubrication can leave marks on your cloth and panty. Buying a condom for masturbation is not so expensive and you can enjoy the clean masturbation.

While putting on, leaves some inches unroll at the head of the penis, so it can store ejaculated sperm easily.


A cheap pair of socks will be good enough to masturbate freely on bed. Socks are not obvious to use in masturbation. But it can be, because it is convenient and comfortable to use over the dick.

Have a sock over dick and cum eight into the sock will give you absolutely clean masturbation over bed without leave a mark on bed or bed sheet. If you ejaculate a lot in a week, it’s okay to use a not good quality of socks. It is good enough for your dick to masturbate with.

If you are going to be use used socks, then make sure it is washed socks or you don’t have any fungal infection in your feet. Definitely it can transfer to your dick. The penis is a sensitive part of men and it is important for you to care for it.


It is the most popular method that men use to ejaculate. You can use tissue in anyways to wipe off or can use as bin. But many of men and boy use tissue to cover the penis at the time of masturbation. But for maximum pleasure and clean ejaculation., cover the dick right before ejaculation.

While covering the dick, make sure to cover the tip and its surrounding area. Make direct contact with the tissues. Take a bunch of tissue, do not it can absorb the ejaculated liquid instead od just shooting in it.

This technique of using tissue in masturbation will work in any position.


It is classic way to use in masturbation. You can warp towel over dick or can use just before the ejaculation.

A towel can use over and over again. But clean the towel every time. Many of men use the same towel again and again without thinking about hygiene. Ejaculated sperm start smelling after a short time. If you want to keep it private, you need to wash it after you are done. It is hygienically also good for your dick.


Yes, you can use masturbator for clean masturbation. There are many types of masturbator are available in the market. So non-penetrative masturbator that masturbator is completely closed from another end.

It will be more pleasant to use masturbator in term of clean masturbate and most pleasurable masturbate. Like you can use fleshlight. It is long enough and enclosed into a box. It is safer to use over the bed. We will not feel any leakage and it feels very similar too real vagina as well.

For me, it was my best experience in bed to feel like having sex with women without having women.

Fleshlight Online


Use a jar to store the ejaculated sperm. I named that type of jar as Spuzzjar.

You can keep your a special spuzzjar with lid open, so when you are about to ejaculate. You can use it. You can throw it away and wash it after a single use or you can fill up gradually over time. It sounds like gross? Yes, after all, we are talking about fapping too.

If you never try, try it and enjoy your clean masturbation even on bed.

Masturbate without ejaculation

Sound strange?

Yes, there are many men who masturbate and feel a feeling of orgasm without ejaculate a single drop of sperm. It is different at first. But it is good for you to keep things clean and as well as to make your dick long and strong.

This type of practice is called edging, in which men arousal himself for the ejaculation.

Try to control after achieved to the 90% then relax. Then repeat. Men slowly get closer to ejaculation. There is no rule to perform it. It depends on person to person and their level of edging.