Product name
Selling price Rs 1,250

Want to restore the dignity of you and your penis? Brave man is perfect match for you. It is flexible penis sleeves with a rough texture.

Penis sleeve is a condom like thing that covered and give a new layer to the penis.

The dick size is a common problem in the man. Many Indian women is not satisfied in sex due to penis size and boring penis texture. Brave man is good to try.

What it will do?

  • Increase the length of penis.
  • Increase the girth of penis.
  • Dotted nodes give new touch for sex.
  • Maximum pleasure for woman.

This brilliant sleeve is from I trust this site and order all my sex toys from it. I got the parcel in just three days.

Let start with begin.

I open my parcel. Product is same as shown in above image. It is soft to touch. The length is about 12cm and 4cm width is cm.

From this length, it has 12cm that is extended length means it is filled from inside. It is extended length for your penis. It increase my penis length about 2 inches. Surprisingly it is a lot more. Adding a 2 inches in the 4-5 inches penis is plus point for a man.

Penis size is worry point for a man. They can’t engage in sex properly with sex penis. I feel embarrassed with my penis size. I am not small, but my girl friend wants more length like dildo.

Brave man is filled with dotted from the outside. It might look you hard. But is semi-soft that is perfect to stimulate the vagina walls.  This dotted structure is pleasure for you women.

Men who want to impress their partner like, should try it. Your partner will love it.

Advantage of penis sleeves-brave man

Overall I liked this penis sleeves. I feel number of advantage of this product as compare to many.

Do not move

It has extra ring at the base as you can see in picture. Many of penis sleeves do not have this ring. This ring goes around the testicle and secures its place. If you use with ring and without ring penis sleeves, then you can know its worth.

I used many penis sleeves and stick to it. I do not move in any situation like fast thrusting and any sex position.

Control measure of premature ejaculation

I himself notice that to enjoy sex more longer. Basically, it decreases the sensitivity of penis when it comes in touch to the vagina. It is thick and adds a thicker layer over the penis.

Brave man will work for men, who want to make their women satisfied even after years.

Perfect to enjoy various postures.

With Penis sleeves like brave man can enjoy various counterpoints because you do not have to worry about breakage . Although it is unavoidable to break the middle of sex. It is most disturbing points for couples during have sex. But no more with Brave Man.

If you are young, you may be able to go to any number of rounds, but as you get older, that won't happen.

Penis Size increase upto 2 inches.

This is good news for women to have longer penis. If you ask women for more 2 inches, she will never say no. It is always fun to add extra inches to the penis. Its glans has broad and filled part that increase the inches.

Effect of Penis Sleeves (Brave Man) is good?

Yes, it is good effect in the sex.

Mrs. Gupta ( age 30) would love to share their experience story with us. She, who has a husband and a child and is living a happy marriage, said that she recently felt a rut in sex with his husband, and she wanted to have sex like when she was newly married. Later she is added that, she tried this Brave Man and gets the new feeling. She is happy and enjoys the sex time like newly married.

Penis sleeves are for women who want different sex than usual. It doesn’t increase the size, but it make a women feel like a bigger penis enter in the vagina.

Summary: Brave Man review

Brave Man is must try toy for men for their women. It is not expensive and affordable for all men. According to my best experience I am gives star so you can analyze and brought it. Hope my review will help to understand the product better.


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