One of argument you often heard about homosexuality and being gay is that it is unnatural or not?

Some of them can agree on it or some of them not.

As LGBT individual has more accepted by the Indian and world, the argument gets less and less, but the debate and insecurity that gay today feel are continue in every little head.

Homosexuality is common in living being

Yes, homosexuality is not common only in human being. It is common on all living being. Homosexuality is common in hundred of animal spies.

Scientist found that there are 1500 animal species where they found a homosexual relationship. Here. You can check different species on Wikipedia.

It is found in animal species, but homophobia has been found in humans.

Being gay is not unnatural

I think the problem is being gay is natural because you are being who you want to be and it's unnatural for us to expect anything different from you.

Homosexuality is natural and however less common in the heterosexuality.

It only about acceptance by society and people. Check there are many numbers of Indian gay in India that are ready to accept to being gay and it also approved by the government. If you see, there are many websites also where Indian gays are active.

Check the website where gay peoples are active.

Must watch: Byron Kaite on ”Is being gay is unnatural”

Who is Byron Katie?

Byron Katie is an American author and speaker who teach a method of self-inquiry in any of topics.  She self-inquiry process is famous as “The work”.  She worked on the way to identify and question any stressful thought.

She must include these four question in their interview.

  1. Is it true?
  2. Do you absolutely know that it is true?
  3. How to do react when you believe that thought?
  4. Who would you feel without this thought?

She also asks the same question in the “Is being gay is unnatural” interview.

Byron Katie work that feels most effective in term of expanding the mind, expanding awareness.

You can experience the energy shift, so I recommended that you must watch the video.

She investigates one of gay, that it is true that he is term as unnatural by people? How does he feel then?