Have you ever used masturbator? The use of masturbator is increasing continuously. There are a lot of people who are interested to use masturbator but they never try it. Maybe they feel shy to purchase sex toys in India or maybe do not know where to buy and how to choose a masturbator for the first time. Beginner men have a lot of queries while purchasing their first masturbators. Let’s solve some of the queries here.

 Can I easily find a male masturbator as a beginner?

Of course, a beginner can easily find their first masturbator easily. Now a day with an increase in the number of masturbator user, the masturbator suppliers and business is also increasing. There are multiple options are available that provide a kind of masturbator to the peoples. A beginner can also find their desire product there.

 Available options to buy masturbator

Getting a sex toy or masturbator in India is no more a challenge. As a beginner, you should know about that. Even you are already aware of it that peoples do not share their sexual life openly. Doing masturbation or purchasing masturbator is considering being taboo. We all know that every second person surely do that but they feel awkward to accept it publicly. Same things happen with the masturbator. People want to keep it secret. If you want to buy it secretly and searching for the really satisfying masturbator, you have two options. A physical shop or an online shop.


Online purchasing of masturbator or any sex toys is the easiest way. There is a lot of e-commerce website that deals in masturbator or other sex toys. Through the online platform, you can purchase other country famous toys too. Many India sex toy site is in collaboration with America, Japan, etc manufactured to bring their toys to our public. The beginner can easily scroll a number of sites and compare the thousands of product before adding them to the cart. Most of the online store like sextoys-india.shop, understand the Indian’s privacy and believe to make their purchase discreet.


It might be difficult to find an offline or physical store for a beginner or expert, where they can purchase their masturbator, especially in India. India peoples and India government consider it a misbehaving act. Still, there are some offline stores you can find in the metropolitan cities. They sell masturbator but not openly. Offline purchasing gives you the power to check masturbator physical before paying for it. But the offline store does not give you the power to analyze your product to other product. They have limited stock.

 How can I choose my first male masturbator?

It is a very luxurious feeling to choose a suitable masturbator from the kind of masturbator. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough knowledge about the masturbator to find a suitable one. So, here I am. I will explain to you and help you to find your one.

First of all, commonly there are two types of masturbator you can find in market- penetrative masturbator and non-penetrative masturbator. Except that there is a disposable type, which can only use once. The penetrative masturbator has a penetrative hole from top to bottom means its both ends are open. Where non-penetrative masturbator has a closed hole. It does not penetrate and has one open end only.

Now for the beginner, I recommended you to go with the cheap masturbator. It is not about cheap material, but not too expensive. It will be your first masturbator, so you should try it where masturbator works for you or not.

Instead of going with masturbator cup, choose reusable masturbator. Among both type of reusable masturbators. I think non-penetrative masturbator type is good.

After deciding your type of masturbator, there is still much thinking that you should consider while choosing your first and best masturbator.

 Know your desire.

It is nothing like that if you are a beginner, your sexual desire is not much. Know your desire, whether you want strong stimulation or just stimulation.

 Regular sexual desire

Regular sexual desire can be fulfilled by the regular stimulus. The internal structure of masturbator is the main key to stimulation. If your sexual desire is regular, then the simple and plain sleeves masturbator is good for you. Unwanted rough sleeves are not good for sensitive skin and cause discomfort. You can easily find simple sleeves masturbator on the online website.

 Intense sexual desire

Intense sexual desire need untangles stimulus for stimulation. The rough ridges, bumps, untangled skin, etc embed sleeves can work for intense sexual desire. If you want wild and hard stimulation and pleasure then it might for you.  Such sleeves are available in both penetrative and non-penetrative type of masturbator. You can find it easily on the internet and store.

 Know the material and their pleasure.

Different material gives a different pleasure. Most of the company stated on the package that the product is made by this material like that. While considering material for the stimulation, keep in mind the allergic issues. User face allergies issue with some kind of material.

 Soft material for soft stimulation

Soft material like rubber, cyberskin etc. Soft material is good to use and gives soft pleasure to the skin. With the soft material, it is possible to taste the real feeling like a real female genital.

 Hard material for hard stimulation

Hard material like silicone, PVC etc. Yeah, this is not hard material but it gives hard pleasure as compared to the soft Cyberskin material.

 Know the size of the penis and hole

Yes, it is important to the known size of the penis and hole of masturbator. The level of stimulation can effect with the extra centimetres in masturbator and fewer centimetres in masturbator. The hole of masturbator is available in different size, bigger for the thicker penis and smaller from the thin penis. Measure the size of the penis with some measuring device or ruler.

How to measure the size of the penis?

To find the penis size, use a soft measuring tape or a string piece. Gently wrap the measuring tape or string around the penis. Make sure to measure the thickest part of the penis. It is good to measure in the fully erect penis. Mark the circumference size on the string and measuring tape where both ends meet.

Now, use a ruler to measure the string size. This is your penis size. Use this size to compare the mouth of masturbator hole.

Does male masturbator gives a better feeling than a real vagina?

I am glad to write this, Yes I felt masturbator is more comfortable than the real vagina. Maybe I am wrong but I felt it. The masturbator industry is evolving day by day just to assure the men pleasure and winning the men’s heart. Various type of masturbator and various type of techniques are using in masturbator from the men’s response. A masturbator can have a strong ridge, bumps and tightening than the women. Real vagina play cannot change, but I can change the artificial vagina with my needs. Artificial vagina pleasures me whenever I want and how long I want. With increasing in features, now artificial vagina came with a realistic feel and realistic vagina shape too.

I read somewhere that beginner should go with disposable type male masturbator.  Is it correct?

Disposable type masturbator almost similar like non-penetrative masturbator, but it is one time masturbator. It is made of soft material and simple texture. So beginner feels comfortable to use it. It is cheap and easily gives comfort in the masturbation. Even masturbator cup has self-lubricated. Beginners just have to use it. There is no requirement for any preparation.

The price of masturbator cup is low as compare to others, but it gets expensive for daily life masturbation.

 Will disposable type male masturbator increase my masturbation play?

Yes, as a beginner masturbator cup increase your masturbation play. The use of masturbator is more pleasurable than the hand job. Masturbator gives you better tightening effect and better texture stimulus.

 There is no problem to try a simple male masturbator

Absolutely not, even simple male masturbator is far better than the disposable masturbator cup. You don’t have to spend money on every act. With masturbator, just use and wash it. Although, you required a little maintenance.

 RIP Doll

It is non-penetrative type masturbator with mouth opening. Yes, instead of the vaginal opening. The user can enjoy the fun of mouth. It has simple texture and easy to wash





It is small size masturbator with a single opening. It has simple texture from the inside. It can work for you beginner. It creates a good vacuum by my experience.

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