They are some flesh lights are no more taboo in India. They felt the styles, they are some men in India, who are question about are fleshlites good for masturbation. But it is not the true. Masturbator masturbation is also a good option for them. Let's solve your dilemma here.

Are fleshlites good to use in masturbation?

Well, hand masturbation initially appearance to be more natural, just because the hand is part of the body. However, appearances can be misdirecting: the hand movements required for manual masturbation are in actuality significantly less instinctive than the movement and pleasure started off by a masturbation sleeve.

Masturbation sleeves or Fleshlight sleeves seems to a more natural now. There are inspiration sex toys or masturbator.

I think fleshlight is absolutely good for the masturbation being a man. It is not weird to use flashlight sleeves in masturbation. Fleshlight eliminate the hand afford and take masturbation to the next level.

Fleshlight is one of the famous brand in the masturbator

They said they sold more than 50 million flesh light because of the masturbation sleeves is increasing continuously. They stated that they use high-quality It is non-porous in nature and body safe for all body type.

Fleshlight gives instant pleasure

Fleshlight is available in the orifice of vaginal, anus, mouth and other openings to disposal. Fleshlight is an instant option for masturbation. If men want vagina pleasure, they can go with vaginal orifice flashlight. If a man wants anal pleasure, they can go with anal orifice flashlight, and so on. Men can enjoy the instant pleasure of fleshlight whenever they want.

Fleshlight is also available in 40 varieties of sleeves which include many pornstar sleeves. Do you get this? Now men can enjoy enjoy the pleasure of any pornstar's vagina with flashlight instant options.

Fleshlight is easy to use.

I found that fleshlight is the easiest one to use from various masturbation sleeves. Fleshlight is just not a masturbator sleeve. It came with the outer cover. Yes, the soft sleeve is cover with the hard plastic cover. That why it is easy to use because it is easy to grip. Men can easily hold it and can thrust it.

How to Open Fleshlight

Flashlight outer hard plastic cover has two caps at both ends. The bigger cap is used to open the masturbator opening. It completely looks like a flashlight by their hard cover. No one can analyze that it is masturbator. If a man wants to use, he just has to rotate the cap.


How to Use Fleshlight

After opening the entrance of fleshlight, men can able to use it. It is good if men use some drop of lubricant inside the sleeves because it is an artificial vagina and can do self self lubricate. The bottom cap is available to control the suction in the fleshlight. Just rotate the bottom cap to open it.

How to Close Fleshlight

After having successful intense masturbation, clean the fleshlight properly and close both caps. Make sure to to close both caps tightly. The bigger cap is for the top and small cap is If you try to forcefully close the wrong cap, it will break and that is not good for fleshlight.


Why some people admit that fleshlight / fleshlite is better than regular women?

But surely you are wondering why I can not have fleshlight and agree with fleshlight is better than regular women or real vagina. Fleshlight is one of the artificial vagina options that are available for the men for their solo time. Below I am explaining why I think so that Indian men agree upon this. Indian Fleshlight is not an ordinary masturbator, it is a brand of masturbator.

Fleshlight has a different type of textures

With women, a person who is a person who has a good point and a bad point means each texture is possible to use it specific people and each texture gives specific pleasure to men. They have multiple fanshlight, men can experience different kind of sleeves and pleasure. They have multiple choices with fleshlight and did not require any types of permission before going into intercourse. What why men admitted such a huge statement that fleshlight gives better pleasure than regular women.

Due to its tightness

But a fleshlight has. A fleshlight sleeve also lost their tightness with the number of time used and with time. But you can replace the Men can find their tightness with their level of lust.

It tried the Fleshlight Super Tight texture. It has additional tightness than the normal fleshlight. It tightens canal gave me intense stimulation and a better climax.

Fleshlight is flexible

Fleshlight is soft, smooth and flexible because they are made by a special soft material. Some of fleshlight is softer than the real vagina flesh. Fleshlight is flexible to use. You can carry fleshlight anywhere and easily.

Some of fleshlight review that user share with me

I loved when masturbator user shares their experience with me through the mail. I would like to share some of fleshlight review by the users to all my readers.

For Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU)

I tried the Stamina Training Unit (STU) for the first time. This masturbator is designed to provide intense stimulation to the user. As I experienced, it forces you to cum with its special texture. I tried the Original pink lady previously. But its texture is wilder. It has rounded bumps inside the whole sleeves that feel pleasurable when the penis goes inside. I recommended who want more than the original fleshlight pink lady.

fleshlight Girl collection

I loved fleshlight Girl collection. I have not tried all the collection of sleeves but yeah I tried some of them. I liked this thought and great idea to embed pornstar sleeves. Each sleeves of fleshlight girl collection seems interesting and intense. It is especially for the expert. Of course, I am not new in the fleshlight sleeves and masturbator, so I used some of them.
Mr. Jain

Transparent Fleshlight

I used Fleshlight The Ice. It is completely transparent. You can seen and enjoy the masturbation. I used it with my wife. She enjoyed my fun with this fleshlight. Couples can use it in the foreplay with a partner.
Raj Verma
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