Everyone is aware of how to do anal sex, but have you ever thought about what not to do in anal sex.

I will help you, here are many anal sex tips that will help you to have safe anal sex. Things that you should avoid to protect yourself and have an unforgettable play.

Do not allow double penetration

The anal and vagina are two very different zones and different ecosystem. To create direct contact between the vagina and anus is not good. There is a high possibility that bacteria get spread easily and harm a lot. The microbes from the anus tissue and latter can result in the uncomfortable bacterial infection to the vagina.

If you really want to try double penetration, wash both the genitals, hands and penetrative object either penis or sex toy. Start a fresh penetration in alternative penetration. Do not forget to change the condom,

Do not consider oral anal sex a cause of STD.

Yes, perform unsafe oral sex can also cause STD. You can lower the risk of giving or getting STD during oral by using condom or dental dam. It creates a barrier and stop the direct contact between mouth and anus hole.  Having sore in the mouth or genital or having poor oral health increase the chances.

Anal sex is not good for surprise.

Consent is key to every sexual activity and if you surprise your partner all of sudden to have new sexual experience is not a good idea. It required preparation and appreciation from the opposite partner. You can’t perform anal sex unless you and your partner establish a fingering in the butt, small insertion in the butt.

If your partner is not ready to have anal sex or oral anal sex, then you should not force him. Take time and give time to get ready.

Do not use the household item for anus.

There are many emergency and real news out there that item stuck in the butt. Using non-anal sex toys or a household item gets lost in the anus and get stuck. The anus has natural contracts and pulls item in the rectum them. So using soda bottles, stick, vaginal toys like dildo or vibrator and many more is not good.

I recommended using only anal sex toys because they are designed for anus and do not lost in the rectum. Usually, they are bigger at the bottom and a grip outside the anus hole and allow safer anal sex.

Do not think should not use condom because cannot get pregnant.

The rectum and vagina is not size. They function differently. Yeah, everyone knows about that but you need to know about that it is not good to consider rectum and anal sex less than a vagina. Instead, you required more better protection in the anus. Of course, you are not going to be pregnant with the anal sex but you should use a condom in it.

Of course, anal sex is not vagina sex and anus is harder than a vagina. You should think about safety first.

Perform without anal cleaning.

Cleaning the anus and intestine is important right before the anal sex. Make sure to empty the anal hole with water. There are many anal cleaning tools are also available that make it easy. A clean anal makes you comfortable to penetrate, make you confident to receive penetration without any embarrassment. Beyond this, cleaning is also important to prevent themselves from the infection, Anal hole is less elastic and a chance to get hurt is higher. You should prepare themselves for all the possibility.

Do not do it dry.

Anus hole is already dry. It does not have any self lubricate specification like vagina. You required a lot of lube to make it slippery and comfortable.

Dry anal sex is uncomfortable and can tear the anal tissue. Using water based lubricant or silicone-based lubricant over the hole and penetration object reduces the chances of anal tear and increase the anal pleasure.

You can also go with the anal lubricant because they are specially made with high viscosity ingredient and designed only for anal sex.

Do not use a numbing cream to reduce anal pain.

Pain in the ass is an important signal of damage, especially in anal sex.  It is damage that you need to know as soon as it happens. Using a numbing cream might reduce the anal pain but it also increases the chance of high damage.

If it hurt you, stock and take a break. Do not seek to the pain-numbing method in anal sex. Instead use lot of lubricants, slow insertion and later some painkiller.

Do not stick to the doggy style.

Doggy style is not comfortable and pleasant for everyone. Although, it is one of the most famous anal position. There are many anal sex positions that can feel better for you. You can perform sideway position where both the partner laying comfortable on the bed and penis enter from the side to the butt hole. You can choose your comfortable position by mutual consent.

Many other anal sex position that you can try are back it up position, pile driver position, the caboose position, lap, spoon position, leapfrog position and many more.

Do not choice the same vagina lubricant.

Anal is more complicated intercourse. The muscles around the anus are not flexible and have less elastic. The lubrication is not natural in anal. But the vagina is just the opposite of anal. Vagina intercourse is succeeded with the vaginal lubricant, but except good anal sex with vaginal lubricant can be heavy for you. Stick to the anal lubricant. Anal lubricant is high in viscosity as compared to the vagina lubricant. It can stay for a longer time and make thing more slippery.