Anal orgasm is a pleasure of both companions. Let's know about what is anal orgasm if you do not know about it.

Anal orgasm? What is it?

Anal orgasm is a type of orgasm like other clitoris orgasms, vagina orgasm, and ejaculation orgasm. As it is clear by its name that it is achieved by stimulation the anus. Anal orgasm is achieved b both men and women because it is common erogenous zones in both the gender. But it is highly famous in men.

Anal orgasm is like G-Sport orgasm for men. For anal orgasm, it required penetration in the anus that is only penetration in the men and plus it stimulates the men’s prostate gland. Anal orgasm is also known as a dry orgasm in the men.

To achieve anal orgasm, it not easy likes other orgasms. It is unnatural penetration and required experience and the correct way to have anal sex. Touching, licking, fingering, penetration, etc are the stage to reach anal orgasm.

How to have an anal orgasm?

To hit the Big O in the anal sex, you have to require a proper anal masturbation technique that will help you to reach sooner.

Take it slow

Start with the slow penetration going from zero to penis or dildo is not gone work for you. Instead, start with small and solo and enjoy some anal training at first.

For anal training, it is the best place to start with their own finger. If you are with your partner, you can ask him to start with the fingering in the butt hole.

Well, using a buttplug or anal beads with the same size of the finger is also comfortable.

Take a bath

A session of bath make you feel relaxed and loosen your anal tissues. Experts say that before having anal sex, you should pay attention to the areas where you are going to penetrate means around the anal. Pay full attention to the anal hole while taking bath alone or with a partner. It will make you comfortable for the next hours.

Use lubricant

Lubrication is key to have satisfied sex even in the anal masturbation and anal sex. Because unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce self-lubrication and does not make the sex smoother by themselves. You definitely required a lubricant to prevent the anal canal to get hurt and tears. An anal tear is not a serious injury but it makes you comfortable and leads to serious diseases.

While choosing lubricant, so not use a numbing lubricant. It seems you good but in reality, it makes your pay more disturbing and hurtful. Only use numbing free agent lubricant and only anal lubricant.

Indulge yourself with something erotic

Watching porn, listening to some erotic audio, reading some story, etc can help you to get turn on. It is easier and more enjoyable. While doing so, close your eyes and fantasize the things that you will perform later.

Tools to prepare anal sex

Anal is sensitive parts for both genders. That’s why advance preparation is a must. Let prepare an environment where you can massage the anal hole in a safe and secure way.

Anal cleaning tools

Anal cleaning tools are necessary so that stool or filthy does not touch your finger and toys. It is good to have anal douche and enema in advance to prevent excretion during play.

The hot water is also recommended for the anal cleaning, but remember use only lukewarm water that is not warm for the hands. Anal tissues are more sensitive than hands tissue so make water cooler that feels good on the hand’s skin.

Anal lubricant

Lubrication is important to protect the anal mucous. Anal mucus is hard and less flexible, so using a high viscosity lubricant is must to make the things more smoother.

Well, if you do not have anal lubricant then you can use vagina lubricant. There is no harm to use a vaginal lubricant. But it is good to use anal lubricant. With anal lubricant, you do not need to reapply it again and again.

Things to use under the butt

Anal sex can get dirt with secretion and lubricant. So to prevent stain on a bedsheet and floor should using them

Waterproof bed sheet: Bedsheet that is available for children to feed them. They are highly waterproof and safer to get wet. You can have fun without any problem.

Towel: it is easy to prepare with a towel. You can keep a separate towel just to have anal sex, Towel is comfortable for you to use under the body. You should choose a soft one because it is going under o your sensitive part.

Protect for fingering

Like protection is needed in the sex with a penis, it is required for fingering too. Safer sex should be your first priority.

Condom: Using the condom over the finger can be a chose. It is safer and works same as a penis does in the sex. It creates a barrier as well as make finger smooth to go easily inside the anal. Likewise, the chances to hurt the mucous membrane also get less.

Finger sack: Finger sack is a sex toy that is especially available for the fingers. It is made of rubber material and covers the finger tightly. It prevents the direct touch of the finger and mucous membrane.

Medical rubber glove: Yes, you can also use a medical rubber glove. It is also made by rubber and it will cover the whole hand instead of covering the single finger.