Masturbator cups are not famous in India like fleshlight and other masturbators. It is a quite interesting thing for men that you should know if you are love to masturbate and love to use masturbators.

Do you face problem to hide a masturbator?

Want something instant to use for self-pleasure?

At this time, your problem can be solved by the masturbator cups. Yes, masturbator cups are for instant masturbation and pleasure quickly and easily to men.

What is masturbator cup in India?

Masturbator cups or disposable cups, yes it is also known as disposable cups in India. Well, there is less population of India that is aware of masturbator cups. Indian knows masturbator but due to lack of awareness about sex toys. Men do not aware of all kinds of the masturbator.

Masturbator cups are one of option available for men. It is known as disposable cups because men can use it and throw it. It is ready to use. There is no need to buy or apply lubricant. There is no need to wash it. Masturbator cups or disposable cups in India is non-reusable and can be used by once only for the hygiene way. Still, people use it more than once. Check below article to use it more than once.

Is it for beginners?

Yes, we can say that. Masturbator cups are made by sponge material, so good to start masturbation with the masturbator. A beginner can feel comfortable with the masturbator cups and get used to masturbator. A single step to the masturbator can lead to the ultimate orgasm. Masturbator cups make men feel an ultimate orgasm. It is soft for beginner men to try something new instead of a regular hand.

The strokes and thrust done by masturbator cups are bearable and as it has lubricant. Men do not feel the friction between the penis and hands. It is fun to use.

I also use masturbator cups for the first time. I brought one of Tenga cups. It is one of the famous brands. It is affordable and easy to use.

As a beginner, it is also recommended because it is a waste of money if you buy expensive masturbator like sex doll or something and do not feel comfortable. To make themselves comfortable, it is good to start with low price masturbator. If you get comfortable with it, then later can go with other large masturbator and expensive masturbators.

How to masturbate with masturbator cups

As I said, masturbator cups have self-lubricated masturbator. There is no need to do preparation. You just take 3 seconds to prepare the masturbator. Just open the masturbator and start using it.

Check recommend masturbator cups

Remove the cap or sticker from the top of it and start using it. During masturbation, it is up to you how you pleasure yourself. You can do strong strokes and slow strokes. Both are okay to do and both can be a pleasure.

Masturbator cups v/s male masturbator sex toys

Masturbator cups are a one-time option for men but masturbator can repeatedly be used. There are many of advantage to use masturbator in a masturbation session. We do not need to spend money again and again whenever you feel erotic. On the same, you have to wash the masturbator immediately just after the using. That some people do not like. But it is necessary to keep it for longer.

Well, both types of masturbator have their own good points. I cannot recommend you which one is good for you. It depends on you what’s your wants and what your preferences. The cost, after wash, wants lubricated one, precaution, easy to use, etc are considering points that men think before choose any of masturbator.

Tenga, famous masturbator cups brand

Tenga India, a good masturbator brand that deals in every type of masturbators. But it’s Tenga cups and Tenga egg are quite famous in India. Its masturbator cups/disposable cups are able to give intense stimulation to the penis because it is manufactured in a rigid way. The inside material is extremely soft, so a beginner can also try it for intense stimulation. The rigid bumps and lines hit the penis and give the pleasure of vagina.

Tenga is brands of Japan that is well known in the world. I used its egg male toys that include 6 different series of egg. It is interesting and amazing in look. It completely looks like eggs. All of 6 eggs deliver different-different stimulation to the penis because it has different stimulus like wave structure, lined structure, etc. The Deep throat masturbator is also good that you can try as a beginner.

Where to buy masturbator cups easily.

Let check the available option to purchase masturbator cups or Tenga cups in India.


Online is one of the easiest ways to compare a lot of Tenga cups and their price. There are a number of websites that deals with masturbator cups and Tenga cups online in India. If you want to go with Tenga cups, you can choose the Tenga official site. But they are also available on other websites with a reasonable cost like sextoys-india, Amazon, snapdeal, adultvibes, etc.

Through the online store, you can check other brands masturbator cups that also assure you to give an amazing orgasm. According to me, they are right. I tried many of Japanese masturbator cups and of course Tenga cups. The pleasure of both brands is amazing. But with other brands, you can explore more fun.

While choosing your online store, make sure they describing every detail of masturbator cups. To understand the masturbator cup and how to use it masturbation. It is necessary for you to understand it first. The material is compatible with you or not. The size will fit for you or not, etc things are considerable.


I think you can find masturbator cups easily in well-known markets like Palika Bazaar in Delhi, a store near Hiranandani garden in Mumbai etc. I only know that, but definitely, you can find a sex shop near your place. If it is a crowded place. There are many sex stores that deal offline but they keep their identity confidential. It is because of the strict law of India.

If you really want to go with an offline store, you have to make afford to find a shop.