Being an Indian expert in masturbator, are you looking for how do you enjoy masturbation now?, How can you experience the best masturbation?

The choice can be a full automatic masturbator. It is a machine that rubs the penis automatically.

A new world in male masturbator

Automatic masturbator for male is the latest technology that tapping in the sex toys world for male. Every day there is a new sex toy is coming in the market to fulfil indulge of men, even in India. In India, there are such peoples too that are not aware of sex toys but there are such peoples too that want & expecting a new sex toy for new fun.

Automatic masturbators are exciting for such Indian men that are curious for self-pleasure and take it to the next level.

It makes masturbation, an automatic masturbation. It is an automatic machine that men tried.

Obviously automatic toys for men are not beginners. Beginners should try simple and manual types first.

If you are one who wants to explore the automatic masterbator and confuse about it. I will help you. An automatic masturbator is one of great technology in the sex toy that gives us(men), an better a hand free pleasure. There is no need to use the hand, you just need to required to set the masturbator at desire setting and a comfortable place to achieve the orgasm.

Automatic masturbator is expensive, but worth it.

Automatic masturbators are high in features and high in technology. It can have multiple speeds, multiple patterns, vibration, VR video, music system, Bluetooth operate-able, etc. With the new features, the prices of automatic masturbator are also increased. It is double in price as compared to regular masturbator and sex toys. But if you ready to use automatic stroker, it is worth it to spend much money.

Although the pleasure of such special masterbator for men is also high in pleasure as compare to regular masturbator or fleshlight sleeves. It can match the fun of sex doll. You can enjoy the best orgasm with the help of hand free automatic masturbator.

Is automatic masturbator gives best hand free masturbation?

Absolutely automatic masturbators are best to enjoy the hand free masturbation in the absence of a female partner. Automatic masturbator does not give only hand free masturbation fun to men but it also gives the best blowjob.

The automatic masturbators are worked with a power source or with batteries. It needs some power source to generate automatic stokes or vibration in the masturbator. As soon as power supply starts working, masturbator also starts working to pleasure the penis in a most effective way.

Types of pleasure an automatic masturbator gives

The different types of automatic masturbators are available in the market. The fully automatic and partially automatic masturbator. Well, the different types of function that you can found in masturbator are varied. It is not limited to a single type of function. You can found double or triple or all of the function in masturbator as well. But the cost of automatic sex toys varies with the number of function.

Piston movement

The up and down movement like manual masturbation. The automatic masturbator with the piston movement gives the high stroke of up and down thrust to the complete penis. The speed of thrust can be managed by the buttons. Such masturbator sex toys give fun of real blowjob.

Rotation movement

The rotation over the penis can change the masturbation stimulation completely. The clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation can be managed by the button. Rotation type automatic masturbators are fun to use.

Vibration movement

The different level of vibration can deliver by such automatic masturbator. The vibration help men to feel excite and keep the same excitement throughout the masturbation session.

My experience with A10 Cyclone SA

I have A10 Cyclone SA. It is fully automatic masturbator and latest masturbator for the Indian male. I brought it from Amazon. If you like you can also go with it.

It is piston type of masturbator and gives strong movement to the penis. It looks stylish and made by Vorze brand.

It is easy to use and easy to maintain for me. I was excited when I ordered it. After receiving the parcel, first I read all the instruction that I received with box.  The reason of popularity of this masturbator and the reason why I brought it is, it is VR video with the masturbator. I enjoyed the masturbation like real sex while watching some interesting videos. The value of masturbation has been changed for me completely. I enjoyed the different types of insertion with it. It is one of best auto masterbator where men can feel the feeling of real blowjob and sex. It is possible to have fresh masturbation for me every time.


Automatic masturbator like A10 Cyclone SA has 49 different pleasures for the penis. It has 7 speeds and 7 different movements. You can combine seven different stages of speed with seven different stages of pattern. The own adjustment of stimulation is the key power of handfree automatic masturbater. You can enjoy the taste of calm and intense.

Most of the automatic masturbators are cordless and rechargeable. A10 Cyclone SA is extremely quiet and the force of torture is strong. Men can link their favourite video to VR and enjoy the real masturbation fun. It is easy to maintain by removing the inside sleeves. Inside sleeves are washable.

Where to buy automatic toys for men In India.

If you want to buy A10 Cyclone SA, then can go with Amazon easily. It is the easiest way and at a good price. You can receive your automatic masturbator in just 3 working days.

If you find it costly or want other automatic masturbators, then can go with its official website or other E-Commerce websites. There are a number of sex toys online stores in India that deals with a number of the masturbators and other sex toys. Ask to the some of E-commerce website that they have automatic masturbator or not or can then provide you or not. Some of sex toys website can avail you your desire product on your special request. I never brought any of masturbator on special request. But one of the site said that they can avail such product on special request and only on the prepaid case. Adultproductsindia, imbesharam,, adultvibes, etc are some of online sex toy store in India.