Masturbation is fun, isn’t it? Every guy knows about its fun in life. But you have ever considered the advantages and disadvantages of masturbation on the body? Masturbation and ejaculation cause change in the body. It also being watched from the puberty age to the middle age.

Where many of people are love to do masturbation, there are some of people that feel scared to do. Because of various popularity of masturbation facts. But with changing time and generation, people got to aware of it.

Know about various advantages and disadvantages of masturbation in daily life and how much masturbation is ideal to do. Let’s make your doubt clear. 

Advantages of masturbation

Increase in male function, Testosterone.

One of the best advantages of masturbation in male is that the level of testosterone increase. It is male hormones

A study shows that the testosterone level is rise at the time of ejaculation. Although it is temporary noticed notes in the when who do not masturbator and who masturbate.

Testosterone is a substance that is good for men’s sexual desire and erection. Testosterone is important to the generation of NO(Nitric Oxide) that enhance sexual function and desires.

The good level of testosterone in the body also impact on muscles strengthening and anti-ageing by the performance improvement of muscles training.

Sex training

The right way of masturbation is useful for sex training.

In order to use masturbation as sex training, it is important to take the ejaculation closer to the actual sex.

Especially, stimulate the penis in the sex like environment. Using masturbator, which is most similar like real vagina gives real-time of sex. While using, keep your posture and mood like you are having sex.

Do not comfort that you are doing sex training, try to control the ejaculation. Likewise, you can also better your ejaculation time in the actual sex.

Premature ejaculation

The advantage of masturbation is achieved by the above training practice. Yes, men can control their premature ejaculation problem. Masturbation helps men to hold the ejaculation for longer and prevent premature ejaculation.

You should be following the correct way of masturbation. The wrong way of masturbation can cause opposite effect.

You know why premature ejaculation happens in the men?

Premature ejaculation causes when you are not familiar with the stimulation. You need to experience your sensitive parts of the penis like glans to bear the touch of the vagina. The touching with fingers is different than the touch of vagina. You should use artificial vagina toys for it.

Keep sperm healthy

We might be heard that to masturbator a lot decrease sperm count in the body.

But the truth is just the opposite

Sperm production is always constant in the body. Whether you ejaculate or not.

During masturbation when testicles get empty, it accumulated the quicker cycle of sperm production and creates a space for new sperm cells.

To store the sperm in the penis is not good. Sperm cannot store more than a certain amount in the penis and it start to oxidize. So it is good to ejaculate. It is problematic and causes unnecessary function in the cell if you do not ejaculate on time.

Prostate cancer prevention effect


Although the prevent of prostate cancer is not justified by the medical basis, but many of medical research show that masturbation is helpful for prostate cancer prevention.

Study says

The men who masturbate more than 21 in the mouth as a lower risk of prostate cancer as compare to those who don’t.

Stress release.

When you do masturbate, men body release the dopamine and oxytocin in the body. It is a happy hormone that lifts up the mood and makes you happy.

The release of these happy hormones are linked to the intense orgasm when men reach to climax.

Disadvantages of masturbation.

Intravaginal ejaculation

It is a state where a men cannot able to ejaculate in the women’s vaginal.

Why can’t you ejaculate in the vagina at the time of sex? Do not enjoy vagina sex play. If you are thinking such question, you have intravaginal ejaculation disorder.

It happens when get used to own masturbation and get addicted to the strong stimulus. Men do not feel satisfied with the vagina and feel the lower stimulus. No matter how good women is, it does not compare the grip of your hands,

It is caused by over masturbation and over use of masturbator. Today, masturbators are high in play and high in stimulus even better than a real vagina.

Possibility to hurt penis

As we know, masturbation causes friction in the penis skin. Sometime friction may cause damage to the penis and glans while you are stroking.

Among the complete penis, glans is a delicate part if you touch it too hard, it causes inflammation and hurt the penis.

In addition, there is a possibility that it may also cause sexually transmitted diseases in the penis because bacteria can enter through in injured part.

The point is, there is no problem if you do the right way of masturbation.

Shortage of mineral, Zinc.

Protein and minerals are required to produce sperm in the body. The zinc is one of mineral that has been used. Problem is that zinc is used by the body but does not produce the body.

It needs to be taken from the diet or supplement. Moreover, zinc mineral is difficult to intake because it has a low absorption rate in the body.

The excess masturbation habit leads to a shortage in the zinc. It is one of the energetic agents in the body. You should stop excess masturbation

Thinning of hair(reason of baldness)

Yes, masturbation might cause thinning of hair, but does not makes you bald.

When you masturbate, testosterone is secreted from the body. Yes, everyone knows about testosterone.

Testosterone itself is not the cause of thinning hair, but it disturbs the function of the hair cell. Secretion of excess testosterone generates an enzyme called 5a reductase. And this enzyme changed into another substance called dihydrotestosterone. Dihydrotestosterone prevents the function of the hair cell.

According to the mechanism, the decrease in testosterone makes your hair-thin.

How many times of masturbation is good to do?

How many frequencies and cycle of masturbation is appropriate.

On the medical point of view, it is aid the masturbation done in every 3 days is natural and good.

After all, the formation of sperm in the body takes 3 days for a full reservoir in the testicles.