Fleshlight is new in India as compare to other countries.

People of India are not aware of the cleaning of fleshlight. Due to this problem, they lost their fleshlight in some use. Men face moulding only in the inside sleeves of flashlight. Homemade fleshlight does not mould.


If you are one of them, my easy guide will help you.

When I used it at first time, I also faced the same issues. But now I learned how to take care for my fleshlight. If you are Indian and want to know how to clean and wash fleshlight, then you are the right place.

Let's begin the opening and cleaning of Fleshlight

Every second men used fleshlight in India. It gives excitement, fun and variety in the masturbation. The excitement and stimulation are also on the next level.

It is possible just because of fleshlight and masturbator. To maintain your masturbation better, you need to maintain your masturbator. Let know how to open, clean and maintain fleshlight sleeves for a longer time.

Open both caps of fleshlite

When you are done, it’s time to disassemble the sleeve from the hard case. Fleshlight has two caps at both ends. You need to open the caps first.

As you used it, the top bigger cap is already opened. So open the bottom caps. You can open it by rotating in either of direction. Well, the opening process is the same as a top cap.

Remove the sleeve from hard case

After open both caps, you clearly able to see the fleshlight sleeves. Now you have to slide out the sleeve from the hard case.  Be careful while sliding the sleeves from the case.

Sleeves material is so soft in touch and soft in nature that it gets damaged with a little tear. You need to be careful with your nails too. If you have long nails, I recommended should cut them first. After sliding the flashlight sleeves, keep it aside.


Wash the hard case

Bring hard case and rinse water directly from the tap. The case also holds your lubricant particles and penis fluids. Wash the hard case with the soap.

  • Remember this is the first and last time you are using soap to clean the fleshlight.
  • Men can also use warm water to wash it because it is plastic and safer to use warm water.
  • Pay attention to its bottom lid (the bottom entrance) because it collects most of the penis fluids.
  • Make sure to give it a proper and good cleaning.
  • Do not forget to wash both caps.
  • Yes, there was no dirt on the top caps, but it is good to wash it.

Pick the sleeves

After cleaning of hard case time to clean the fleshlight sleeves. It is a breeze to clean the fleshlight sleeves, but you need to pay some extra attention to it.

Rinse the sleeves under water

Bring fleshlight sleeves and rinse it in the water. It is okay to use warm water but only warm water, not hot water. If you feel comfortable to touch by fingers then it will work for fleshlight sleeves too. The excess warm water can damage the patented Real super skin material. To flush out the lubricant and penis fluids, let the water run from the entrance to bottom. Do it for the 30 seconds. You can rinse out for more time but do it at least for 30 seconds.

Do not apply soap

As I said above, no need to bring soap again in the washing. Soap is not recommended to clean the masturbator sleeves. It degrades the material of your sleeve and can damage your sleeves. Rinsing warm water is enough to clean it.



Use finger to clean it inside

To properly clean the kind of fleshlights, you have to get your hands dirty. Fleshlight has several textures and need to clean deeply. Sometimes the rinsing of water is not enough to clean the texture. The lubricant and fluid get stuck between the rough ridges and bumps. While running the sleeves under the water, insert your index finger in the sleeves to force the cum particles to leave their place. Try to clean the sides of the sleeves with a finger. You do not need to insert a finger if you have simple texture fleshlight like pink lady fleshlight. But if you have roughly textured fleshlight, you should use fingers. However remember do not stretch sleeves so much, it causes tiny tears in the sleeves.

Clean by a cover both hole and shake

Next, fill water inside the sleeves by close one mouth of sleeves with one hand. Put one hand over the any of mouth and allow water flow into the sleeves. Do not fill the sleeves completely. Fill it with 50% only. After filling, close another mouth with another hand.

I am guiding this to allow shaking off water in sleeves. It will help to clean all pores of sleeve and every small texture of sleeve. Make sure both holes are covered properly, and then shake it in left and right direction. Do it for the 1-minute at least.

Flush out

Your cleaning process of fleshlight is done after the shaking. I am sure about that because shaking is a good idea to remove stubborn particles. At last rinses some more water through the sleeve and you are done.



Spray the Flashwash.

It is good and recommended by Fleshlight company itself to use it on the fleshlight. I follow and used it after the cleaning, so you should also use it.

Do not worry, if you do not have flashwash toy cleaner. If you do not have Fleshwasher, then what?

Fleshwash is sex toy cleaner especially for the flashlight and original product from the Fleshlight Company. It is a pump type bottle, so easy to use. Gently push the cap over the inside and outside the fleshlight sleeves liberally.

Fleshlight sleeves are incredibly sensitive, that why it is recommended to use only fleshlight cleaner instead of soap. If you are using fleshlight need to take care of it and gives it their desire maintaining is your responsibility. You should not use any older cleaner. Make sure to use a new one or not expiry one to spray on it.

While paying for the fleshlight sleeves, it is convenient to add Fleshwash to your cart because many sites offer a combo of both and additional discount while purchasing both.

Dry the fleshlight

Once your fleshlight cleaning is done, you need to dry it. It is the tedious part. It needs to be completely dry before putting it again in its place. The little wetness in the fleshlight encourages the growth of nasty bacteria and moulds your material and makes it unstable. You can either leave your fleshlight sleeve in the warm and dry place or can wipe out with towel or tissues.

But the use of towel and tissues is not suitable to clean the fleshlight or any other masturbator. The surface of masturbator picks up the bit of fluff from the towel and tissues. You should choose only microfiber cloth or towel only. It does not spread fluff over the sleeves. Leave fleshlight out as long as it gets completely dry. If your fleshlight has heavy and ridge texture, it takes more time to get dry.

Renew the material

After the first use of fleshlight, it starts losing their silky feel.  That is normal to all masturbator that it starts to get sticky and tacky with times. After cleaning and drying, you need to restore its softness with some renewing method. Here I am giving you two method that helps you to restore your fleshlight softness. After this final step, you are ready to use in future.

The bougie version

The first method is to bring Fleshlight Renewing Powder with Fleshlight. It restores the fleshlight texture back. It is a powder of 100% cornstarch. It is handy and easy to use.

To use your fleshlight renewing powder, simply sprinkle some of the powder over the fleshlight sleeves. It is good to sprinkle outside and inside of fleshlight. You should follow this process after the drying of the sleeves.

The ratchet version

The ratchet version is bought cornstarch from your nearby grocery store. It is easily available in every grocery shop. It will be cheaper than Fleshlight Renewing Powder. It is convenient. The use of cornstarch powder is the same as Fleshlight Renewing Powder. Just sprinkle over the fleshlight sleeves.

If I do not have Fleshwasher, then what?

If you do not have Fleshwasher or do not want to spend much money on it then Isopropyl Alcohol can also work as alternative. It is cheaper and works well for fleshlight without harm its patented material. Isopropyl alcohol will kill all the bacteria and disinfect the sleeves for future use. It is easily available in any medical store. It is available in the liquid form, just need to put in the spray bottle.

The use of isopropyl alcohol is the same as fleshwasher. Just spray it on the fleshlight sleeves. There is no need to rinse out.

Fleshlight website said that the use of isopropyl alcohol is suitable to use only for the extreme case only but according to my experience, it does not cause any problem for me and my sleeves. I probably used it 20 times. It does not affect the material and level of pleasure. Because I used a correct way of washing with renewing of material.

It is not good to wash sleeves with inside hard case. Why?

If you try to wash fleshlight sleeves with hard case, it does not clean properly. Some of fluid and lubricant will remain inside the sleeves. Hence, the material of sleeves starts moulding and sleeves is infected by the nasty bacteria. It is unhygienic to use on next time. So it is better to give extra time to clean the fleshlight by slide it off from the hard case.


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