Everyone here is aware of masturbation and if you are reading this article then you surely involve in this practice and now want to know the benefits of masturbation practise.

Maybe you are curious about it that how much effects of masturbation in males and how it affects the sexually and health of the male.

Males get surprised to know that having more sex and having more masturbation can lower the risk of prostate cancer. Masturbation good for prostate cancer.

Let's know such interesting masturbation benefits. You can also check it in hindi.

Regular masturbation isn’t just enjoyable. It is good for you

Regular masturbation is common in men and women. It is enjoyable for men to masturbate whether with hand or masturbator.

The one who refuses that he/she does not like to masturbate, I think they are laying. If this self-stimulation is enjoyable for you and you are accepting it, then you should also know about its benefits.

Regular masturbation does not only restrict to the fun, but it is also good for you too to do. Let’s know about it.

Sexual Benefit of Masturbation

Regular masturbation gives a lot of sexual benefit to the male's body. Although it is one of the pleasurable act but it affects and better the sexual life of the male. First, of course, it is safer than sex because there are no chances of infected by any sexually transmissible infection.

Men who do not have a sexual partner can release their sexual tension through the masturbation. Masturbation gives power to men to explore all their sexual needs and clam them with a suitable masturbator.

Masturbation can help men to explore their body and get familiar with their own sexual responses. That later help you to communicate your wants and need when you are having fun with a partner.

Most important, masturbation can treat sexual dysfunction in men. Premature ejaculation, delay ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are a common problem in the men. Men can treat it with masturbation. Masturbation is common practice to make themselves familiar with the touch of the penis.

Health Benefit of Masturbation

Alike sexual benefits, masturbation also better the health of men means masturbation has a number of health benefits as well. It is good to do in an appropriate limit.

One of the important health benefits of masturbation is, it helps men to feel relax. It eliminates the stress level and fights for depression. Some of men also observe that the masturbation can help them to fall asleep.

Masturbation leads to release of the brain’s opioid-like neurotransmitters (called endorphins), which is an active hormone for happiness or men well being. Due to the release of endorphins, men can able to fight stress and pain. It promotes self-esteem.

Relaxing the muscles is also a good benefit of masturbation in men’s body. Find details benefit of masturbation below.

Benefits of masturbation for men

Check all these masturbation benefits in brief here.

Decrease prostate risk

Yes, masturbation can decrease the risk of having prostate cancer. Prostate cancer and masturbation are linked through the ejaculation. According to a study, the men who ejaculation more have a lower risk of prostate cancer. The number of masturbation does not matter, but if men ejaculate more in a month, then the less likely they get the effect by prostate cancer.

US-based research said that: ejaculation at least 21 times in a month can reduce a man's risk of prostate cancer.

Curious? Why masturbation good for prostate? A carcinogen is a substance that leads to prostate cancer in the man's body. It started to secrete from the prostate gland when men ejaculate.

Check a brief description of prostate cancer and masturbation

Make harder ejaculation

Regular sex and masturbation help you to work out your pelvic floor muscles which tend to lose their muscle tone. This will help men to prevent erectile dysfunction.

Through masturbation practice, you get the power to control your ejaculation.

Masturbation decreases the risk of ED and premature ejaculation and delays ejaculation in men. Men can explore their body and can work on their ejaculation time through masturbation.

Boost immunity

Masturbation increases the cortisol level in the body and hence increases the immune system of men and women. Well, cortisol regulates the immune functioning in small does. It is a steroid hormone made by your adrenal glands. The irregular balance of cortisol level in the body is harmful to the body. Cortisol can help control blood sugar levels, regulate metabolism, help reduce inflammation and assist with memory formulation.

You can boost your immune and manage all body mechanism with the masturbation.

Be a Sperm donor and earn money.

Sperm donation is a procedure where men donate his sperm that he released during ejaculation. It is depending on men where he donates it free or on some cash.

Many men in the world prefer to donate their sperm after a successful masturbation session. Sperm donation is not only a source of income for some men but it can be a gift for others.

Yes, the sperm that is going to be flush after masturbation can be a gift for someone. Sperm donor bank collects sperm for infertility. Your sperm can help someone to begin their family. It absolutely does not affect your sperm count.

Improve heart health

Masturbation is associated with better cardiovascular health and lowers the diabetes issue in the body.

The cardiovascular system is the main heart of heart. The irregular blood flow in the vessel leads to cardiovascular system failure. Self-stimulation and masturbation increase the blood flow in the body and better the heart functioning.

The one who experiences more orgasm in solo time or with a partner is less engaged in heart disease. Stress also affects the cardiovascular system directly by constricting blood vessels and raising the heart rate. Masturbation is helpful in stress relief too.

Release tension, stress and fight depression.

As we discuss above, masturbation lowers the blood pressure in the body. In a stressful situation, masturbation can help you to get over stress by lowering the blood pressure in the body. Except for that masturbation release the mood –enhancing substances for the wellbeing of a human. These substances are happy hormones of the body named as serotonin and dopamine. These hormones activate the happy mood and cure the depression in the male.

The ultimate practice of safe sex

Everyone aware of that, the masturbation is the safest sex practice. There is no headache of facing pregnancy news on next morning and not any other sexually transmitted diseases.

Masturbation is self-stimulation way where men do not require women to pleasure the penis and even can enjoy real sexual pleasure. Now, thousands of fleshlight and sex dolls are also available in the market that guarantees the feel of the vagina without the worry of STD. It is good to practise the masturbation if you are not suffering from masturbation-associated shame or guilt.

Bring good sleep

In most of the case, after masturbation men have good sleep. According to doctors, during masturbation, an endocrinosis is released from the body that reduces the effect of insomnia and gives better sleep to the men.

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